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11:52 PM
David/Aaryn break up their talk. David says he's going to go hang out w/ Jer. Aaryn tells David that he's the sexiest person inthe house. David tells her that it hurt his feelings that she said she'd rather date an ugly guy w/ a brain.

11:55 PM
Nick/Spence/David/ Elissa/Jer/Candice are all talking. Spence says he saw Andy try to push the door instead of pulling it. Spence:"F***ing nerd." They all laugh and mock Spence's accent.

11:56 PM
Aaryn tells Gina she was trying to have a conversation w/ David about life & it went no where. She says she feels like she endedup hurting his feelings & she feels bad. (Ed: Aaryn called David Jeremy accidentally at first in telling the conversation)

11:59 PM
Aaryn tells Gina that she feels she needs to stop trying to help people & let them live how they want to live. While this ishappening, David tells Nick that he just had a deep conversation that was an hour and a half.

12:00 AM
Aaryn keeps telling Gina that David acts like he knows her & he doesn't. She says she's starting to feel like she isn't asattracted to him anymore. She was turned off by him saying he wanted to be famous & wanting to love your family is great once you're retired but she has the biggest goals & dreams.

12:01 AM
Gina tells Aaryn that she needs to get to know David. Aaryn says that he doesn't have dreams so it won't work.

12:03 AM
Aaryn tells Gina that she has to pretend that she likes David when she genuinely doesn't.

12:05 AM
Candice/Spence/ Andy/Helen are discussing first impressions.

12:06 AM
Elissa/Jess are talking in the BY. Elissa asks Jess if girls have always been jealous of her looks. Jess says yes but she wasblessed w/ good looks. Jess says she's dealt w/ a lot of people that are jealous when she just wanted to be their friend.

12:07 AM
Elissa tells Jess that she would be her friend if she was nice to her. Aaryn interrupts & apologizes to Jess about earlier. Shesays to let her know if she wants to hang out & then walks away. Elissa asks Jess why she feels lonely. Jess says she feels everyone is paired up but she thought she'd find a guy in the house.

12:07 AM
Jessie "I am a very humble person" "I dont care about looks" "Maybe because I was blessed with good looks so I dont worry about itShes talking to Elissa about girls being jealous of her again.

12:08 AM
Elissa asks Jess why on the first night, she told Elissa that she knew she saw season 12. Jess doesn't remember saying that.

12:11 AM
Jess tells Elissa that her being Rachel's sister didn't come up til a few days later. Elissa tells Jess that she still hasn'tever asked her about it. Jess says that she thinks Elissa is confusing her w/ someone else. Elissa says she has a good memory. Jess says she assumed that Elissa was Rachel's sister but is she. Elissa says she had hoped that people would come up and be nice about it but Jess just walked up to ask her that.

12:11 AM
Candice is giving Howard a massage while Candice/Howard/ Spence/Helen/ Andy all talk.

12:12 AM
Aaryn is in the hammock w/ Jer/Kait and telling them about the David discussion. She says that she wants him to have a dream.

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Really it's all relationship crap or general talk tonight so far anyway. I will try to check back in awhile.

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I'm sorry one more. Jeremy and Aaryn in storage. Jeremy tells her to cook a pizza. She opens the freezer and says there is only one pizza left. Jeremy says "so cook it. I don't give a shit about these people. Fuck em. It's OUR house."

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Everyone else on camera is in the BY playing games.

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WOW!! these people suck!

Darth Sethius
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Some updates from the "whimsical mind" of the interweb :D

Tue 2:27 AM BBT Howard: "They're going to be getting some fireworks before the 4th. Probably on the 3rd." Spencer laughs.

Tue 2:27 AM BBT Nick was checking out Andy's butt in the kitchen.

Tue 2:27 AM BBT Judd, Spencer & Howard talk about dealing with boredom in the BB house and how it breeds drama and fights. Spencer gives a shout out to a friend back home, Rachel. Howard says BB fans are going to be getting some fireworks before the 4th this year!

Tue 2:27 AM BBT Spencer: "I love you, Dingo." Judd: "Hi Hamsterwatch."

Tue 2:26 AM BBT Howard/Spence/Judd at the pool table discussing the girls. They all think they don't handle the boredom well.

