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  1. Movie trailers
  2. The Lovely Bones - FINALLY
  3. The Blind Side
  4. People's Choice Awards Winners Live....
  5. Bryant Gumbel
  6. Films that are hidden gems
  7. I REALLY Hate Living In Iowa Sometimes
  8. One plane flight
  9. I Found My Video - Miep Gies At The Oscars
  10. From Uruguay to Hollywood overnight
  11. Brittany Murphy, 32, Dead From HEART ATTACK.
  12. Carrie Underwood is Engaged!
  13. Steven Tyler In Rehab....
  14. Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins break up
  15. Best talk show guest ever
  16. UPDATED:Charlie Sheen Arrested/DEAL REACHED
  17. Avatar
  18. Inception
  19. Vince Vaughn Marries...
  20. Avatar
  21. Hollywood Baby Boom 2009
  22. Baby Watch 2010
  23. Mariah Drunk Off Her Ass....
  24. Caramel- Lebanese
  25. Bad news for Netflix subscribers
  26. Artie Lange attempts suicide
  27. Happy Birthday Elvis....
  28. Golden Globes Best Film
  29. Avatar Movie Goers experience the 'Blues'
  30. Dexter Has Cancer
  31. Moon
  32. 67th Golden Globes Discussion Thread, January 17th, 2010
  33. Critics Tap "The Hurt Locker" As Best Picture
  34. OscarWatch Critics Awards Roundup
  35. Heidi Montag Can't Move Her Damn Face!
  36. Heidi Montag's Album An Early Flop
  37. SAG Awards And Show Discussion.
  38. Brangelina Breakup?
  39. Angelina Jolie Edges Out Jennifer Anniston For Title Of 'Beauty Queen Of The Decade'
  40. Legion - WOW
  41. Leading men. who's your favorites?
  42. Gary Coleman arrested in Utah on domestic assault warrant
  43. 100 Best Movie Lines in 200 seconds
  44. 'Avatar' Sinks Titanic In Box Office
  45. Iron Man 2
  46. January 2010 Movie Release Dates
  47. Feb 2010 Movie Release Dates
  48. March 2010 Movie Release Dates
  49. January DVD Release Dates
  50. Sundance
  51. Susan Boyle's Idol Elaine Paige Dismisses Her As A Virus
  52. Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps
  53. Shutter Island
  54. Disney Shuts Down Miramax Studios
  55. Rip Torn charged with breaking into bank
  56. The Messenger
  57. Tony Soprano in Where the Wild Things Are
  58. Alice in Wonderland Trailer
  59. Hilarious Letterman Moment
  60. The Avengers
  61. Mel being Mel
  62. Want to feel old?
  63. Halloween Remakes
  64. ‘Dear John’ bumps ‘Avatar’ with $32.4M debut
  65. Box Office results Feb 5-7
  66. Michael Jackson's Doctor to Surrender
  67. Prosecutors file charges against Charlie Sheen:UPDATED
  68. Lawyer: Pitt and Jolie sue over split claim
  69. My Celebrity Crush
  70. Let's Do This Again, Let's Pick The Best Movie Ever! I Need Your Nominees.
  71. Ms. Megan Fox, not so perfect after all???
  72. Brooklyn's Finest
  73. The always douchey John Mayer
  74. I'm addicted to this commercial
  75. Alec Baldwin continues to go off the deep end
  76. Oprah is so dumb
  77. Kevin Smith- too fat to fly?
  78. Name That Movie Challenge
  79. Worst Movie You've Ever Seen
  80. Jim Jones' Son & John Wayne Gacy's Sister To Be On Oprah
  81. This Is What I Wanted For My Man (Guess Who?)
  82. Dominic Monaghan being an ass
  83. The last of Boner?/UPDATE: Body found!
  84. Kiefer Sutherland Surgery......
  85. Kurt Cobain Biopic Talks Underway
  86. Brooklyn Decker to star w/ Aniston and Sandler...
  87. Gary Coleman suffers seizure
  88. Marie Osmond's son commits suicide
  89. The Crazies
  90. Carrie Underwood scores supporting role in film
  91. Oscar opening SPOILER
  92. Bomb Tech sues makers of "The Hurt Locker"
  93. Jessica Simpson's Next Man, Could It Be My Jeremy Renner?
