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07-01-2013, 12:11 AM
I'm trying to get some feeds updated but they are not being nice to me :/

I know right now, most everyone is in the kitchen eating, as the Have Not's time is up & they are free to eat & drink. They were searching for the red wine Jeremy stole... gave up & opened up the white wine.

GM & Nick playing checkers & the Barbie Club (showmance central) is in a bedroom somewhere I think?

07-01-2013, 12:37 AM
Well now it seems that Jeremy is drunk and is berating all the Have Nots for taking bad about him behind his back for stealing the red wine. Now him and Amanda are having a pretty good fight. Now Jeremy is drunk and making fun of everyone in the house and talking about how he is gunna win HoH next week and start kicking out the haters.

07-01-2013, 12:40 AM
And Kaitlin is piiisssseeeeddd at Jeremy for basically pissing off every other houseguest.

07-01-2013, 12:43 AM
It's a boohoo night...

Amanda is in tears

And so in Helen....

07-01-2013, 12:46 AM
Now Kaitlin is flipping out on Jeremy who is being cocky AF!!

07-01-2013, 12:47 AM
Flashback to about 12:23AM to see Jeremy's initial attack and the resulting backlash.

07-01-2013, 12:49 AM
I'm gonna have to check it out tomorrow... Have to get up early so I should have been asleep hours ago, lol...

07-01-2013, 01:38 AM
I really can't decide who is more delusional, Jeremy or Aaryn. An M. Night Shyamalan movie makes more sense than these two!

Darth Sethius
07-01-2013, 04:21 AM
Some updates from "undying lands of the interweb" :D

Mon 12:55 AM BBT Helen is crying in the HOH. She says that she feels badly for David bc he's the nice one.

Mon 12:53 AM BBT Jer: "I'll apologize to the people who deserve it. If I came in too hot, I'm not going to do anything."

Mon 12:52 AM BBT McCrae/ Helen/Amanda are up in the HOH. They're rehashing what happened.

Mon 12:52 AM BBT Kait leaves the room & lays in her bed. Spence is sitting on the bed & comforting her.

Mon 12:52 AM BBT Andy calls out Jer for coming in & acting a little bullyish/hostile.

Mon 12:51 AM BBT Andy reiterates that the only person that said anything rude was Elissa. Candice said that on Elissa's behalf, she said nothing ugly all she said was that she waited all day to have a glass of red wine.

Mon 12:50 AM BBT Aaryn is telling Amanda that McCrae snapped on her about wanting to put pizza on the rack.

Mon 12:50 AM BBT Jer apologized to Candice if she didn't say anything. Kait: "None of them said anything!"

Mon 12:49 AM BBT Andy/Nick join the conversation w/ Jer/David/Kait. Andy says that Elissa was saying dumb s*** but Helen said nothing

Mon 12:49 AM BBT Aaryn tells Amanda that she knows Amanda was asking Andy/Jessie on the hammock about alliances. Amanda said she wouldn't be trying to hide things from Aaryn by asking that openly.

Mon 12:48 AM BBT Amanda goes in the bathroom & apologizes to Aaryn for bringing up her name. Aaryn says there's talk of Amanda going between people

Mon 12:47 AM BBT Kait says that David is probably going home now bc of Jer. Jer says he doesn't think so & we'll see. Kait says that Jer just made a much bigger disturbance than Elissa ever has.

Mon 12:46 AM BBT Kait is asking Jer to think before he acts. Jer says he isn't trying to throw Aaryn under the bus but she told them that the people inside were mean to her & Jer asked if she wanted him to go inside & say something. Kait says that Jer is the one that tells her that Aaryn overreacts.

Mon 12:45 AM BBT Kait says that she could hear everything from bed & no one said anything to Jer. Jer says they said something to Aaryn. Kait says she probably put Aaryn in the position then. Jer: "Right. I forced her to drink."

Mon 12:44 AM BBT K: why r you bringing us down w/ you? They didn't even come a/g you. And David's on the block.

Mon 12:44 AM BBT Kait tells Jer that he has 1/16th of a chance to win HOH & now David will probably go bc of him. Jer disagrees.

Mon 12:43 AM BBT Kait: "That was the most irrational thing. What are you doing?" David: "They're in that room by the way." Kait: "I don't care. What have they done to you? Really?" Jer: "Talked s***. Meanmugged." Kait: "Like we've done?" Jer: "I haven't. I don't know if you have. If you did, that's inconsiderate."

Mon 12:43 AM BBT K: what've they done to you? J: talked about us; mean-mugged. K: we've done that too. You have 1/16th of a chance at HOH nxt wk

Mon 12:42 AM BBT Kaitlyn tells Jeremy to go to the colored room now. That he brought this upon himself and that "you made your bed, now f***ing lay in it"

Mon 12:42 AM BBT Jer heads inside. Jer to David "I took a little heat off you, bro." Kait says that David can join the talk. David runs.

Mon 12:41 AM BBT Spencer: "You have someone waiting at the door for you." Jer: "I know. I'm scared. I can feel it." Kait: "You coming?"

Mon 12:40 AM BBT Jer tells Amanda he feels badly for her bc she's caught in the crosshairs. Amanda hates the game of telephone.

Mon 12:40 AM BBT Jer seems to be telling Andy in a subtle way that he knows his name gets thrown out & he's ready to win the next HOH.

Mon 12:40 AM BBT Kait: oh my god, quit while you're ahead. Kait's waiting for him w/ a pissed-off look on her face. Shaking her head.

Mon 12:38 AM BBT Helen is getting upset bc people inside were trying to enjoy being "haves". Elissa takes her off camera bc Helen's husband should not have to see her that way.

Mon 12:38 AM BBT Helen thought that Jer was joking. Elissa: you should not be upset like that. Kait has called Jer in to talk to her.

