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06-27-2013, 05:15 AM
So basically, as some may know I like to keep track numbers wise of the players each season. And this time, instead of keeping it too myself I thought I might share it with y'all and I could use your help when giving them a ranking out of 10 for weekly strategy. Each week, I will post two tables.

Table #1 - Is Luke's weekly personal rankings, this is completely subjective to me, someone may have great gameplay but these are my personal rankings so it's mostly about how much I love them.

Table #2 - This is the objective table, each week points are given for various aspects. The points for each aspect are shown below the table. Including a gameplay score out of 10, so that floaters/throwers/social players still get their recognition. I could use help, because if you think I am VERY off the mark with a specific contestant then do tell because I may be clouded by love... or hate. :)

I'll update each week after the Eviction and I will also include a summary of why each houseguest got the gameplay points I gave them.

So firstly, my day 1 rankings were made straight after the premier, so expect the first two rankings to change a lot (Last season I had Danielle at the top).

Secondly, what I could do with is a suggestion for how many points MVP should get? I was thinking it can't be close to HoH or Veto, as I don't think it is particularly worthy as it is public chosen. But I have to give them SOME :L

So yeah, thought I might as well post my tables here. Can't do any harm right? And I just love my rankings. Any feedback is appreciated :)

06-27-2013, 07:13 AM
WOW Luke, you have put a lot of work into this....I love it. How about 3 for MVP?

06-27-2013, 09:25 AM
Omg Luke! This is amazing! So cool!

06-27-2013, 01:40 PM
WOW Luke, you have put a lot of work into this....I love it. How about 3 for MVP?

I was thinking 3 aswell, if they use it well they will make up for it in the gameplay points so I am happy with that!

And thanks, the most work is making everything colour coded but I really enjoy doing them even if it is just some number entering a few times a week! :D <3

Omg Luke! This is amazing! So cool!

:D Thanks Robbie <3

06-27-2013, 01:46 PM
Althou pre season you had Spencer at 15th?!?! Tisk tisk :)

06-28-2013, 03:42 PM
Damn, I love the obsession!!!

07-04-2013, 07:21 AM
Week 2!

Ok, so this week, obviously there was a lot of controversy which in my opinion has got too big. But that didn't really factor into my decisions much.

My personal rankings have changed a lot since last week, Amanda has moved to top... mainly because she is absolutely hilarious. After I got past 6th (Elissa) I found it REALLY hard to rank the houseguests because I don't like any of the rest really. And Spencer is at the bottom because I just cannot stand him!

Onto the game rankings. Obviously McCrae is way at the top, because of his wins, and a pretty good strategy score! Candace falling behind. Okay for quick strategy points explanations!

McCrae - 8- Basically I think he played his HoH very well! And being part of the MC is great too, however I couldn't really give him higher because I think he got very easily influenced this game. AND he will have lost quite a few peoples trust if he can't lie his way through this last vote. He seems pretty safe though

Elissa - 6- Yes, she was able to stay this week, but too be honest it wasn't really her gameplan, however she has made some good freindships and America loves her, and I am really proud that she isn't flipping out for all the hate she is getting for no reason!

Spencer - 8- At the end of this week he seemed in a GREAT spot, I think his playing with Candaces vote is really going to cause him to lost trust to the non-MC's, however I don't see him being a target much longer, and I haven't heard anyone talk about targetting him as of yet.

Nick - 9 - I don't like giving him such a high score, but he deserves props. His whole MC alliance seems very loyal, and he has this side alliance which mostly trust him. If he can get through this week and convince Aaryn that he didn't vote David out he is solid. However, couldn't give him 10 because I have heard talk about targetting him, and people are very wary of him

Howard - 9- Part of a lot of alliances, never heard someone talking about targetting him and lots of people LOVE him. He is bringing the social in a way I didn't think he would. Not a 10 because he wasn't involved enough in this weeks goings-on. But I am VERY hopeful

Amanda - 7- I think she feels safe herself, and I think she has some strong alliances, maybe with McCrae, however, there is lots of talk of going after her. Luckily, I think she might be OK this week as Aaryn has bigger fish to fry.

Jeremy - 7- Abrasive, annoying, and rude. However he isn't playing horrible. Got some great friendships, however, there are a lot of people who want him out. And if he can't win veto, he has a VERY good chance of going if the MC don't protect him.

Kaitlin - 6- She chose the wrong side for sure, however I think she is the most liked of the "girls alliance" and she does have some strong allies. Not sure what Elissa is going to do, so Kaitlin may be in trouble, however she is not the biggest target in her alliance by far, and it's not a bad spot to be in.

Andy - 7- He was a key part of getting David out, and he has made some great friendships it seems. However, he is not in the MC and seems a bit oblivious of it. Also his name is thrown around a lot. Don't think he is in much danger this week but who knows.