  94. Razzie Award Winners 2010!
  95. Now I'm a Justin Bieber fan
  96. Jon Gosselin's "tiny wang" only worth $20,000 to Playgirl...
  97. Great Kimmel bit last night
  98. Another reason to hate Lindsay Lohan
  99. Seriously, Some People......
  100. Latina Actress cut from ABC Pilot due to accent
  101. Quentin Tarantino Sued For "Kill Bill"
  102. UPDATED:Jesse James cheated on Sandra Bullock
  103. My Man To Join Paul Thomas Anderson's New Religious Movie with Phillip Seymour Hoffman?
  104. The Bounty Hunter - Yikes, Not Getting Great Reviews
  105. Does Pussycat Doll Have A Dancing Advantage on DWTS?
  106. 13 Child Stars Who've Made It
  107. Director Del Toro To Give 'The Hobbit' New Look
  108. MJ's Dr Stopped CPR to Cover His ASS!!!
  109. Robert Culp (I SPY) Passed Away at 79!!
  110. Attorney Says Dennis Hopper is Dying.....
  111. Does Beyonce have something cookin' in the oven???
  112. *gasp* ricky martin is gay *gasp*
  113. Healing Movies
  114. Talhotblonde
  115. Conan gets a late night show again
  116. The Blind Side- DVD
  117. EARTH DAY April 22, 2010 Happenings
  118. Bret Michaels suffers brain hemorrhage
  119. Lindsay Lohan Fired From Film
  120. Brendan Fraser- High or Deranged?
  121. 25 Most Memorable Celebrity Kisses
  122. MAGRUBER: The Movie!!
  123. Why it pays to be a famous actor
  124. Happy Megan Fox Day
  125. Travolta just can't win
  126. Travolta/Preston Pregnant
  127. Bret Michaels has a stroke
  128. Amreeka
  129. Alicia Keys Pregnant!!
  130. Different Strokes Curse? Is It Multi Generational?
  131. The Avengers: Images of Capt. America and Thor released?
  132. Jeremy Renner close to signing The Avengers deal?
  133. GrownUps!!
  134. Sandra Bullock locks lips with Scarlett Johannson
  135. Sex and the City 2
  136. 2010 Tony Awards, June 13 2010
  137. Heidi Pratt Finally Comes To Her Senses
  138. Randy Jackson Hospitalized! (MJ's Bro)
  139. Sheen Loses 2nd Car To Mulholland Drive!
  140. Remember This Pepsi Ad?
  141. Gregg Allman Undergoes Liver Transplant!
  142. Chris Brown's Michael Jackson Tribute
  143. Twilight Genre'
  144. Megan Fox Married!!
  145. The Opposite of Sex
  146. Paris Hilton Busted For Pot Possession in South Africa
  147. Carrie Prejean Weds
  148. LiLo sentenced to 90 days in Jail & 90 days in Rehab
  149. Paranormal Activity 2
  150. Carrie Underwood Gets Married!
  151. Mel Gibson now officially done for good (UPDATE: He Wants The Baby)
  152. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
  153. P!nk Fell From Her Harness!!!!!!
  154. The Expendables
  155. Snooki got arrested!
  156. Titanic II - I'm NOT Kidding, There Really Is Going To Be A Movie With This Name
  157. My 15 Minutes --- Be Kind
  158. Neil Patrick Harris & Partner expecting twins!
  159. Mariah Carey With Child?
  160. Paris Hilton Arrested on Cocaine Possession UPDATED
  161. What's the name of this alien movie?
  162. Jeremy Renner Set To Star In Next Mission Impossible Installment With Tom Cruise
  163. Talent's Piers Morgan Taking Over Larry King Live
  164. Lindsay Lohan to Host SNL?
  165. Casey Affleck admits that Phoenix movie is not real
  166. Breakfast Club - 25 Years Later On GMA!!!!!
  167. A Lot Like Love
  168. Lindsay Lohan Is An Idiot - Check This Out UPDATED: Back to jail - SHE'S FREE AGAIN
  169. Randy Quaid Arrested For 'Squatting' ??
  170. The Social Network
  171. Lindsay Lohan SHOCKER!!! UPDATE, OUT OF JAIL
  172. From One Puppet to the Next
  173. Star Wars in 3D
  174. 'Lost' Star Tackles Mission Impossible
  175. Letterman Was Aware Of Joaquin Phoenix Joke
