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  1. Yak Nicholson's Song of the Month
  2. This forum, How to Tag MP3
  3. UPDATED:Whitney Houston I Look To You
  4. Carrie Underwood's Third album, Play On/UPDATE: New Music Video!
  5. Sherri's FM Station
  6. Some of MY favorites!
  7. Darth's Symphony of Destruction
  8. Songs I Can Relate To
  9. 52nd GRAMMY Awards Discussion....
  10. The Most Important Question Of All - Which Is The Better Wang Chung Song?
  11. Best Song of the 80's
  12. Rediscovering Vinyl
  13. shawn phillips
  14. Top 11 Sexiest Songs Ever
  15. Lady Gaga's "Telephone" originally Spears'
  16. 'Devil's Horns' Music Great Passes Peacefully
  17. New Christina coming soon...
  18. Justin Bieber
  19. Slipknot Bassist Paul Grey Found Dead At Urbandale, Iowa Hotel
  20. Sam Tsui knocks it out of the park AGAIN
  21. Jaron
  22. What song was #1 on the day you were born??
  23. Chris Daughtry goes Gaga!
  24. Songs you CAN'T get out of your head...
  25. TRAIN....Fyi
  26. Eminem, Dominic Monaghan, Megan Fox, & Rihanna...whoa
  27. Alanis Morissette Pregnant!
  28. DAUGHTRY...UPDATE: w/ new single!
  29. U2 fined by Barcelona for being too loud!
  30. Gaga like you've never heard ...
  31. 2010 VMA's, TONIGHT on MTV
  32. hardcore death metal music
  33. Superbowl XLV: Black Eyed Peas Halftime Show?
  34. R.I.P. Leonard Skinner
  35. New Ok Go video
  36. This...
  37. Justin Timberlake Loves Vinyl - He's One Smart Cookie!
  38. Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters 'Sues' Scissor Sisters [Explicit]
  39. Ok Go does it again...
  40. Sugarland Live on YouTube TONIGHT
  41. Someone remind Will Smith his daughter is 8...
  42. Use Limewire? Maybe Not Anymore.
  43. Michael Jackson, Still Making News!
  44. Control Your Screams: NKOTB + BSB = Tour
  45. 'Love The Way You Lie, Part 2' Leaked
  46. Breaking: Michael Jackson Album Announcement
  47. Michael's Track Listing & Latest Single, out Nov 15
  48. Black Eyed Peas Superbowl Halftime Show Official
  49. New 30 Seconds to Mars Video - Inside Jared Leto's Mind...
  50. 2011 Grammy Nominations Announced
  51. Crystal Bowersox: No Farmer's Daughter Anymore.
  52. Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Inductees....
  53. Pink & Carey Hart Expecting
  54. Release Date for Gaga's "Born This Way"
  55. Gerry Rafferty Dies At Age 63!!
  56. Britney, Jay-Z, & Kanye: Year's First Hit?
  57. The Grammys: Lady Gaga, Eminem and Katy Perry to Perform
  58. J.Lo Leaks: Two Singles plus Video Clip
  59. Don Kirshner, Music Mogul, Dies.
  60. Pink Defends Her New Music Video [VIDEO]
  61. Alicia Keys' First Single Post Motherhood!
  62. Jimmy Buffett Injured During Concert!
  63. Lady Gaga Tweets 'Born This Way' Lyrics
  64. Melodic Monday: White Stripes, Grey and Idols
  65. Prince Kicks Kim Kardashian's Ass Off Stage
  66. The Grammy's: Rehearsal Day One!
  67. Grammy Rehearsals: Day Two
  68. Lady Gaga Releases Anticipated New Single, Madonna Rip-Off?
  69. Owl City Sends Taylor Swift V-Day Song?
  70. Melodic Monday: Spotlight on Adele
  71. Colder Weather!
  72. Is Glee Bigger Than Elvis? Plus, Presidential Honors
  73. Melodic Monday: Spotlight on Esperanza Spalding
  74. Christina Aguilera: In Custody, Pink Tweets
  75. Little Big Town Does Bruno Mars ....
  76. Worst song ever?
  77. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inducts It's Latest Legends!