Mon 12:38 AM BBT Jeremy: "I'm Cherokee. We slice heads, we scalp people."

Mon 12:37 AM BBT Helen is in the KT crying now bc she doesn't understand why people are yelling at each other.

Mon 12:37 AM BBT Jer: "I'm tired of people being disrespectful & meanmugging. I'm playing pool & I hear Elissa, that ugly broad, talking s***."

Mon 12:36 AM BBT Andy/Amanda reassure Jer that no one was going off about Jer in the house.

Mon 12:36 AM BBT Amanda/Jer hug it out & the girls in the KT tell Kait that they're hugging. Kait: "Well no one should be hugging him."

Mon 12:36 AM BBT Elissa, Helen & Cand tell Katilin not to do it over a 23 yr old. Kait says it's his pers & that he's yelling at them for what?

Mon 12:35 AM BBT Kait stomps through the KT & says she will go outside to yell at him. Elissa stops her & says Kait comes from a family of class & she's on national TV so she needs to stop. Kait stops at the door and explains she's so mad at how he's acting bc no one in the house has done anything to him.

Mon 12:35 AM BBT Jeremy tells Amanda to shut up, she asks him not to say that to her it's disrespectful. He says then "be quiet and listen". Jeremy keeps interrupting her. Amanda says she thinks it was f***ed up that they did that (took the wine) but she didn't say anything, all she said was "check their teeth"

Mon 12:34 AM BBT Kait is really pissed & wants to go outside to yell at Jer. David says he's mad & the vote will for sure be 6-5 now.

Mon 12:33 AM BBT Amanda starts crying bc of the situation & Jer tells her to calm down & not to cry.

Mon 12:33 AM BBT Kait says it's like T/F q's on HOH & Jer's so confident & he's likely going up. She's going to confront him. Dave's joining.

Mon 12:33 AM BBT Kait asked for David to go get Jer & David sees the drama going on outside. David tells Kait that Jer is getting yelled at by Amanda outside. Kait is mad at Jer for going off about people being inconsiderate about him when they've done nothing to him except maybe talk behind his back. Kait is worried bc there are so many people in this house that could win HOh and he won't stop.

Mon 12:32 AM BBT Jer says he's tired of people being inconsiderate & meanmugging.

Mon 12:31 AM BBT Andy/Howard/Amanda go outside where Jer/Jessie/Aaryn/ Spence/Judd are. Jer/Amanda are getting heated. He tells her to shut up & she tells him not to tell her that. Jer is explaining that he heard Amanda said it's f***ed up that they drank. Amanda says that his friend (pointing at Aaryn) came to Amanda and said they all drank the wine so Amanda said it's f***ed up and told people to check other's teeth.

Mon 12:30 AM BBT Amanda comes outside to try and reason with Jeremy

Mon 12:29 AM BBT Jeremy keeps laughing about how he's drunk on red wine & none of the others can be.

Mon 12:27 AM BBT Aaryn says she's tired of getting meanmugged all the time.

Mon 12:27 AM BBT Aaryn: "I love how everyone in there acted like they have no idea what we're talking about." Judd tried to calm down the drama & Aaryn tells him that he's being snappy w/ them and she's had his back the whole time.

Mon 12:25 AM BBT Cand: We asked where the red wine was & Am said "look at everyone's teeth"

Mon 12:24 AM BBT Helen: "Why is he yelling at us for him drinking a bottle of wine?"

Mon 12:24 AM BBT Aaryn says that Amanda said it was rude to drink the alcohol so Jer goes inside & confronts everyone in the house by saying they can all come at him about the alcohol bc he's the one that drank it & they shouldn't be rude to anyone else. He calls them out for being inconsiderate to him. While he's talking, Kait runs to her bed & starts crying.

Mon 12:23 AM BBT Kait tells Jess the division in the house is making her sad. Like Andy's gunning for Jer & she's associated w/ him now.

Mon 12:22 AM BBT Aaryn tells Spence that Elissa tried to get in an alliance w/ her but told everyone else otherwise. Aaryn says that everyone inside is being an a**hole, including McCrae bc he wouldn't let her put a pizza in when she wanted to.

Mon 12:21 AM BBT Kait goes to the BR real fast. Judd quietly asks her if she's doing okay & gives her a hug. She thanks him.

Mon 12:21 AM BBT Aaryn: "Jeremy feels like he already has a huge target on his back & they're inconsiderate to him so why not be the same way back"

Mon 12:20 AM BBT Kaitlin's sad that the people she made frnds w aren't gonna like her b/c of Jer. Dave: who? Kait: Andy and ? (heard Trumbull?)

Mon 12:20 AM BBT Spence says he is friends w/ some of the people in the house but for the most part they're f***heads, especially Candice.

Mon 12:19 AM BBT Aaryn is explaining to Spence that a glass of wine was poured for her & she says "Sorry I'm not sorry."

Mon 12:19 AM BBT Kait: "It breaks my heart that people I came in here & made friends with won't be my friend anymore bc of him. Like Andy."

Mon 12:18 AM BBT McCrae: "Watching you guys eat is like watching your kids open presents on Christmas Day."

Mon 12:18 AM BBT David/Kait are talking in the bedroom. Kait is telling him that she feels Jer is being childish.

Mon 12:18 AM BBT Jeremy says he will let Kaitlyn "cry it out" and hopefully she won't be a "pendejo" in the morning. Jessie asked what a "pendejo" is. Jeremy thinks it means b***ch in spanish. Spencer jokes that it means "bed and breakfast" instead.

Mon 12:16 AM BBT Helen: I'm double fisting Diet Coke and wine. I can't make up my mind what I want to drink.

Mon 12:16 AM BBT Helen: I think my stomach shrunk. I'm full right now. But I'm gonna keep on eating.