Tue 2:24 AM BBT Howard, Spencer & Judd are playing pool. Nick is in the kitchen making coffee. Kaitlin & Andy are also there

Tue 2:22 AM BBT Howard, Jeremy, Spencer and Judd are around the pool table. Andy, Jessie & Candice are in the bathroom brushing their teeth

Tue 2:21 AM BBT Jeremy “Oh my God I’m going to buy the fattest bag when I get outta here” Spencer agrees with him. Jessie comes over and gives both guys a hug, says goodnight and tells them sweet Jessie will be back tomorrow.

Tue 2:20 AM BBT Kait tells Nick that she thinks Candice will be going next week. They break up their conversation.

Tue 2:20 AM BBT Kait says that Jer is very intelligent but sometimes the way he talks, she just wants him to stop talking.

Tue 2:19 AM BBT Kait: "I feel like people are playing this game very socially dumb." Nick: "I know. I feel like I'm in HS like this is easy."

Tue 2:19 AM BBT Spencer tels Jeremy he’ll bend over backwards to protect him and the MC and Jeremy says he will too. Jeremy “I’m going to go chief on nominations”. Spencer “GinaMarie is having a meltdown” Jeremy “That’s one less player” Spencer thinks GM will self evict. Jeremy says that GinaMarie is going to freak the f*ck out when Elissa doesn’t leave. He also says he wishes that GM would beat the f*ck out of Elissa before self evicted herself so they can get rid of 2 at once.

Tue 2:19 AM BBT Kait: "Jeremy is the one that told me that he doesn't think Elissa is going home. I think the Producers are either going to want to keep her or bring her back." BB tells them not to talk about Production. Kait says that they all need to keep the eye on the prize & she gets emotionally attached to people but Jer is driving her nuts. Nick says he likes Gina a lot as a person but he's in the same boat. Kait tells him that Jess thinks Nick is avoiding her & she just wants attention from boys. Nick says that if he were to do that, Gina would get upset & could Kait try to pass along the message.

Tue 2:16 AM BBT Kait says she'd like to keep McCrae safe but she doesn't trust Amanda. Nick agrees. Nick says Kait/Nick are having the same problems w/ Gina/Jer. Kait says she knows that Jer is a Communications major & he's trying to manipulate her and she isn't stupid. They confirm that they'd be a great team.

Tue 2:15 AM BBT GinaMarie comes over to the hammock and tells the guys goodnight. Once she leaves Spencer says that Candice wants to make him scream...he complains that she speaks baby-talk. Spencer says Candice always complains about being poor but then her stories include hanging out with Eddie Murphy and flying in private jets.

Tue 2:14 AM BBT Kait confides in Nick that she has no feelings for Jer anymore but wants them all to stick together. She says that Jer is much smarter than he lets on & remembers everything. Kait tells Nick that she & Aaryn want Jessie gone after Candice but they can't win that HOH to send her out.

Tue 2:13 AM BBT Gina leaves. Nick/Kait talking about Gina needing to chill out. Nick says he isn't a thing w/ Gina & he's worried Gina may be going crazy that he's talking to Kait bc she got upset over Jessie today.

Tue 2:13 AM BBT Spencer brings up Helen and says he smoothed everything over with her and she’s ok with working with Jeremy in the future. He goes on to tell him that Helen feels bad for Jeremy because she believes Aaryn instigated the whole thing.

Tue 2:11 AM BBT Kait says that she doesn't want to go home over the s*** that Jeremy starts. Gina breaks up the SR talk. Things get awkward

Tue 2:11 AM BBT Jeremy and Spencer are alone on the hammock now talking. Spencer tells Jeremy that there’s always next week to get rid of Elissa. Spencer believes their families at home watching are pumped about their MC alliance. Spencer starts bashing Elissa’s looks. Jeremy “I’m not here to bully any girls"

Tue 2:10 AM BBT Nick/Kait head to the SR to talk. Kait tells Nick that she doesn't share a lot w/ Jer but he shares a lot w/ her. Kait says that she thinks Spencer is a wild card but Jer ensures her that he isn't. Kait says she trusted Andy the first couple days but thinks he's a wild card now. Kait explaining how she had an alliance w/ Jessie early on but isn't sure now. They're rehashing how Jessie liked Nick at first and then Jeremy.