  78. Foo Fighter Mania: New Movie, No Glee, Concert in Your Garage
  79. Melodic Monday: Spotlight on Lizz Wright
  80. Melodic Monday: Spotlight on Los Lobos
  81. Why do you have to go ahead and ruin Adele???
  82. 46th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards
  83. Rebecca Black - Friday - Sets Youtube Record
  84. David Cook releases New Single
  85. Rebecca Black - Death Threats
  86. My Music Moods Station
  87. Interesting
  88. Has He Made Britney Spears "Listenable" ... You be the judge
  89. P!nk Gives Birth to Baby Girl
  90. Andrew Gold Dies at 59
  91. The Next Rebecca Black?
  92. Adele Cancels Rest of North American Tour Dates
  93. Trace Adkins Home Burns
  94. This Kid Kicks Biebers' You Know What!
  95. Lady Antebellum announced 3rd Studio Album Release Date
  96. Just 3 more reasons to love Eminem...
  97. Country Fans: Randy Travis's 25th Anniversary Album
  98. 2Cellos Make Their Album Debut
  99. UPDATE: Clarence Clemons Suffers STROKE, Dies.
  100. Rebecca Black pulled from YouTube
  101. Dave Grohl, Kid Rock, Jack White
  102. Today Show Summer Concert Series
  103. Most epic song ever
  104. Some of our favorite Musical Covers
  105. It's Melodic Monday!
  106. Nick Ashford Passes....
  107. Adam Levine Tells MTV 'F*** YOU'!!!!
  108. Sinead Wants Sex
  109. Lady Antebellum fans ...
  110. Coolest bad ass rock chick around right now
  111. Cover of Adele
  112. Florence And The Machine - Addicted To Love Cover
  113. Adam Lambert vs. P!nk
  114. Someone make it stop
  115. America's Original Idol is back! Kelly's new album...
  116. The Internet World is abuzz...Kelly vs. Carrie
  117. Grrrrrrrrrrrr
  118. Glee Christmas Music Volume 2
  119. American Music Awards
  120. Grammys 2012: And The Nominees Are...
  121. Christina Perri - A Thousand Years
  122. Brad Paisley Lends His Voice...
  123. CMT Artists of the Year
  124. Top Earning Women in Music
  125. Were these really the Top 25 songs of 2011?
  126. Gaga's got a man?
  127. I think this might surprise you...
  128. Lady A Ties The Knot...
  129. Etta James Passes Away At 73!
  130. RIOT Founder, Dead At 57!
  131. Carrie's "Blown Away"
  132. KISS Puppets? WTF
  133. Don Cornelius Dead! Apparent Suicide!
  134. The Backbeats: "Repeat Listenability"
  135. OK GO... again! Amazing!
  136. Whitney Houston, Dead UPDATED w/CAUSE
  137. Hard to believe this was two years ago
  138. DMB (Dave Matthews Band)
  139. Some cool songs
  140. Supergroup!!!!
  141. Ronnie MONTROSE Passes Away....
  142. One of the most beautiful songs ever+Chris Cornell=masterpiece
  143. FINALLY Someone who can sing P!nk and do it justice...
  144. Amazing voices...Celtic Woman
  145. Brett Michaels And Loretta Lynn??
  146. WILSON-PHILLIPS New Album
  147. Tom Petty's Guitars: STOLEN!!
  148. Robin Gibb UPDATED
  149. Daughtry Does GaGa!!
  150. My new current favorite song/video (contains profanity)
  151. For you Adele fans
  152. Great version of Hallelujah
  153. 2012 Billboard Music Awards...
