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  1. NOTE TO THIEVES: Don't Rob A Veteran!
  2. Toddler calls 911 to report dad to Santa
  3. An Offer You Cant Refuse....
  4. Moronic Teens Snort Great Dane!
  5. Lawsuit Against TacoBell For "Fake Meat"
  6. National Zoo Welcomes Cheetah Cubs
  7. Anna Nicole, The Opera?
  8. Not Sure Whether To Laugh Or Go 'OMG'!!
  9. Isnt This 'Backwards'?
  10. Guilty Yellow Dog!!!
  11. 230 mph CAR CRASH!!!
  12. Why Men Shouldn't Give Advice!
  13. Man's Eyes Gouged Out!! LITERALLY!!
  14. Camaro Stolen in 1975, FOUND!! 3000 Miles Away!!
  15. CDC Blogs About Preparedness For Zombie Apocalypse
  16. Homeowner Foreclosures on Bank of America..
  17. Say What??
  18. A Banana attacks a Gorilla!
  19. Lorena Bobbit II: Attach This!
  20. She Gave Back What? And is Suing Who?
  21. Woman Left With Uniboob After Botched Plastic Surgery
  22. Man Steals Jewelry During Break In Robbery Trial
  23. Grocery Worker: "I Gave Out Semen-Tainted Yogurt Samples
  24. 95 yr Old Man Needs Switchblade!
  25. Grandma stabs boyfriend for cheating... at Monopoly
  26. 20th Child
  27. Thought I should pass this on...
  28. 2011 Sexiest Man Alive......
  29. Muppets Making A Come Back?
  30. OCTOMOM Dumped!!
  31. Nuetured Chimp Fathers Second Baby!!
  32. I Just Cant Figure Out What To Say!!!
  33. I don't know where to put this
  34. Meanwhile....Back At The Bat Cave....
  35. They said what??!!?
  36. Michigan deploys talking urinal cakes in DUI fight
  37. Iowa Governor Hospitalized after choking on food
  38. 3 Million Miles?????
  39. Largest Single Donation To USO, Ever!
  40. Um... Batman?
  41. Snoop Lion????
  42. Seriously?
  43. Manson to Manson?
  44. BREAKING: Kato Says OJ Did It!!!
  45. You Can't Sell Your Brother!
  46. REMINDER: Time Change!!
  47. The Good Old Days ...
  48. Very Creative Tattoo... (R)
  49. SAM The Cat...
  50. Hot Wheels Get Away Car????
  51. Angry Bird
  52. Chocolate Stamps?
  53. the L in Samuel L. Jackson
  54. Man Sues Wife For Ugly Children!!!!
  55. Chew on this: Utah Mom To Give Birth to Grandchild
  56. DEXTER Come To Life?
  57. Only In Alabama....
  58. Where Is Nurse Betty?
  59. I Have Seen EVERYTHING Now
  60. Age Old Problem Solved!!
  61. Poisoned Beer Kills 50?
  62. Insane Prank On An Insane Prankster!
  63. Pardon Me, Is This Tree Taken?
  64. What Becomes Of Bruce?
  65. Holy Shit!!!!
  66. Funniest Story EVER!!!!
  67. Dog Shoots Owner!!