Mon 12:15 AM BBT Helen: I've been a have not all week, so I'm gonna drink the chocolate chips (out of the cookie tray).

Mon 12:15 AM BBT Jer is saying that he hid alcohol for the people he cares about but the others can suck his d***.

Mon 12:14 AM BBT Jer rehashing that Kait got upset w/ him bc he opened the alcohol but he thinks everyone else is inconsiderate of him

Mon 12:13 AM BBT Jess is telling Jer to go to Kait (who's in bed & upset b/c of the red wine stuff). He says nope.

Mon 12:12 AM BBT Jess tells Jer that he should go talk to Kait & he says "Let her be. Let her cry it out." He comments on her being a "beeyotch"

Mon 12:12 AM BBT Jer/Aaryn/David/ Spence/Jess are out by the hot tub. There's mention of Kait being infuriated & Jess says Kait is crying in bed

Mon 12:11 AM BBT Helen/Elissa/ Howard/Judd are enjoying the food a lot.

Mon 12:09 AM BBT Gina is suggesting to David that he should tell Jess that Kait has problems w/ her eyes and needs to move to their room

Mon 12:09 AM BBT Helen's drinking white wine and stuffing her face with pizza. "I'm already thinking what I want to eat in the morning."

Mon 12:08 AM BBT David is wondering if they should move Jessie's stuff out of their room so Kait can move in there. David/Gina/Nick laughing

Mon 12:07 AM BBT Aaryn is hiding by GinaMarie/Nick up by Chess. David joins them.

Mon 12:05 AM BBT Candice: do you know where the red wine is?

Mon 12:05 AM BBT Spencer jokes to the former HN's that the DR said they can't drink but says he's kidding. They act relieved.

Mon 12:04 AM BBT Helen: do you know where they put the red wine? Judd's acting like he doesn't know.

Mon 12:03 AM BBT Everyone is hugging in the KT bc they're haves now. McCrae brings Judd a beer.

Mon 12:03 AM BBT Andy, Elissa, Helen, Judd hugging for being off slop. Helen: do we have wine?

Mon 12:02 AM BBT Have nots can eat now.

Mon 12:02 AM BBT Elissa: "Who took the wine?" FISH.

Mon 12:01 AM BBT Jer gives Andy a hard time about the food. Kait is annoyed by his behavior. Jer says that Andy's been throwing around his name after he leaves the room. Kait leaves. Jer: "That's okay if she wants to sleep in another bed, I'll sleep with Jess." He laughs. Judd says Jess is in heat.

Mon 12:01 AM BBT Kaitlin leaves the BR. Jer: I could just call Jess. Judd: Jess'd be on it.

Mon 12:01 AM BBT Jer says "should I be an a*hole & call him (Andy) out?" Judd: what'd he do?

Sun 11:59 PM BBT GinaMarie and Nick are playing checkers. GinaMarie shares her life story in 2 minutes. She doesn't drink because she likes to look nice when she goes out and sees how her friends that drink look trashy and get sloppy. She likes to be "more classy". She also never started drinking in high school because she was always busy with dance and pageants, and was kind of a tomboy. She wasn't popular and only hung out with her dance friends, and was never peer pressured to drink. She went to a bar when she was 21 and dated like 4 guys here whole life. She also doesn't "hook up a lot".

Sun 11:57 PM BBT Andy walks into the BR to tell everyone they're just about to start drinking since it's midnight soon.

Darth Sethius
07-01-2013, 04:30 AM
More updates from the undying lands :D

Mon 4:16 AM BBT Earlier, GinaMarie told Andy that Nick freaked out when she put his hand on her breast. Aaryn doesn't think Nick is interested in boobs in general.

Mon 2:41 AM BBT Andy remarks that Nick has been making sexual passes at him. Andy says that when Nick was in the shower and Andy was shaving, Nick leaned up against the shower door and asked Andy if he could see through the door. Andy said he was really caught off guard. Andy also mentions the comment Nick made about wanting to hug him all day if he was gay. Howard tells him to keep going with it. The feeds cut and come back to a changed location.

Mon 2:21 AM BBT Quick summary: Okay so basically once the wine got loose, there was a fight between Jeremy and the people in kitchen. He went inside and yelled at them for an irrelevant or unecsssary reason. Then, Elissa said he was immature ( he did act out) and McCrae snapped on Elissa just a little about generalizing younger aged people being immature. Helen cried and Aaryn has pissed people off. Candice and Aaryn had an actually one on one fight in the bedroom about sitting on a hat. Aaryn is being really snobby about the way she handles herself and even McCrae is wanting her gone for saying something about pizza in an oven. Candice and Aaryn's fight was hilarious: Aaryn told Candice that her big ass probably did sit on it and Candice said she needs to find a different strategy if she is trying to be an evil game player tv hostess. Now, everyone is bull crapping each other to get through the night. The Moving Company is still in tact and David is leaving as of now. But things change on a dime but although as of now it's unlikely, Elissa could leave Wednesday instead.

Mon 2:18 AM BBT Spencer in HOH with Mccrae. Spencer tells him he needs to protect him with Amanda. Spencer asks Mccrae if hes willing to drop Amanda. He says yes eventually. Mccrae says if Jeremy has his side piece he wants his. They both agree they can keep Amanda to till jury then drop her. Spencer tells Mccrae that he was the one that told Aaryn that Candice sat on her hat. He said he was joking when he said it. They laugh about the whole hat situation and the fact that they are calling Candice the mad hatter. Mccrae says hes worried about the "moving company" not trusting him with Amanda. Spencer says that they trust him but they don't trust Amanda. They don't want her in his ear. He just wants confirmation hes willing to drop her and he says he is. Amanda walks in the room and starts telling them about Jeremy saying that he thinks Elissa is saying. She also tells them Jeremy told her he would put up Ellisa and Candice up.