  176. The Town
  177. P!NK Has A Surprise For Her Fans.....
  178. Punk'd
  179. The Secret Writings Of 'Marilyn'!!
  180. Wizard of Oz prequel
  181. Harry Potter Loses his 3D
  182. Yet another thing that proves that Johnny Depp is the coolest dude ever
  183. Courtney Cox and David Arquette Split
  184. Eric Stoltz as Marty McFly
  185. Aguilera files for divorce
  186. Alicia Keys: It's A Boy!
  187. Jean-Claude Van Damme Suffers Heart Attack
  188. Hangover 2: Gibson Out, Neeson In.
  189. Paula Deen named Rose Parade Grand Marshal!
  190. Own a Piece of the Dark Side
  191. Confirmed Mariah Carey is Expecting
  192. Kelly Clarkson selling her Nashville home pics included
  193. Russell Crowe... Rocky Horror Gladiator?
  194. Disney's Demi Lovato In Treatment
  195. Charlie Sheen Files For Divorce, Finally!
  196. Kanye's View on Pres. Bush Changed?
  197. Great fake movie trailer
  198. Megamind
  199. Unstoppable
  200. Bill Clinton Joins 'The Hangover 2' Cast
  201. Jessica Simpson to Marry NFL Free Agent
  202. Pink is 'eating for two,' as Pregnancy Rumors Confirmed
  203. Eva Longoria Files for Divorce
  204. Chris Daughtry & Wife Welcome Twins
  205. Lindsay Loses 'Lovelace' Role!
  206. Oscar 2011 Co-Hosts: James Franco & Anne Hathaway
  207. Palin, Bieber, J.Lo, Lebron, and The Jersey Shore: Common Denominator?
  208. I Predict....
  209. Black Swan
  210. National Board of Review names The Social Network best movie of the year
  211. Lindsay Lohan Is Back On The Road
  212. Kelsey Grammer Engaged to Girlfriend Months After Camille Split
  213. Wesley Snipes Off To Prison
  214. Celine Dion Shows Off Her New Twins
  215. Aretha Franklin Battling Pancreatic Cancer???
  216. American Film Institute names their top 10 films and TV shows of the year
  217. Ryan Reynolds + Scarlett Johannson = Splitsville
  218. After 25 Years, Larry King Signs Off
  219. 40-Year-Old Virgin Actor Sentenced to Life in Prison
  220. Chris Daughtry Cuddles With His New ....
  221. 25 Stars Who Changed Their Name
  222. Netflix Suggestions?
  223. 25 Movies To See Before the Oscars?
  224. Zsa Zsa Gabor's lower leg to be amputated (UPDATED)
  225. David Arquette checks into rehab
  226. 2011 Golden Globe Awards Game- The Yakkity Way - Come And Play!!!
  227. DWTS Maks Chmerkovskiy is The New "Bachelor!"
  228. 2011 Oscar News!
  229. Westboro Baptist Church/Fred Phelps To Picket The Golden Globes
  230. John Dye of 'Touched By An Angel' Dead at 47
  231. Movie's you would watch again, in the theater
  232. Zsa Zsa Amputated, Etta James Gravely Ill, Martha Gets Stitched
  233. 68th Annual Golden Globes Discussion - And The Yakkity Golden Globes Contest!!!
  234. Come Celebrate The Golden Globes With Us!!!!
  235. 68th Annual Golden Globes Awards
  236. 68th Annual Golden Globes: Fashion Hits & Misses
  237. Ricky Gervais Fired on the Job?/Update: Statements released
  238. Keith & Nicole Welcome Second Daughter
  239. Golden Globes: Pacino Diss, Cat Fights?
  240. Regis Retires!
  241. Movies in the Works: Dynasty, Night Stalker
  242. George Clooney Recovers From Malaria
  243. THOR Trailer from Marvel Comics
  244. PRIEST trailer
  245. The Room-mate Trailer
  246. It's That Time Again - What A Wonderful Time For The Oscar.....Nominations!!!
  247. Elizabeth Olsen, Younger Sister of Mary-Kate and Ashley, Makes Debut At Sundance Film Festival
  248. MSNBC's Olbermann to Work With 'Network's' Sorkin?
  249. Clint Eastwood To Make Beyonce 'A Star'
  250. Lennon's Private Letters To Be Published in 2012