Tue 2:10 AM BBT Andy brings up Elissa again and tells Jeremy not to drink the Elissa kool-aid. He tells Jeremy that this is Elissa plan to create drama and she needs to go home! Jeremy says he is sure Elissa is going to get money from BB if she makes it to a certain point in the game. Andy calls Elissa poison. Jeremy says he hopes Elissa knows if she doesn’t go home for some reason this week that she’ll be his target when he wins HOH. Andy doesn’t get why Jeremy would say that because Elissa is going home. Jeremy says she hasn’t cried and that’s why he thinks she could be staying this week. Andy starts to count votes and says the 5 around the HT plus GinaMarie makes it 6 so she’s gone....Jessie starts naming off other HGs who are voting Elissa out. Jessie says she is relieved that they are having this talk as a house because she’s been nervous being on the block and seeing how happy Elissa has been acting.

Tue 2:07 AM BBT Nick/Kait are talking at the chess board. Kait tells him that everyone thinks he's a wild card & super smart so it's good

Tue 2:07 AM BBT Kait leaves the HOH. Howard tells Amanda that he tries to bite his tongue on the personal stuff in the house bc he has to go home after this. Amanda tells Howard that Kait told them that she had heard that Helen/Andy/Candice tried to recruit Howard to their side but Howard turned them down.

Tue 2:07 AM BBT Jessie, Jeremy, Candice and Andy still sitting at the HT. They’ve changed the topic to seeing each other outside the house. Andy says that Helen lives 10 minutes from him, they’re neighbors!

Tue 2:06 AM BBT Talk around the house. Upstairs in HOH, Kaitlyn keeps digging Elissa and when Howard comes in, he says what's the use in talking about it no more. (Which is the truth) And everyone outside just trashed Elissa as soon as she goes inside. Although the people that are voting to evict David instead know Elissa is staying, they chime in and talk trash about her too. Everyone doesn't like it that she could have got MVP and even complain that the game was made for her. They compare her to Rachel and talk trash about both. It's really mean behavior and Howard walked upstairs and kinda stopped Kaitlyn when he said whats the use of talking about it anymore.

Tue 2:04 AM BBT Jer is asking Jess what her prob was today & reminds her that he gave her a bottle last night to let her know that she was still w/ them and not w/ the other side. Jessie says she didn't know there were sides & what are they. Jer says she knows there's a dark side. Jess asks who is on the other side, Elissa? Jer says Elissa and anyone w/ her which I thought you were for a minute. Jess asys she's tired of him & Aaryn f***ing questioning her

Tue 2:01 AM BBT Kaitlin goes on a rant about Elissa and says she doesn't like sleeping next to her because its like sleeping next to Donnie Darko. She is annoyed that Elissa said she would be disappointed if Kaitlin was her sister. Kaitlin then says she wanted to tell her "so you weren't disappointed by your sister's actions on national television?" Kaitlin then makes a crack about Rachel doing sexual acts on TV.

Tue 2:00 AM BBT Amanda telling the HOH crew she wished someone had clued her in on Elissa being Rachel's sister bc she brought up penisgate. Nick says in the early days, he told Elissa that she was a skinnier & hotter version of Rachel and Elissa asked if he thought Rachel was fat or ugly & he said no. He was surprised by her reaction at the time.

Tue 1:59 AM BBT Nick, Howard, Kaitlin, Amanda & McCrae are in the HOH talking about Elissa and when they figured out she was Rachel’s sister

Tue 1:57 AM BBT Spencer “I think it’s f*cking bulls*it that she’s even here” (Elissa) They are all now talking about how the MVP was tailor-made for Elissa to win it. Jeremy “I’m so mad America even fell for it”. They think BB will make it possible for Elissa to return to the house after being evicted. GinaMarie says if they do that they should all boycott and walk out! She also thinks BB will discontinue MVP after Elissa is evicted. GinaMarie keeps asking everyone if they are on the same page to evict Elissa and everyone says yes but Jeremy keeps saying “Are we? Are we?"

Tue 1:57 AM BBT The HT gang thinks MVP was tailor made for Elissa. Aaryn specrulates that Elissa will come back if she's evicted. Gina says they can boycott & leave if that happens. Jeremy can't believe America has fallen for Elissa's BS. Gina says that MVP will probably be over w/ once Elissa is evicted.

Tue 1:54 AM BBT Jer (talking about Elissa): I just wonder if her husband is blind. Spencer: I just hope he's banging someone else.