Mon 2:15 AM BBT Breaking hatgate news. Spencer lied about Candice sitting on Aaryn's hat

Mon 1:35 AM BBT Aaryn says that Elissa is going home no matter what & nothing can change it at this point.

Mon 1:35 AM BBT Aaryn asks Kait what she said that came from Jer. Kait tells her about Jer saying she overreacts.

Mon 1:33 AM BBT Andy thinks that Candice is enemy #1 for everyone.

Mon 1:31 AM BBT Jess tells Aaryn about Candice thinking that Aaryn made it up about her sitting on the hat. Aaryn says Spence wouldn't do that

Mon 1:31 AM BBT Jess tells Aaryn that she isn't afraid for people to know that her (Jess') loyalty lies w/ Aaryn.

Mon 1:30 AM BBT Aaryn: "People remember s*** & they hold it against you. They don't forgive in this house."

Mon 1:29 AM BBT The HOH crew think that the house will be so harmonious once Aaryn is gone bc she stirs everything up.

Mon 1:29 AM BBT Aaryn is putting a bikini on. Aaryn seems annoyed that Jess hugged Helen.

Mon 1:27 AM BBT Amanda is tearing up over the strong men in her alliance not sticking up for her when Jer went off. Andy tried to explain that they couldn't bc the alliance is secret. Judd immediately jumps up & hugs her & apologizes. Andy does too.

Mon 1:26 AM BBT Amanda is asking if Jer's apology was legit & did he really feel sorry. Andy thinks it was genuine.

Mon 1:26 AM BBT Amanda: "Jessie is all up in Regina George's ass" (Aaryn)

Mon 1:26 AM BBT Howard/Jer are playing pool. Kait/Jessie are sitting in the BY. Kait is still really upset w/ Jer.

Mon 1:25 AM BBT Judd tells the HOH crew about Aaryn snapping at him at the hot tub. They're all annoyed by her.

Mon 1:24 AM BBT Andy, Judd, McCrae, and Amanda are extremely pissed at Aaryn for starting all the drama.

Mon 1:24 AM BBT Everyone in the HOH can't wait for Aaryn to go. Andy says that Helen was so happy to be a Have & Aaryn's attitude s*** on it

Mon 1:23 AM BBT Howard comes outside with an assortment of treats.

Mon 1:23 AM BBT Andy joins McCrae/Judd/Amanda in the HOH. Andy says it's perfect bc people are shooting themselves in the foot. Andy also says that Candice won't shut up about the hat. They all laugh.

Mon 1:22 AM BBT Jessie makes it clear to Candice that in both situations she's discussing, it wasn't her that said something. She says that in defense of who said it, this is an "all up in your business" type of game.

Mon 1:21 AM BBT Jessie joins people in the BY. She says they need to just get along bc hopefully they'll all be there a while. Jess says that there's personal & there's game. Candice: "And that includes lying about people doing things." Jess: "Is that about me?" Candice: "No. I'm saying in general." Jess: "Is that about a hat?" Candice: "About sitting on a hat or lying at the hot tub about people saying things. Just tell the truth." Jess: "I don't know who would say those things."

Mon 1:19 AM BBT Jer: "I'm going to check my sources from now on."

Mon 1:19 AM BBT Jer is telling Helen that he won't apologize to Elissa bc he knows she talks s*** on him & Helen needs to tell her to calm the f*** down. He says he let it stew the whole day so that's why it came out. Helen reiterates to him that no one was mad but she'll talk to Elissa.

Mon 1:17 AM BBT Andy (in a joking way): "I'm just wondering why no one sees that Judd is the real problem. Running around & starting s***."

Mon 1:17 AM BBT Helen tells Jer that she accepts his apology & they agree to respect each other.

Mon 1:16 AM BBT Candice to Kait: "You're not playing as a double, baby. You're playing as a single. Stop taking on other people's struggles."

Mon 1:15 AM BBT Spence/Andy/Candice are talking to Kait outside on the couch. They all comment on how much more mature Kait seems than her age.

Mon 1:14 AM BBT Kait: "I've never known someone so f***ing arrogant. He (Jer) has a have not pass. He'll never know what you guys went through."

Mon 1:13 AM BBT Howard is cleaning the floor in the KT. Aaryn/David head from the KT to the hammock.

Mon 1:12 AM BBT Jer says that this game breeds paranoia & he felt she's thrown mean faces at him. Helen says she's never meant to.

Mon 1:12 AM BBT Helen tells Jer that he feels she's been confrontational by bypassing him in the BY. She says she didn't know if he would want to hang out w/ her & she offered to make him mac & cheese as an olive branch. He says he loved that.

Mon 1:10 AM BBT Helen tells Jer that she's a 37 y/o mom of 2 boys & with how highly Jer talks of his mom, think of what she'll think

Mon 1:09 AM BBT Helen is explaining her side of the story. She wasn't even focused on the wine yet, she was just so into eating since she hadn't eaten in a week. Helen takes this opportunity to make sure he knows that she hasn't had anything against him. Wants a clean slate from here on out.

Mon 1:09 AM BBT Aaryn says she can't understand people talking behind the other people's back & being understanding to their face.

Mon 1:06 AM BBT Helen is crying really hard over Jeremy confronting them earlier. He's apologizing & explaining he knows his name is thrown out

Mon 1:05 AM BBT Jessie to Aaryn: "She (Candice) thinks I told you about the hat." Aaryn: "I know but I won't tell her it's Spencer bc I respect him." Jess: "I'd appreciate if you told her though bc I'm on the block."

Mon 1:04 AM BBT Jeremy apologizes to Helen. He acknowledges that he acted overly hostile and that he had been drinking. He admits that he may have been misinformed.

Mon 1:04 AM BBT Aaryn: "I'm tired of people being so fake." Gina agrees.