Helen - 7- Really basically the same as Aaryn, however she has made less friendships, but I do think she has made closer friendships with less people, which may work to her advantage!

Jessie - 4- No alliances. Everyone founds her annoying. And even the side she voted with are thinking about putting her up. Sucks to be Jessie.

Gina-Marie - 5- Wrong side of the house, and very aggresive. I don't think she has made close friendships with anyone but her core group which may cause her to go soon. Not excited about her prospects. Also seems she may be near the bottom in her actual alliance.

Aaryn - 5- I think the only people who actually have her back are Kaitlin and Gina-Marie. She may be HoH this week but if she doesn't play it well she is gone VERY soon. Her name is brung up just as much, if not more than Jeremy's so she has a big target.

Judd - 7- Very similar to Helen and Andy, he hasn't done much but be in that group alliance, don't see him being in trouble this week too be honest

Candice - 4- Once again, no alliances, and no-one trusts her. She seems EASILY told what to do. However, these points were given before HoH last night. After watching her figure stuff out on the feeds I am growing more and more in like with her. And hopefully she isn't as much of a flop as I thought she was going to be!

David - 2- Not much explaining right? Completely oblivious to everything, however, I don't think he did TOO much wrong, it was more that the rest of the house did a lot right

Ok! That's my rankings for the first week of the show!! Convincing arguments may change my strategy scores, but remember this is only from before David's eviction.

xoxo Luke :)

07-04-2013, 11:47 AM
This is shaping up to be a weekly favorite for me. I love this Luke. Great opinion and I see eye to eye with you on most! LOVE THIS!

07-04-2013, 11:58 AM
This is shaping up to be a weekly favorite for me. I love this Luke. Great opinion and I see eye to eye with you on most! LOVE THIS!

I know we disagree about Spencer ;) Haha! I am so glad you are enjoying it :D

07-04-2013, 12:00 PM
I like spencer cause he was my pre season pick to wise he is not so great :(

07-12-2013, 09:10 AM

This week I have not been that involved in the feeds due to general business, however, after seeing Candice actually do some work she made it to the top of my personal list. Also, I am going to join everyone and be completely behind the majority alliance right now! The bottom is pretty similar, the only other big move was Howard down 5 places due to his general shadiness and connection with Spencer.

In the game ratings, McCrae is holding his lead due to being the only person to win 2 competitions and having generally good gameplay. And after the top 4, the rankings are VERY close. Kaitlin just being at the bottom. My gameplay ratings are as followed:

McCrae - 8 - I think he played an alright game this week, he kept both sides of the house going, and he definitely came out on the right side, however, he has now shown where his loyalties lie, and it is going to be very hard to infiltrate back into the MC.

Elissa - 8 - Once again, I don't think she was the key player behind staying, however, once again she did use the MVP very well, and saved herself through that. Still being a huge target for some houseguests however does not help her.

Spencer - 6 - He lost a LOT of peoples trust after his odd vote last week and his general shadiness this week. However, he isn't number 1,2 or even 3 target for anyone so he is bound to survive a few more weeks.

Nick - 3 - He got played by his own alliance, and he couldn't control it well enough. He shouldn't have put all his eggs in the MC basket...

Howard - 7 - People are definitely on to his shadiness, however, he is defintely not as targetted at spencer, hence the extra point.

Amanda - 9 - She did some lying but in the end she got McCrae and she got Nick out! Played a key role, and even though Spencer and Howard are trying to turn people against her she has held her own, and seems to have a VERY solid final 5 going.

Jeremy - 6 - Played the wrong side completely, and got blindsided along with Nick. He is literally the biggest target out there. His only saving grace is that he isn't the most hated person in the house...

Kaitlin - 5(This actually changed from the table above) - She really hasn't mended any fences this week. Had a week of safety and did nothing to help her game in the future.

Andy - 9 - Basically helped mastermind everything and has put himself in a VERY good position. Love it.

Helen - 9 - Once again, she got people on side, niceness plays to peoples advantage in this game and Helen is the proof of it. GO GIRL.

Jessie - 7 - She has made a move to people who care more about her. And I do think it will take her further, especially if she pushes her way in more. Her relationship with Judd will definitely be an advantage, and I think she made the right move this week.

Gina-Marie - 6 - Basically she did not much this week, however she is a very low target in her alliance, and people actually seem to like her. Wrong side, but she will last the longest if it was down to target lists.

Aaryn - 5 - One of the worst used HoH's ever. I mean she could have used this term to mend fences and build alliances, but she made more enemies and basically her HoH was a waste. The girl needs a lesson in manners, and if she doesn't get her act together she will go down as the most hated houseguest of all time.

Judd - 9 - Playing a great game! Pulled Jessie into the group and got the votes to keep Elissa, he is in a solid final five, and has a good showmance to take him far. Good job Judd!!

Candice - 8 - She figured so much stuff out and I love her for it, unfortunately she just isn't part of the core alliance in the majority, heres hoping she can make her way into it.