Tue 1:54 AM BBT The HT group talk about how sketchy Elissa is. She never participates in group talks like they are having now Spencer thinks Elissa is trying to start fights in the house by the strange comments she makes. The whole group is ripping on Elissa now, they are all shouting over each other and talking at once.

Tue 1:51 AM BBT The HT group think Elissa was brought in just to screw with the game. Jessie tells everyone that she got nervous when she saw Elissa happy and getting along with everybody and she worried there was a master plan to keep her. The other HGs tell her how crazy she is and Elissa is going home.

Tue 1:50 AM BBT Kaitlin believes that Helen, Candice, Andy and Elissa are in an alliance

Tue 1:49 AM BBT Jeremy says to Jessie “I’m over it!” Jessie “I’m over you” GinaMarie says they have 48 more hours with Elissa but Jeremy makes a comment about the vote might no go as planned and GinaMarie starts to question him and says her vote is for Elissa. Candice also joins the group now. Jeremy & Jessie are kind of sparring back and forth now. Jessie “I don’t understand why I’m getting s*it right now” Jeremy says he isn’t giving her s*it he says he stills loves her face and then does a Yoda impression saying that she has gone over to the dark side.

Tue 1:48 AM BBT Kaitlin says Elissa follows her around up in the HOH room to McCrae and Amanda.

Tue 1:46 AM BBT Spencer, Jessie, Andy, Gina Marie,Jeremy,Aaryn are sitting at the HT talking about Jessie talking to Elissa. Gina Marie says Elissa is the devil and she’s going home Wed. The whole group is telling Jessie that Elissa talks s*it about her and now she’s all buddy buddy with her and Jessie is trying to defend herself to the group. The group is saying that Elissa is trying to stir the pot and Jessie shouldn’t let her.

Tue 1:46 AM BBT Nick: "I have been known to sexually harrass some of the voices (in the DR)". Kaitlin: "They're all dudes?!" Nick: "Exactly". Kaitlin remarks that she has a huge question mark about Nick. And she says it's not gonna turn into an exclamation point (meaning straight). Nick laughs, looks uncomfortable.

Tue 1:35 AM BBT Kaitlin is up in the HOH talking to Amanda and McCRae (he just got out of the shower) They are talking about the wine incident from last night. Kaitlin seems pretty angry about it still (angry at Jeremy)

Tue 1:34 AM BBT Elissa asks Jessie if Jeremy chose Kaitlin over her and Jessie says he did and tells her that he told her that he was only 23 and wasn’t looking for anything and then he started hanging out with Kaitlin. Candice comes over and sits down next to Jessie. They start talking about Jeremy again and Elissa tells Jessie she should go after Jeremy get him back from Kaitlin. Jessie says Jeremy isn’t worth it and she thinks Kaitlin & Jeremy are a cute couple and Elissa doesn’t seem to buy it (that Jessie is cool with the Kaitlin/Jeremy relationship)

Tue 1:30 AM BBT Jessie “You look so much like your sister, it’s crazy!” Elissa “When have you ever seen Rachel?” Jessie “On TV” Elissa brings up that she doesn’t have red hair like her sister. Jessie “I’ve never said a bad word about your sister”. Elissa says that the first time she met Jessie all she could do was talk about how much she loved Britney and she must know how she treated Rachel. Elissa is kind of giving Jessie a hard time and Jessie seems to be going on the offensive a bit.

Tue 1:27 AM BBT Elissa brings up fame & BB and Elissa says she isn’t looking for fame but she likes the fans. Jessie says she does have other plans for her life and isn’t looking for fame either. She does say being on BB is a dream come true. Elissa asks Jessie is she is going to try to pursue things that could come from BB and Jessie tells her she doesn’t really think anyone from BB has really gone onto any real fame you’re just a reality star but she does think it could open some doors.

Tue 1:25 AM BBT Elissa “Do you like Jeremy a lot?” Jessie “I don’t dislike him” Elissa asks her if they hooked up and Jessie says no. Elissa tells her she thought the two of them did hook the first couple of days and Jessie acts surprised and asks if that is what is going around the house. Elissa backtracks a bit and says she just thought the two of them liked each other. Elissa then asks if he’s hooking up with Kaitlin and Jessie says she’s doesn’t know. Elissa asks her if she wanted a showmance and Jessie quickly says yes and Elissa asks her why? Jessie says because she’s single and she wanted someone in the house she could talk to and trust and brings up Jeff & Jordan and Rachel & Brendon. Elissa asks her if she’d want to go on the Bachelor? Jessie says she’d want to be the Bachelorette and not have to compete with other girls for a guy.