Mon 1:03 AM BBT Candice tells Aaryn if she wants to get into a hosting career, being the Villain will not help

Mon 1:02 AM BBT Jeremy comes to the HOH & asks Helen to talk privately. She starts crying a little more. He's apologizing to her.

Mon 1:00 AM BBT Amanda tells McCrae about Aaryn saying McCrae was rude to her. McCrae is shocked & Helen says she heard McCrae at the time & he said it matter of factly.

Mon 1:00 AM BBT GinaMarie gives Jeremy advice. She explains how people like Helen are different from her and not used to being spoken to in a hostile way.

Mon 12:59 AM BBT Candice: "I'm gonna sit on a $10 hat. I'm the mad hatter."

Mon 12:58 AM BBT Gina tells Jer that women get a little more emotional & she doesn't want to tell him what to do but Helen is upset

Mon 12:58 AM BBT Aaryn insinuates that people talk s*** behind her back while looking at Candice. Candice says that she can look at the reel when they get out bc she hasn't said anything about her. Aaryn says she knows Candice told Helen what she said about her looking like she was going to cry in the POV ceremony. Candice says okay. Aaryn says that Candice brigs up being 30 but she's acting like a child. Candice scoffs & says oh I'm acting like a child, I'm not scared of you boo thing.

Mon 12:57 AM BBT Candice asks Aar who said she sat on her hat. Aar refuses to tell.

Mon 12:57 AM BBT Hatgate continues. Aaryn tells Candice she is acting like a child. Argument starts

Mon 12:56 AM BBT Amanda is reassuring Helen that the other alliance doesn't know the game like they do. Gina joins the HOH & gives Helen a hug.

07-01-2013, 04:47 AM
Darth is AWESOME!!!!!!!

07-01-2013, 06:41 AM
I got a headache from reading all that. Man oh man, Aaryn is one stupid....oh, I just want to use the word but it's too damn early in the morning and the season.

I am so hoping David goes just to see what Aaryn will do. And Jer. Damn he just insulted all Cherokee people. Someone save me from these idiots.

07-01-2013, 07:13 AM
I thought the same thing about Captain Tool's comments about Indians, he's such an idiot. And stealing and chugging an entire bottle of wine? Asshole much.

07-01-2013, 07:19 AM
I watched the flashback so that I can see some drama and hopefully get into this. Other than the so-called Indian, Chief Giant Douche, the only impression I had is that this Kaitlin is by the far the most beautiful HG ever.

07-01-2013, 07:51 AM
No, wait I think her name is Amanda.

07-01-2013, 07:55 AM
So opinions changed on some people during the big fight:

1. Kaitlin - Not super bad...She at least owns up to her shit. When she was yelling at Jeremy about what he did, this little exchanged happened
Kaitlin: What did they ever do to you?
Jeremy: They're talking shit and meanmugging.
Kaitlin: That's EXACTLY WHAT WE DO!
Jeremy: Not me.
Kaitlin gives him the ultimate are you fucking kidding me face.

So she moved up in my books.

Candice also had some great moments. She totally owned Aaryn twice but the best was
"Listen honey, if your plan is to get a hosting career out of this by a villain, you're going to need a new strategy."

She had lots of awesome quotes really, including "You're right, I sat on your $10 hat. I'm the mad hatter!" and "You don't scare me boo thang."

Meanwhile Andy went to the dregs for me. He's SOOO pathetic. He kept blaming Jeremy's actions on Candice and Elissa(and while he was doing that in front of Jeremy and Kailtin, Candice actually cut him enough and said, "Enough" and explained how Elissa didn't do anything. More points for Candice.).

But Andy is constantly trying to kill drama or throw the drama on those two(and Aaryn). Even though Jeremy is a giant threat, he kept trying to smooth things over between Jeremy and Amanda, and Jeremy and Kaitlin(use he tried to mend an alliance on the opposite side of the house). Even when he was with Helen and the rest he kept defending Jeremy, even though he was one of the people Jeremy yelled at. To him, it's all Elissa, Candice and Aaryn's(when it's actually Aaryn and Jeremy's fault)

07-01-2013, 09:15 AM
From what I gather this was all started over red wine?

I go away for two days and they're fighting over meaningless stuff? And Judd's "If I win HOH, I'm going to ask for some holy water to throw on her (Aaryn)" is tooooo funny. Aaryn's a nutjob.

07-01-2013, 10:02 AM
ummm hey Jessie's awake....

07-01-2013, 10:30 AM

07-01-2013, 10:42 AM
Wow, just watched the FB of last night. JEremy is arguably the biggest tool in the history of BB.

Referred to himself as J-Boogie
Completely disrespects Native Americans saying he wants to scalp people and needs a new teepee.
Makes it seem like he is guaranteed to win HoH next week
Tries to do the mouth breathing bully thing to Andy

07-01-2013, 10:42 AM
I know, right? Clearly pants aren't required for yoga if your Jessie! That was but one of a few poses she shared with us feed watchers.

07-01-2013, 10:44 AM
My boss is back and I can't have volume but it looks like they are doing the wake up now...

07-01-2013, 10:52 AM
Spencer apparently has applauded the Nazi's medical advancements(you know, the ones they gained by torturing and murdering children, twins, the mentally disabled and senior citizens.)

07-01-2013, 11:02 AM
Holy camel toe. Actually that may be the whole damn camel.

07-01-2013, 11:34 AM
LMFAOOOOO when nude/light pink panties go wrong ...

07-01-2013, 12:48 PM
Holy camel toe. Actually that may be the whole damn camel.


07-01-2013, 01:01 PM
Turned the feeds on long enough to hear Kaitlin talking to Jessie about Jeremy and Aaryn last night and how she told them they have to stop being confrontational and lay low, 2 of their alliance is on the block. Then went to fishies ...