  154. Not enough Tom Jones on this site.
  155. Willie Nelson
  156. Blow Me!
  157. ZBB's "Uncaged"
  158. The Best Selling American Idol Single Is ....
  159. Road Trip Albums/Songs
  160. Bieber & N'Sync?
  161. Wingz's Jukebox
  162. Awesome Kelly Clarkson Cover of No Doubt
  163. Kelly Clarkson Takes On "Breathe (2AM)," Carrie, Gavin, & Eminem - UPDATE
  164. Carrie Underwood has always been
  165. Chatroulette me, Maybe?
  166. BREAKING: Taylor Swift's New Single is about .... BREAKING UP
  167. Slash and Big Bird?
  168. EJ's Bass Player Apparent Suicide
  169. ELVIS!! 35th Anniversary Of His Death!!
  170. New Muse
  171. Wynonna Judd's Hubby Loses Leg!!!
  172. Pop-Country Star Shatters Female Digital Records
  173. I hate to post another...
  174. OBAMA Call Me Maybe
  175. Aaliyah - 11 year Anniversary
  176. Looking for some music inspiration...
  177. Makes You Stop And Think...
  178. Matchbox Twenty
  179. Robbie's Music Thread
  180. Little Big Town's new Album - Tornado
  181. Kelly Clarkson: 10 Years Later
  182. Call Me Maybe/Payphone Mashup
  183. Eminem and Pink's latest Collab
  184. Christina Aguilera "YOUR BODY" & Album Lotus
  185. New Rihanna album?
  186. ZZ Top is back!!!
  187. Missy Elliot "9TH INNING"
  188. Nicki Manaj "THE BOYS"
  189. Adele - SKYFALL - FULL SONG
  190. Soundgarden - NEW ALBUM!
  192. Ben Folds Five - DO IT ANYWAYS
  193. The Ultimate Cover...
  194. iHeart Radio Music Fest...
  195. Kid Rock - Rebel Soul
  196. Exactly!
  197. Yoda takes on Call Me Maybe??
  198. My other child
  199. New Bruno Mars
  200. Cee Lo and Christina Collaborate on Christmas Classic
  201. The Piano Guys
  202. The Rolling Stones - Doom and Gloom
  203. Report: Adele Welcomes Healthy Baby Boy
  204. Sam Tsui Does it Again
  205. Aerosmith's New Album "Music From Another Dimension"
  206. New MCR
  207. Does This Make Rebecca Black's "Friday" Seem Grammy Worthy?
  208. On this day in .... This song was #1
  209. Pop Songs of 2012 Mashup
  210. A Singing Tree...??
  211. Billboards Announces Top Selling Albums and Songs of 2012
  212. Justin Timberlake staging a Comeback
  213. Reports: Destiny's Child To Reunite For Superbowl Halftime
  214. New Lady A
  215. Alicia Keys
  216. The Eagles History
  217. Report: ADELE's Father Cries Foul
  218. Jennifer Hudson & Sandy Hook Chorus Added to Superbowl Lineup; Plus, Beyonce Promises Live Performance
  219. Fall Out Boy is back
  220. Watch This, part deux
  221. Kelly Clarkson Calls Out Music Mogul Clive Davis
  222. Finally somebody with bonafide exceptional talent
  223. R.I.P. Alvin Lee
  224. Oldie but goodie
  225. Cathy's Music Corner
  226. Macarena
  227. Crystal Bowersox New CD - All That For This
  228. MCR Break Up
  229. Pretty Awesome
  230. TheKdd's Krazy Korner
  231. Because we love her
  232. Eric Church Caught In The Act
  233. Melodic Mondays: Evolution of Music Courtesy of NBCs 'The Sing Off' Champs - Pentatonix
  234. Define Me
  235. The Top 100 American Idol Hits of All-Time
  236. Michael Buble's New Album
  237. Sara bareilles
  238. Dr. Who
  239. R.I.P. Ray Manzarek
  240. Steve Grand "All-American Boy"
  241. Billboard's Hot 100 Top 100 Of ALL-TIME
  242. Pop Diva Show Down
  243. Deron's Music Library
  244. Kelly Clarkson Announces Christmas Album
  245. N*SYNC to Reunite for MTV VMAs
  246. Cinderella to the Tune of Beyonce
  247. New Eminem
  248. Squall's gathering of Music
  249. I actually like a new pop song
  250. REALLY?!