Tue 1:21 AM BBT Elissa & Jessie are sitting on the couch in the BY talking. You can hear other HGs in the background. Elissa asks her if she thought she was coming down off the block instead of Candice? Jessie says McCrae told her he was taking Candice down. Elissa asks if the goal was to get her out (Elissa) and Jessie says yeah. Jessie tells Elissa she didn’t really want to talk to her because she feels like Elissa has had a big target on her back since the beginning and she didn’t want a target on her back because she was hanging out with Elissa.

Tue 1:15 AM BBT Andy tells Amanda & McCrae goodnight and leaves them alone in the HOH. They are laying next to each other in bed and Amanda is playing with McCrae’s hair. He mentions going to take a shower and she asks if he wants to take a shower together and he replies “Yeah!” Amanda then wonders if the doors lock up there. Amanda is being very flirty with McCrae “Are you getting a b*ner?” McCrae laughs “I’m not!”
McCrae points to the cameras and says everyone on the internet can hear you! He seems a little nervous and a little uncomfortable and Amanda is being very flirty and forward.

Tue 1:11 AM BBT Amanda thinks the s*it is going to hit the fan on Wed. Andy “It’ll work out....I think we’ll all be ok” He thinks that one from their group is going to get MVP this week. Andy brings up Aaryn again and he thinks BB is molding her as the bad guy and Amanda chimes in “She is the bad guy”

Tue 1:08 AM BBT Andy hopes Candice keeps talking because she’ll just shot herself in the foot. Amanda “She’s so annoying”

Tue 1:07 AM BBT In the HOh Andy, McCrae & Amanda continue talking. Andy tells them he is going for HOH this week but does say if it were between him & Helen at the end he would give it to her. McCrae brings up that in BB it seems like whoever you really don’t want to win HOH ends up winning. They worry that means Aaryn will win HOH and McCrae & Amanda think they’ll be the ones that will end up being nominated. McCrae is worried about the upcoming HOH comp.

Tue 1:03 AM BBT Nick, GinaMarie, Candice & Aaryn are sitting around the HT chatting.

Tue 1:02 AM BBT Andy, McCRae & Amanda are in the HOH talking. Amanda & Andy agree they are worried about Nick becoming HOH and think he needs to go. McCrae “He’s f*cking dangerous. He’s the definition of wildcard"

Tue 12:44 AM BBT Nick says that when they look back & they're on all 32 episodes, it will be worth it.

Tue 12:43 AM BBT Spencer tells Nick that he switched Helen's target to Amanda. Nick says the hardest part is hanging out with the Blontourage.

Tue 12:42 AM BBT Nick/Spence are in the SR. Nick says that him spending time w/ Gina should prove his devotion to the MC. Nick is annoyed.

Tue 12:41 AM BBT Andy asks Helen if he can either sleep in a bed w/ Helen or if he can just have the bed one night for a good night of sleep.

Tue 12:38 AM BBT Aaryn/Howard are laughing at someone being annoying. Howard: "I like you. Since day one." She says she likes him too.

Tue 12:35 AM BBT McCrae/Amanda are playing a game where they throw a ball & have to name movie characters alphabetically.

Tue 12:34 AM BBT Howard asks Aaryn if Candice's voice annoys her. She says she threw something on the floor not to hear it. He says Candice is not his type.

Tue 12:29 AM BBT Amanda is acting out a scene from Hocus Pocus in the backyard.

Tue 12:29 AM BBT Aaryn tells Jer that she doesn't know what to eat. Jer offers to make her a pizza & says screw these guys.

Tue 12:25 AM BBT David: "I can't wait for you to get head of house & see the things you're going to do Candice. Or the speech you'll give."

Tue 12:24 AM BBT David/Aaryn are trying to find food in the KT.

Tue 12:22 AM BBT Spencer says that his family doesn't care who anyone dates, no matter the sex or race.

Tue 12:21 AM BBT Aaryn says that she isn't the KritenBB12 in this situation. She quotes BritneyBB12 about Rachel.

