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Yak Nicholson
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Default New BB12 Saboteur Message! (Spoiler)

Just shown on the feeds, a new Saboteur message popped up on the living room TV screen!

The Saboteur teased the houseguests that they thought he was long gone. Well, he’s back and beginning his reign of terror. The Saboteur thanked Matt for unleashing him on the house, as he prepares to destroy them all and cruise to the $500,000 prize. “Watch your back before I stab you.”

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there is no message i clicked forum fiftuy times and nothing happened why don't you just tell people what was said.

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We had a problem with the post, Mickey. I'll update the post now with what was said. Sorry about that.

by the way, welcome to the Yak!
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Sorry about that! It was in the Live Feed Update thread.

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The Saboteur struck the Yak!!!!
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welcome mickey!
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