07-01-2013, 01:13 PM
Feeds back with no apparent reason for the fish, guess skippy had to have a bathroom break! Group out by the pool and a group in the kitchen.

07-01-2013, 01:29 PM
Was listening from across the room, nothing earth shattering going on in the kitchen group. Elissa and Helen were, I presume, last ones there and were talking about Jeremy last night and how youth isn't necessarily an excuse, but clearly there's something else in his life that makes him act out that way. His mother is prolly appalled at how he talked last night, but at the end of the day, people make mistakes and have to give them a chance to right summary of their discussion

They're talking now about when they were 22 or 23, did you treat or speak to people like that. Why make up stories, etc. Would her husband be upset, Helen is really upset how they treated Candice and Elissa the other day and that she sat there and did nothing. Saying she's not going to cry no more, Elissa reassuring her, complimenting her.

Andy walks in joking that she's not awesome, she sucks! Saying how positive they're going to be, its all good, lol.

Helen crying again saying she misses her kids, lol they're trying to keep her positive and cheer her up.

Elissa telling her you have a good chance at winning this game. Don't let anything they say bother you. I knew what I was getting into, but if I knew it would be like this, I might not have. Don't worry about me. Get your head in the game and be you. You have a good chance at winning.

They both have mad respect for people who have played the game, it definitely doesn't look this hard on TV.

07-01-2013, 01:32 PM
It's crazy...I was so so so wrong about Elissa. She's REALLY nice and thoughtful. I think I'll split my MVP vote between her and Helen...or maybe just her to keep safe. She's proven that she's not like her sister at all.

At this point Rachel would have ran to Brendon to cry that Helen was being so selfish.

07-01-2013, 01:35 PM
No kidding Cappie, I think, at least I know I saw her picture, her video and thought oh jeez there's 2 of em! I think its a different sister than was on the bridal show, they were both so over the top, but maybe not LOL I have no clue how many sisters she had.

I think they were hoping to get a second Rachel and she is definitely not. Much more down to earth, level headed, etc. I stand by my comment tho... duck lips do not look good on humans!

ETA LOL yes she would have, crying can't she see how upset I am and she has the nerve to cry!

07-01-2013, 01:37 PM
I'm sure the show was mostly scripted. So far Elissa has displayed only good qualities. She has a tendnecy to speak before thinks(like complaining how 23 years olds just like that(in reference to Jeremy)...but she didn't mean any harm by it even though McCree freaked.

And yeah the duck lips are definitely not a great look. And I'm glad they don't have a Rachel....though she would have destroyed Aaryn.

07-01-2013, 01:38 PM
They're cutting to fish an awful lot today, or at least it seems that way to me. Didn't see or hear any warnings.

07-01-2013, 01:44 PM
Back ... Aaryn talking about how Kaitlin treated Jeremy last night ... guys don't like that. Aaryn figures it didn't hurt him necessarily. Amanda says it did, plus David and Aaryn brings it back to her. She'll say anything to anyone's face that she says about them, she's not lying and will own her comments.

Amanda asks Kaitlin if she's okay from last night and she says yes. I did think you were mad at me last night, giving me the evil eye. Amanda says no not at all, that's why they give them 5 days, to simmer.

McCrae out with the HOH Camera.

and fish again!

07-01-2013, 01:49 PM
Back, taking pictures ... and I'm cooking so no updates for awhile.

07-01-2013, 02:47 PM
First of all, I thought Jessie didn't have anything on in that pose. And I wasn't going to look hard enough to discern if she did. I thought, actually, she shaved it all off.

And these people.....I love how Candace owned Aaryn last night. I am so hoping David goes home. Please!

I really like Elissa. I think she might be more down to earth than Rachel because she's married and has a child and Rachel is so over the top with everything. I also like Helen as well.

07-01-2013, 03:41 PM
Turn on the feeds and GinaMarie is crying, BB took her clothes and her tanning lotion. Aaryn telling her to take anything of hers, she's welcome to wear or use anything. Asks her what she asked BB and we get fish.

07-01-2013, 03:42 PM
First of all, I thought Jessie didn't have anything on in that pose. And I wasn't going to look hard enough to discern if she did. I thought, actually, she shaved it all off.

And these people.....I love how Candace owned Aaryn last night. I am so hoping David goes home. Please!

I really like Elissa. I think she might be more down to earth than Rachel because she's married and has a child and Rachel is so over the top with everything. I also like Helen as well.

Definitely. I think BB was hoping to get a clone, especially when you look at her pictures, its a caricature of the person we've seen on the feeds.

07-01-2013, 03:44 PM
Back and she's sobbing, she doesn't have her make up, curling iron, etc. Amanda out telling her she's welcome to anything she has too. Why would BB take her stuff at this late date? They keep cutting in and out with fish, every time they talk about BB taking stuff and why.

Apparently they took her capris, pants, pjs ... said she doesn't want to wear only shorts all summer weird

07-01-2013, 03:56 PM
Apparently she was 'fighting' for her stuff, they even took the shirt she had on. skippy trigger happy

Amanda's left her with Nick and she's still real upset. Saying they took me, I can't be me. Wants to leave, maybe thats why Skippy is trigger happy. They took her bra, underwear, the stuff that makes her, her. Everyone has all there stuff, but I feel like I have nothing. They took 7 pair of pants, all her tank tops, saying, I have eating issues, problems with my body and I just want to be comfortable and be covered up. Took her sneakers, her socks ... that's my style, that's me. I try and look perfect, my hair, my makeup, that's my personality. OMG lol can't even lay down to shave, have to stand to shave my twat I can't believe I had to type that ... that's another phrase to the list I would never have thought I would type ...