SO MANY HOUSEGUESTS. But yeah, this week Helen has HoH, and hopefully she gets MVP aswell, Give her all the power and let's get rid of another strong guy.

(I love how all the strong guys are getting taken out. I'm still hoping for an all-girl alliance!)


07-12-2013, 09:27 AM
Great analysis Luke, I tend agree with your thoughts, and I love all the work you keep putting into your spreadsheet!!!

07-12-2013, 12:12 PM
Very good analysis. The only one I think I may disagree with a little is Howard vs. Spencer. Howards name was thrown around a lot last night as far as a replacement if they can't get Jeremy, mainly because they feel they can beat Spencer easier than Howard. They find them both shady, but Spencer weaker.

07-12-2013, 05:26 PM
Yep, I was trying to base it off last week though, and especially at the beginning of last week, no-one really trusted Spencer. I will probably make up for it this week. Howard being nominated definitely goes against him.

I do agree, Spencer is in a better spot right now though. Howard always seems really sweet however people are seeing through it.

07-12-2013, 05:50 PM
Love the always! We are somewhat rooting for the same people Luke! Rare for us!!!!

07-12-2013, 06:14 PM
This season I think everyone is rooting for the same people HAHA!! It's hard to root for the Aaryn side...

07-26-2013, 10:32 AM
Ok, sorry I was absent last week. Totes forgot for a while then thought I might aswell wait until now!! Ok, so here is the updated table as of now :D

Ok, so to start with my newly updated personal rankings. Jessie being at the top... I don't know, I am finding it REALLY hard to find a particular person to root for as they all get on my nerves at the times... Jessie maybe the least this past week, and I like to see she actually has some game. After this week Elissa moves DOWN the list completely, I can't understand why she acts the way she does, and I hate it.

Now, for the game rankings,

McCrae - 7 - Now, this may seem pretty low, but a lot of people have got it in their minds to target McCranda, and even though he may be second target, he could very easily go home if that was successful. I don't think he was really a key player in keeping Aaryn here. But thank god she won HoH and not Howard/Spence/Candice else he would be in TROUBLE..

Elissa - 5 - She was in a GREAT spot to go pretty far, but she has burned nearly all the bridges she had this week. She lied and was caught. She gossiped and was caught. And then she tried to go against the people who saved her and was caught. Come on Elissa. Really?

Spencer - 6 (changed from above) - Howard and Spencer basically failed this week, there attempt at a new alliance FAILED. The only good thing to possibly come out of this week is Gina-Marie may be on side, but they are not in good steed.

Howard - 6 (changed from above) - The only reason Howard isn't lower than Spencer is because of his relationship with Candice, Howard, even with his efforts of being deemed not a threat is seen as the biggest threat to a LOT of people. Good luck in veto dude.

Amanda - 7 - Once again... she played alright, and got Aaryn to stay sure, but even her alliance are very wary of her, she is going to have an uphill battle once some bigger targets are gone. She needs to shut her mouth and not look like such a great social gamer.

Andy - 8 - Stayed quiet, stayed good with everyone and helped get out a strong threat. But I need to see MORE Andy. MOREEEEE.

Kaitlin - 4 - I feel like she was evicted because of others good gameplay not her bad gameplay. I do wish her alliance worked out but in true Spencer/Howard fashion it got found out. Sorry to see her go... kinda.

Helen - 9 - I may come under some scrutinization for this one, but I think Helen got the best out of this week, I don't see her mouth coming out of many mouths but she is very in control and not as showy, as Amanda is. If she could have kept Elissa under control she might have got a 10...

Jessie- 8 - I am finally seeing some gameplay from this girl, hoping she is feeling more willing to do it from now on, her relationship with Judd is very under-estimated and I see her going very far if she can keep her momentum

Gina-Marie - 5 - I mean her alliance fell through, and she is basically with no-one. She isn't any kind of target but game-play wise she is not doing well at all. Do I call floater?

Aaryn - 7 - I mean she is still a big target but she has played this game the best I can think of, the deal was great, and she now has Helen and Amanda wanting her in far. I mean she went from everyones next to go to, a group of people wanting her in final 7. She's learning.

Judd - 9 - Best HoH so far IMO, got out a big threat to his alliance, and basically got no blood on his hands. Lot's of trust with this guy, but his unwillingness to be vocal and take ANY blood irks me.

Candice - 7 - I dunno, she has some people protecting her, but she isn't part of any big alliance. Also the person she wanted gone didn't go even with all the campaigning. Props to her Howard-mance, it's often good to be part of an showmance with a stronger threat.

Okay, those are the rankings. It is getting harder and harder as I feel like I am seeing less and less, but currently McCrae and Elissa hold the top spots, closely followed by Judd, Aaryn and Helen... the rest of the house need some competition wins though.

07-26-2013, 11:01 AM

Still no spencer love eh?!