Tue 12:20 AM BBT Aaryn says Elissa is trying to stir s*** up. She says that Elissa asked her if David was proposing during their long talk.

Tue 12:19 AM BBT Spence: "Black p**** is the most overrated thing in the entire world."

Tue 12:17 AM BBT Aaryn says she feels like the guy in the relationship w/ David & she doesn't want to feel that way.

Tue 12:17 AM BBT Aaryn says that she's bothered by David's paranoia too but he's so worried about everyone thinks. She says she hoped he would cheer her on in the Have/Have Not comp.

Tue 12:16 AM BBT Helen is talking about a popular guy that liked her & being shocked bc no popular guys ever liked her. Andy says he totally knows how he feels bc he was 70 lbs heavier before. Everyone in the room seems so shocked.

Tue 12:14 AM BBT Kait asks Aaryn if she just changed her mind tonight. Aaryn says no, she's felt this way the whole time.

Tue 12:14 AM BBT Jer tells Aaryn that maybe she needs a change in guys. Aaryn says she isn't attracted to David more than a friend. Jer asks if that hurt David's feelings. Aaryn says no. Aaryn wonders if she should have let Jess go for David.

Tue 12:13 AM BBT Kait tells Aaryn that it's day 10 & give it time bc he's an introvert while she is an extrovert. Aaryn says she'll flirt w/ him & she's sticking to the game of them all sticking together. Aaryn says that she is just usually attracted to guys a lot different from him.

Darth Sethius
07-02-2013, 06:10 AM
More updates from the "whimsical" interweb :D

Tue 5:05 AM BBT Nick heads to his room. Now everyone is in their beds.

Tue 5:00 AM BBT Judd heads to bed. Nick fills up a cup of water to rinse with.

Tue 4:58 AM BBT Nick says he likes the house better when there aren't people in it & it's so peaceful at night so he stays up. Judd agrees.

Tue 4:57 AM BBT Nick/Judd talking about how weird it is that they're able to stay up so late in the BB house.

Tue 4:55 AM BBT Judd/Nick are trying to figure out what was up w/ McCrae/Amanda. Judd wonders if the DR tells people what others say

Tue 4:54 AM BBT Nick fixes himself a bowl of cereal. Spencer heads to bed. Judd is hanging out w/ Nick in the KT.

Tue 4:51 AM BBT Everyone heads inside to sleep. Judd/Nick are brushing their teeth. Kait/Jer get into bed together.

Tue 4:50 AM BBT Spence/Nick head in the bathroom to talk. Spence thinks that McCrae may be in deep w/ Amanda but hopefully he may pull away after it seems like they had a fight. Nick says he's so deep in w/ the 6 (Boats & Hoes) now. He mentions talking to Kaitlin but the sliding glass door opened so they stopped talking.

Tue 4:49 AM BBT Spencer/Nick head inside to go to sleep. They agree that what happened w/ McCrae was weird.

Tue 4:47 AM BBT Spence/Kait/Judd /Nick/Jer talking about people w/ sweating issues & different methods to fix it.

Tue 4:46 AM BBT Amanda talking about not being able to fall asleep. McCrae mentions that it's harder for girls to sleep when they're hot & bothered. Amanda whispers that she's horny & then asks if people have sex in the sequester house after the show. McCrae says that they do. Amanda asks if there are cameras & McCrae says no.

Tue 4:41 AM BBT McCrae/Amanda are under the covers. There's obvious kissing going on. Amanda: "Holy s***. You're packing some heat."

Tue 4:36 AM BBT Kait/Judd/ Spence/Jer discussing how they were as a kid. Jer says he was terrible until his mom took him camping for a week alone & it just turned everything around. He thinks it's bc of the divorce & not getting as much attention. FISH.

Tue 4:35 AM BBT McCrae is telling Amanda how he told Candice he wants to have kids & he'd be the most kicka** dad ever. She says aww that's cute.

Tue 4:34 AM BBT Judd/Spencer are telling Jer to check out the bands Bush & Nirvana.

Tue 4:34 AM BBT Kait thinks that America must be pissed that they figured out who Elissa is so soon. Spence wonders if there are other people related to a famous person or something. Kait comments about Jer thinking she was related to McCrae. Jer says that Spencer looks like he's related to Bill Clinton. Jer says Clinton was his favorite president even though he was barely alive when he was elected since he was born in '89.