Apologizes and thanks Nick for coming over and listening, he's not really saying anything, but 'no problem' Fish again ... kinda surprised they just don't move the feed instead of hitting the trigger every 2 minutes.

Be careful what you ask for ... so they're back and all 4 cams on the living room, Jeremy, Kaitlin, David and Jessie. So I'm gonna go shower, etc. cya soon.

07-01-2013, 04:06 PM
well this has to be the strangest thing (GinaMarie) that I have seen on the feeds in a while...why in the hell didn't they take stuff BEFORE she went into the house if they weren't allowed?

07-01-2013, 04:39 PM
well this has to be the strangest thing (GinaMarie) that I have seen on the feeds in a while...why in the hell didn't they take stuff BEFORE she went into the house if they weren't allowed?

I know, others have already talked about what they wouldn't let them bring in. Odd they'd let her in and then take everything away.

07-01-2013, 04:56 PM
LOL Aaryn figures she has it all figured out, when people talk game. It's whats brought up in the DR, where the cams go and they tell them to put on their mics. The genius thinks the cameras aren't on her and GinaMarie right now. Talking about someone being a floater, the type of girl who fks other girls boyfriends, etc. this from Aaryn who says to the others, she owns her comments and would gladly say whatever she says to their faces.

Can't wait till Elissa leaves, if she doesn't will be Defcon5. Putting her down for asking for a recipe for pot roast ?... unless I missed something and its code for something else lol

Not getting the Elissa hate and they are nasty about her.

Aarys wonders how can she have a child and her hips be that narrow. GinaMarie says shes a very weird individual, no one talks the way she talks, how does she even have friends. Aaryn says all her friends are weak and weird. Now switching off to diss Jessie.

I can't listen to them anymore they're just catty. Other feed is Helen and David playing chess.

07-01-2013, 05:00 PM
Helen talking about not having drama in her life, unless serious life issues. This stuff reminds her of high school.

So I take the chance and switch back to the pool with GinaMarie and Aaryn saying she figures she'll get MVP more than once, America likes her, GinaMarie agrees and says me too.

07-01-2013, 05:03 PM
Weird that they are just now taking GM's things. Also, Jeremy seems like a major tool. Wow. What a dick. He's going to get Native Americans pissed at him. Way to NOT represent your heritage.

And I can't believe how wrong we were about Elissa. But I'm glad we were wrong. I'm glad she seems very tolerable so far. I wonder if Rachel would have been similar IF she did have Buhrennnaaannnn

07-01-2013, 06:14 PM
Why did they take GM's stuff? I'm not sure I understand that.

And I'm sorry, GM and Aaryn, but I seriously doubt America WILL ever vote you for MVP. You'd only get voted MVP if hell froze over and no one was left but the two of you. Even then it probably wouldn't happen.

07-01-2013, 06:21 PM
If MVP means they get evicted automatically, I will vote for Aryan as much as she wants.

07-01-2013, 06:44 PM
Aryan......LOL, you got that from one of the responses in the Dallas News, didn't you, wingz? Isn't it funny how her name can be turned around like that?

07-01-2013, 07:07 PM
LOL Shhhh, let me look smart and take credit for that! LOLOL

07-01-2013, 08:28 PM
Oh. Okay.

Wow wingz, way to think about turning Aaryn's name around to Aryan. That's cool.;)

07-01-2013, 08:32 PM
Sooo... now GinaMarie had a crying fit with Nick because Jessie was all up in her territory. Are these women that pathetic? I don't think I've ever been this angry with a cast... ever.

And the constant fish. FFS. STAHP.

07-01-2013, 08:36 PM
Nick- GinaMarie, you cant jet. I've got nobody right now. GinaMarie- Everybody likes you. GinaMarie to Nick- I'm really on an emotional roller coaster right now. This whole fucking Jess thing... Nick says he needs to tell Jess to "be cool, cause I'm not looking for anybody right now." GinaMarie- "Shit, that means I'm out". Nick- Whoever the shit wins HoH, I want them to put up the catty people. GinaMarie- I know. Nick to GinaMarie- Please just know that I am just being the nice guy and she (Jessie) fucking irritates the shit out of me

07-01-2013, 08:39 PM
So Nick wants them to put up the catty people which would include crybaby GM. Aha!

07-01-2013, 08:40 PM
GinaMarie's reason for weeping and blubbering like a buffoon.... she's getting her period.

I hate women sometimes.

07-01-2013, 08:41 PM
"The reason I wear makeup... I'm good at it. I feel like it's my art piece." - GinaMarie

07-01-2013, 09:00 PM
Apparently the group is going to play charades. McCrae is up in the HOH listening to music. GinaMarie said she's just going to watch and be entertained and Judd agreed.

07-02-2013, 12:07 AM
Unfortunately it looks like everyone was busy with real life things so here is some catch up from the tubes.

Mon 9:05 PM BBT -
Howard in havenot room reading the bible.

Mon 9:11 PM BBT -
McCrae and Amanda share a kiss.

Mon 9:15 PM BBT -
Amanda asks if her food was ok. McCrae says it was actually good.

Mon 9:16 PM BBT -
McCrae says Jeremy is scared. Amanda says Jer doesn't know the game. Say he just can play "guns blazing."

Mon 9:53 PM BBT -
Nick/Kaitlin/Jeremy talking about Jessie following Nick around.

Mon 9:54 PM BBT -
Helen/Howard/GM/Aaryn playing pool outside.

Mon 10:18 PM BBT -
Spencer/Andy/Judd/David talking about Mccrae not getting any pictures or a letter for his HOH.

Mon 10:18 PM BBT -
Spencer jokes that Mccrae might be Dr. Will's love child. Spencer says Will might have had sex with an very ugly woman.

07-02-2013, 12:14 AM
More from the tubes.

Mon 11:11 PM BBT -
Jessie talking to McC in HOH. Trying to see if she's safe. She feels lonely b/c everyone's a pair.

