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  1. "Diary of a Snow Shoveler"- YOU HAVE TO READ THIS
  2. 9-11 Never FORGET!!!!
  3. First-Time Buyer Tips Needed
  4. What's for dinner?
  5. Ancestry
  6. Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wife, Laugh Your ASS Off UPDATE:ARREST
  7. I'm bored!
  8. Closing on my new house today
  9. Tomorrow, I return to the real world.../Update: on to the next one
  10. And he got screwed over again...
  11. Train of wrecks
  12. Prayers needed
  13. Green Eggs, One Fish, Yertl
  14. Funny and clever ESPN commercial (Dedicated to mystycl)
  15. A Metal Sign Holder, A Truck, A Cop and My Dog, That Was What Just Happened To Me
  16. BUSTED: Permanent Marker Possession!!!
  17. Our new baby, Beau and his crazy antics
  18. Season's Greetings
  19. And 2011's "Banished" Words Are.....
  20. Shoplifters Suck
  21. The US Almost Had Their Own Hurley Lottery Moment
  22. Josh Groban Sings Kanye's Tweets - HILARIOUS
  23. Flashback Friday: The First African American Woman Elected To Congress
  24. Screening Statistics From Homeland Security
  25. Random Thought Thursday: MCR, Tiger Woods, Birds, and Tears
  26. Flashback Friday - President Clinton Impeachment Trial Begins
  27. Flashback Friday: Shows I Miss.
  28. E-Cigarettes
  29. Touching moment during National Anthem
  30. Flashback Friday - On This Day In History, January 14th!!!
  31. Craig Shoemaker?
  32. What Would You Do?
  33. Stupid Question
  34. Know what I hate?
  35. Just wondering...
  36. Tomorrow is...
  37. Typical BACKWOODS Alabama
  38. Nadya Suleman Does Fetish Video
  39. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition coming to my area!!
  40. Flashback Friday - On This Day In History - January 21st!!!
  41. Great way to call somebody out in public
  42. Woman Falls Into Fountain While Texting...Then Sues?
  43. Turn of Phrase, But What Do They REALLY Mean?
  44. Very Excited, My Externship Is Coming Up!!!
  45. Is McDonald's Baiting Children From Happy Meals?? (Lawsuit Filed Against McDonald's)
  46. Letting Sleeping Dogs Lie In Your Bed Can Kill You
  47. Need to pick your brain
  48. Worst Sandwiches In America
  49. For Shiney
  50. LMAO.. some silly fun..
  51. Random Thought Thursday! Here We Go Again?
  52. Flashback Friday: Space Shuttle Challenger Explodes
  53. Wow! What else can I say!
  54. That Was INSANE!
  55. Random Thought Thursday! Sheen, American Idol and Rehab!
  56. Flashback Friday! This Day in History
  57. Newly Released Photos Of Uncontacted American Indian Tribe
  58. It's Tax Time (useful info)
  59. The Meaning of Rose Colors
  60. It's Tax Time
  61. Brutally Honest!
  62. Kim Family Tragedy
  63. Hilarious reporter
  64. Brain Food: Can You Figure It Out?
  65. Drunk History
  66. OMG!! I Would Have Passed Out!!!
  67. How does this work?
  68. High School Wrestler Defaults Against Girl
  69. Flashback Friday - "The Adventures of Huck Finn" Published
  70. Warning
  71. Kitten Sitting, Crossing Legs...Dog Plays Piano And Sings!
  72. This has to hurt
  73. Sarah Palin has become even more sad
  74. 4 American Hostages Killed By Somali Pirates
  75. Most livable cities in the world
  76. Man lunges at Today Show hosts
  77. Hilarious Reply Letter!!
  78. Another Republican idiot politician screws up
  79. Kinda Scary.....
  80. 8 Year Old Suffers Heart Attack At N.C. School
  81. Charlie Sheen on Today Show
  82. Tom Hanks on Kimmel
  83. Gotta Love Hypocrisy!
  84. Much to my dismay, a photo of me post-surgery
  85. Can Someone HELP?
  86. Cheerleader Loses Her Mind
  87. Notice The "Yak"....?
  88. Ten minutes of pure crying
  89. Dietary Way To Lower Cholesterol?
  90. Congrats Kristin!!
  91. Cap'n Crunch Dead at 48
  92. Random Thought Thursday! American Idol: A River, Rain and Cheese
  93. Flashback Friday! The Day The Popsicle Was Split and a Jackass Was Born
  94. "Coming Soon To Bedrooms: Safe Sex Sponsorships"
  95. Don't Forget To Move Your Clocks Forward Tonight!!!!!
  96. 10 Most Bizarre World Records - - Could You Break One?
