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06-26-2013, 08:39 PM
'Big Brother': 10 Wackiest Moments

Before ''Survivor'' winner -- and ''Big Brother'' superfan -- John Cochran files his first dispatch for EW about summer's guiltiest pleasure, he presents this list of picks from the past 14 seasons

Lawon's Long Shot
Season 13, episode 15

When a show comes to be known for its absurd twists and unpredictable turns, it only makes sense I guess that players would ''expect the unexpected,'' and adjust their gameplay accordingly. But even with that in mind, Lawon's gambit in season 13 seemed a little much. Volunteering to be evicted just based on the misguided, unfounded belief that he would be able to return to the game endowed with mysterious superpowers? C'mon, Lawon.

Too Fool for ''Spool''
Season 7, episode 12

In a challenge for the mysterious Coup d'Etat power, season 7 houseguests were provided a series of clues leading to a phrase relevant to the Big Brother game. After being shown a sheep and a giant needle and thread, Janelle advised the impressionable Howie to tell the other houseguests that he had guessed ''spool of lies'' for the secret phrase. The houseguests' bemused reactions to Howie's deadpan assertion that ''spool of lies'' was, in fact, a legitimate turn of phrase made for a truly memorable moment.

The Power of Prayer?
Season 8, episode 15

Trying to come to terms with all the sacrifices she'd made in her failed bid for Power of Veto, Jameka sought comfort through prayer. Over a gurgling church organ soundtrack, Jameka passionately begged God to ''forgive those who persecute'' her. Just as the prayer reached its emotional apex, POV winner Jen now wearing a giant white bunny suit walked into frame, exasperatedly asking producers ''Can we get white belts in here? This is horrible.'' The comical contrast between the two prayers, one spiritual and one sartorial, was too much to resist.

Big Brother: The Musical!
Season 1, week 12

As part of a musical challenge, the houseguests were tasked with writing lyrics for the instrumental Big Brother theme song. Chicken George's boyish enthusiasm, Curtis's soaring falsetto, and Eddie's complete lack of interest combined for the perfect musical recipe. ''We all came as houseguests; some did come and go. We hope to be together [pause] for the final show!'' Beautiful.

The Peacekeeper
Season 14, episode 5

Pork rinds were thrown. Heads were (arguably?) butted. But most wonderful of all was the emergence of peacekeeper and future winner! Ian, who, in the midst of the heated argument between Willie and Joe, plead with the two hotheads to calm down. With wet hair, towel tied securely around waist, and arms extended, Ian exclaimed: ''Hey! Guys! Hey! Hey!'' before making a quick exit to the kitchen.

The Great Twin Caper
Season 5, Day 36

In what's probably the most bizarre thing Big Brother has ever pulled off, twins Natalie and Adria the centerpieces of ''Project DNA,'' an acronym for ''Do Not Assume'' (hehe!) secretly played the game together, trading places in the house every few days. I've dismissed movies with similar premises as being too far-fetched to enjoy. But it actually happened here! And it worked!

Pool Fall
Season 10, episode 24

While trying to read a banner plane flying above the house, crotchety old Jerry sidestepped his way directly into the pool. Pretty straightforward.

The Goodbye Girls
Season 11, episode 17

Shortly after Jeff used the controversial Coup d'Etat power awarded to him through America's vote, Jessie was sent packing. Distraught over his departure, Natalie, Lydia, and Chima delivered teary-eyed eulogies for their fallen comrade. ''Did you know that he, like, prayed for us all the time,'' wept Lydia. ''Thanks, America, you're real, uh, stand up people,'' sniffed Natalie. The rest of the house and America could only watch on in disbelief that Mr. Pec-tacular's eviction inspired such strangely emotional reactions from his allies.

Salad Daze
Season 3, episode 4

With all the crazy strategizing and competitions that take place on Big Brother, it's easy to forget that the show is, fundamentally, about a group of strangers living together in a house. The argument that erupted between Danielle and Lori over Gerry's failure to wash his hands after using the bathroom (and before preparing a salad for his housemates!) was a reminder of the perils of rooming with strangers. The close-up, blue-filtered footage of Gerry's filthy hands massaging and contaminating the houseguests' lettuce was like something from a horror flick.

All Hail Zingbot!
Throughout Big Brother

Although Zingbot's jokes can be hit or miss, there's something distinctly delightful and surreal about a 1960's sci-fi movie robot that enters the Big Brother house with no other purpose than to insult the houseguests. And the introduction of a Baby Zingbot in Season 14? Simply adorable.

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Robbie showed me this article & I thought it had some memorable moments to share :)

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Thought it was a fun read (and well done on all the screen Capping!)

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