Mon 11:12 PM BBT -
Aaryn to David "As far as im concerned we are an alliance only nothing more because I don't even know you".

Mon 11:14 PM BBT -
Jessie: I can't read Kaitlin. She's sweet to me 1 mmnt, and then, I don't know if she's jealous of me?

Mon 11:14 PM BBT -
Aaryn being rude to David about his dream is he wants to be on tv. She says people don't respect that.

Mon 11:16 PM BBT -
Jessie's wondering if the sentiment of the other girls (Am, H, Can) have changed against her. "People are treating El better."

Mon 11:17 PM BBT -
Jessie thinks Elissa has been funnier recently and wishes she could go back to being ditzy to keep the target on her.

Mon 11:18 PM BBT -
Aaryn is telling David that she and Jeremy are a lot a like, but she wouldn't go after him because she wouldn't do that to Kaitlin.

Mon 11:23 PM BBT -
David is telling Aaryn that he feels he's a better listener than a talker & she asks how you can be well known for listening.

Mon 11:25 PM BBT -
Jess tells McCrae/Amanda that Kait is acting a little bitchy. She says she was closer to Aaryn at first but Aaryn's grown closer to Kait/Jer since they paired up. She also says that she notices that Aaryn has a short fuse so she worries she jumped the gun. Amanda says to keep her eyes open but be careful what she says bc it gets around.

Mon 11:26 PM BBT -
Aaryn says she feels this season, a lot of the others are putting all their eggs in one basket bc they need the money so bad.

Mon 11:27 PM BBT -
Aaryn tells David that BB is the opportunity of the lifetime where you can take away so many life lessons & he should too.

Mon 11:28 PM BBT -
Jess reiterates to Amanda that the things she confided can't get out bc she's trusting them. Amanda assures her.

Mon 11:30 PM BBT -
David tells Aaryn that he's shy bc she's a pretty girl w/ a big personality. She tells him he can't act in here and she worries he's a different person in the DR. He says he isn't. She says she doesn't know what else to say to him bc he doesn't let her know him. He says he feels he's been talking for 15 minutes straight but people usually walk up on them. She says she's attracted to men that push her farther.

Mon 11:31 PM BBT -
Aaryn says that BB is a situation that takes a strong person not to break being watched all the time w/o cracking. David says he feels they both are handling it well. Aaryn tells him that he doesn't take showers for days at a time. He tells her that she doesn't like him for who he is. Aaryn tells David that she cares about him. David says that she just cares about him in a different way. They hug it out.

Mon 11:33 PM BBT -
David tells Aaryn that she scares him. Aaryn asks how if he doesn't even know her. David tells her that sometimes the way she looks at him or talks to him lets him know that she's upset w/ him. Aaryn says that he pushes her away. David asks for 3 ways how he pushes her away. Aaryn says that he's quiet, he doesn't shower for a few days. David asks how that pushes her away. Aaryn says that guys she normally goes for don't care about what anyone says.

Mon 11:35 PM BBT -
Aaryn tells David that other people say he's quiet too. David says that scares him. Aaryn says that's another thing she dislikes about David: he has no confidence. Aaryn tells David that 3 times, he's broken her trust. She brings up how he doubted her a few days ago. David says that it's bc Jeremy got in his head. Aaryn says that Jer is a lot like her bc they can get in people's heads and change the way they think.

Mon 11:35 PM BBT -
Aaryn cups David's face & tells him he looks so sad and she's doing this bc she cares about him.

Mon 11:36 PM BBT -
Aaryn: "It's so hard to help people like this bc it looks like you think you're so much more above them."

Mon 11:38 PM BBT -
David tells Aaryn that it hurts his feelings that she says he's a wild card. Aaryn reminds him how they both reacted when David was put on the block & asks him how people would view that. David says that they think he's a threat. David asks what he should do from now on. Aaryn tells him to stop freaking out & don't question people unless he has a reason to.

Mon 11:39 PM BBT -
Aaryn tells David that it doesn't benefit her to have him up on the block & he needs to know that.

Mon 11:39 PM BBT -
Aaryn tells David they aren't good and they aren't dating.

Mon 11:41 PM BBT -
McCrae/Jess/Kait/ Amanda/Judd are on the couches in the BY. Kait tells them that Elissa cornered her & asked about Jer.

Mon 11:42 PM BBT -
David has tears in his eyes during Aaryn's breakup. He says it makes him mad that she has more in common with Jeremy.

Mon 11:44 PM BBT -
Aaryn says that it's like pulling teeth in trying to talk to David bc she gives him a chance to talk & gets nothing. David says it's bc he feels like she's mad at him. Aaryn says that maybe if he comes out of his shell & starts acting more confident then maybe she can see the kind of person he is.

Mon 11:45 PM BBT -
Aaryn tells David that they aren't the same kind of person & he's trying to force it. She thinks he's basing it on her looks.

Mon 11:46 PM BBT -
David tells Aaryn that he likes her personality. Aaryn says that's great but he doesn't let her know how he is so she cares about him as a person but how can she care more than that. Aaryn says in the game, nothing will change but David is trying to push it farther than it is but she needs to get to know him better if she were to feel that way.

Mon 11:49 PM BBT -
Aaryn says she feels like she has the upper hand w/ David all the time & she doesn't want to. She says the way she was raised, her family is very southern and the way that things have happened in this house wouldn't happen in her house. David asks for an example. Aaryn says that the way Kait talked to Jer last night when she made him come inside, she about died. David agreed. Aaryn says that in her family, her dad is the strongest part of the family & the man is who is looked up to and listened to.

Mon 11:50 PM BBT -
Aaryn says that she doesn't need someone "on her ass at all times like a little bitch. Like a guy controlling all his girlfriends."