  97. Random Thought Thursday: Nuclear Boy, oh boy.
  98. Flashback Friday! Dough Boy and Stones
  99. Sesame Street Old Spice Parody
  100. The Four Chord Song
  101. Lookie Here
  102. LittleMama's Random Thoughts...Again
  103. Flashback Friday: The Westside Middle School Massacre in Jonesboro
  104. Hey You, Yeah You! STFU!
  105. Male Brain Scan!
  106. How to Read Your Time Warner Cable Bill
  107. 30 And Over Will LOVE This
  108. I Don't Get People Sometimes
  109. Losing Focus On What's Important...
  110. YES! NOH8 FINALLY Comes to Iowa
  111. "Retirement"
  112. Happy Time! ;)
  113. When Harry Met Sally 2!!!
  114. Double Happy Time!! :)
  115. Some "LOVE" For LittleMama!!
  116. Oregon politicians apparently have a sense of humor
  117. The Power Of Words...
  118. Video of me working out
  119. Triple Happy Time...UPDATED w/pics :)
  120. He FINALLY Got A Heart, UPDATE: Possibly Leaving Hospital Soon!!!
  121. A tornado stole my hamburger
  122. (Hilarious Baby Videos) - If This Doesn't Make You Smile/Laugh, Nothing Will
  123. Yakkity's Word Chain
  124. It's Not THAT Important. Put The Goddamn Phone Down While You're Driving
  125. Totally Cool!!
  126. Titanic's Unknown Child Is Finally ID'd
  127. The most fun way ever to fish
  128. Tornados in Alabama
  129. Royal Wedding
  130. This Baby REALLY Loves Bon Jovi!
  131. 5/21/2011, 6:01 P.M. - If You Can Read This, You Survived The End Of The World
  132. Bragging
  133. Tornado Warnings in Iowa....AGAIN
  134. I refuse!
  135. You don't know how to tie your shoes!
  136. Oh no! What should I do!
  137. I've been doing this all wrong, too!
  138. Ten Best
  139. Just wanna say...
  140. Congrats Bertablue!!!
  141. 18 Months Later And I've Done It
  142. And He Walked Away....
  143. Mom Cat Hugs Baby Kitten - SO Cute!
  144. Yummy Yummy Yummy In My Tummy
  145. Fake Bird Poop
  146. Atkin's Endulge Peanut Butter Cups
  147. Thank God I'm married
  148. Quote and PM issues
  149. Ugh, so sad
  150. al-Qaida now makes cupcakes
  151. This could happen to you
  152. Well, It's Official....
  153. The Universe got me an early graduation present
  154. Greatest movie theatre announcement ever
  155. Random Thought Thursday: Big Brother, Weiners, Green and Gold.
  156. Google Homepage - Check THIS Out!!
  157. Best eHarmony Bio EVER!
  158. Bill Maher and Jane Lynch
  159. Embarrassing
  160. I don't know how I survived NYC for five years
  161. Love the BB greetings!/UPDATE: New Reality Greetings
  162. Worst woman ever
  163. What would you do?
  164. Haulin' Ass!!!
  165. How is she not famous?
  166. Holy Bar Tab Batman, That's a lot of alcohol
  167. Undercover dog
  168. Can you read this?
  169. Decision
  170. It's OFFICIAL!!
  171. I got to throw out the ceremonial first pitch!!
  172. This sucks, poor kid.
  173. Funny Stuff
  174. Why I have been away
  175. Wind Energy Can Blow us off the Earth!
  176. Fortune's 100 Great Things About America
  177. Says it all
  178. Greatest children's book ever
  179. It's official
  180. What's for Dinner?
  181. Netflix Price Hike
  182. Question for TheKdd
  183. Go TK!
  184. I'm Back!
  185. A Drink Just Exploded In My Face
  186. Psychic/Tarot Reader
  187. I need some help???
  188. Academic Advisors
  189. Common sense rating
  190. Why men are happier
  191. We Eat 140 pounds Of Sugar Each Year!!!
  192. Cheddar's
  193. Hot Sauce Mom
  194. I hate our school district!
  195. What A Contrast From Gluttony To Kindness...An Adult The Glutton, A Kid The Kind One
  196. Gotta Show Off....
  197. Jooky Booky
  198. Name my Cat
  199. I think ...
  200. No Way In Hell!!!
  201. Immortalized
  202. I Love Lucy Is Googlefied!!!
  203. Red heads
  204. About to lose it...
  205. Family Reunions
  206. Where did summer go?
  207. Making Strides Against Breast Cancer- Part Deux
  208. My Reality TV casting experience.
  209. Best.Roommate.Ever
  210. Anyone have a Canon Pixma Printer?
  211. I can't take it anymore!
  212. I only have one thing to say...
  213. Random Thought Thursday! I LOVE the Muppets! Ok Go!
  214. NYC coop for sale
  215. Why inbreeding is bad!
  216. Crockpot recipes
  217. Disturbing
  218. I loved this...
  219. OMG!!!
  220. Sherrod Brown responded to me
  221. Most Beautiful Song Ever
  222. Guess this woman's age
  223. Texas
  224. To all new Posters.....Welcome
  225. One ice cream I will pass on
  226. 10 more days ....Update: DONE!
  227. Cool! Look What I Found!
  228. Striptease Fail
  229. Best sports press conference of the year
  230. Effective Sept 1...
  231. Fall
  232. Wingz hate thread
  233. A Complete 180 WTF?
  234. Perhaps the cutest video ever
  235. Strangers Lift Car Off Trapped Motorcyclist
  236. True Heroes!!!
  237. A naked man, a fudgesicle, and Nicolas Cage
  238. So Sad, So Dark
  239. Pinterest
  240. Who is this?
  241. Ok Seriously?
  242. I will never understand...
  243. Unbelievable Cat!!!
  244. Riddle Time
  245. Why why why????
  246. Um, Yikes, Patti Stanger, Millionaire Matchmaker, Open Mouth, Insert Foot
  247. When Parents Lie....
  248. Baby On The Cover of Nirvana's 'Nevermind' Recreates Cover Art 20 Years Later
  249. How to Watch Reality TV lol
  250. I Need Good Advice, YY Peeps