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  1. PLEASE READ FIRST.... This area...
  2. Over or Under: UPDATED w/POLL RESULTS
  3. UPDATED:Roman Polanski Trial Date Set In LA!
  4. 26 States Allow Marriage Between First Cousins, 7 That Allow Same Sex Marriage
  5. John Edwards Left Out Of Wife's Will
  6. At What Point Does Human Life Begin?
  7. Should All Americans Be Entitled To Health Care?
  8. What Is The "American" Dream To You?
  9. So, You Wake Up And It's 1895.....And You're Living Across The Street From Hitler
  10. Should Child Molesters Be Castrated?
  11. UCLA Chicky
  12. Sarah Palin on World Tour
  13. Double-Standard In Hollywood
  14. Fair is Fair
  15. Net Nuetrality (Political)
  16. N.Y. Poll Shows Record Marriage Support
  17. Mixed Messages On Gay Rights From Trump
  18. Online Dating - Sexual Predator Risk - Who's Responsible For Screening?
  19. Alleged Criminal At Work
  20. Proper Islamic Burial
  21. Trump on Gay Marriage
  22. Political Conversation
  23. Apache Tribe Wants Apology
  24. Who Deserves the Credit?
  25. Half-Siblings
  26. Controversial Tapes Of Hollywood Execs Lead To Resignations
  27. Bristol Palin - Not Afraid Of Life
  28. I hate TicketMaster
  29. The Debt Ceiling
  30. Overly Affectionate Couples on Facebook
  31. Jeff Addresses Dumdledorfgate And A Ring?
  32. The Marines Fiasco
  33. Romney's Millions?
  34. Our Tax dollars at work....I am pissed!
  35. Big Oil know it has us over a barrel
  36. turkey bacon???
  37. Romney Style or Obama style...NJ passes law for animals
  38. I'm Sorry
  39. Full List of Obamacare Tax Hikes
  40. Should Bigotry Have to be Tolerated Due to Religion?
  41. Chick-Fil-A Controversy
  42. Medicare Negative Ads from both sides on Medicare and The Truth
  43. Molestation the cause for being gay
  44. Sphinx is a SEXY Troll
  45. Marriage v. Another Word
  46. 'Duck Dynasty' Debacle
  47. Boo Season
  48. Cosby..
  49. Ferguson/Michael Brown/Eric Garner/Tamir Rice
  50. Sony Pictures...
  51. Fuck People
  52. Decision 2016