Tue 4:31 AM BBT Howard heads inside to go to sleep. BY crew wondering how long it will take to set up the comps. They hope the HOH is T/F

Tue 4:30 AM BBT Feeds back. McCrae/Amanda still having pillow talk. Howard/Judd/ Jer/Spencer still in the BY talking. Jer talking about Candice having old men take care of her. Howard says he likes that she has a career but she seems to gloat about it. Kait joins them.

Tue 4:18 AM BBT FISH for a few minutes now.

Tue 4:14 AM BBT Everyone in the BY wants to know what's up w/ McCrae/Amanda. Judd tells Jer to go ask for water or to have a bubble bath.

Tue 4:10 AM BBT Kait/Jer are talking about Elissa's plastic surgery. Candice says she never noticed that. Jer says that he thinks Elissa/Rachel go to the same plastic surgeon as Michael Jackson. Spence comments that he hopes Elissa goes to the same regular surgeon as Michael Jackson: Conrad Murray that killed him. Jer tells Spence that he brought up a great point yesterday when he said if Elissa looks this bad w/ plastic surgery, think of how bad she looked before. Candice seems shocked that they think Elissa is ugly. Judd leaves the BY.

Tue 4:06 AM BBT McCrae/Amanda are laying in bed face to face.

Tue 4:05 AM BBT The BY crew is talking about how awkward things were between McCrae/Amanda. They think Amanda seemed pissed. Jer thinks it's the most different showmance ever. Kait says it's a blowmance. All the guys hope he's getting that from her. Spence would like to watch it. Judd asks Jer if GM is okay. FISH.

Tue 4:02 AM BBT Howard/Kait/Judd/ Andy/Nick/Spence /Jer/Candice talking outside. They're trying to figure out what's wrong w/ McCrae/Amanda

Tue 3:59 AM BBT McCrae tells Amanda that he feels like an a**hole now. Amanda tells him not to & it's not his problem.

Tue 3:58 AM BBT GM/Jer hug it out. She goes to blow her nose & grabs an advil.

Tue 3:57 AM BBT Jer: "We're 16 people - well 15 bc that one b**** I'm holding under the water. She's under the boat. I'll put concrete shoes on her. (again talking about Elissa)" Then he says he can't wait to see the door knob go up Elissa's a**. He says after Elissa leaves if she still wants to go then she can.

Tue 3:55 AM BBT Jer tells GM that he makes all the girls look good & maybe they'll get a show together after BB.

Tue 3:54 AM BBT Jer says that it's hard for him not to slap the b**** in the face sometimes (talking about Elissa).

Tue 3:54 AM BBT GM says a guy back home is one of the few people that's been proud of her. Jer says that GM will go to the end w/ him & the guy back home is one lucky guy. GM says that the guy's family is so nice to her. GM says she doesn't know where things stand w/ the guy. Jer tells GM that if he had a girl back home like her that he'd wait 3 months on her. Jer says that if she wins HOH she may get a letter from him. Gina smiles.

Tue 3:49 AM BBT Jer: "There's no doubt, there are some ignorant dumb*** people in this world & we're about to get rid of one. The vibe will change after that."

Tue 3:48 AM BBT BB: "Judd, don't lie on your transmitter." Everyone bursts out laughing.

Tue 3:48 AM BBT Gina says she got so popular that a bunch of kids wanted to take her class & she got in trouble w/ her director bc she took too long to tie a kid's tap shoes so it started to feel like a job. Gina doesn't like when things stop feeling fun.

Tue 3:45 AM BBT Jer tells Gina that everyone in the house thinks she's amazing & beautiful and she's her own worse enemy right now.

Tue 3:45 AM BBT Amanda leaves the HOH to go smoke.

Tue 3:45 AM BBT Gina says her ex told her that she's not good enough & she's old and that's creeping in her head.

Tue 3:44 AM BBT Jer is telling Gina that any guy is crazy not to want her. Gina says no one wants her & there's one guy at home that may. Jer says that if she were to come to TX, he'd happily be w/ her. Gina says he's like her brother. Jer says f*** that, you're not blood.

Tue 3:43 AM BBT Gina says she doesn't like people hurting each other's feelings. She says she picks on people but just to bust balls.

Tue 3:43 AM BBT Amanda says that she just doesn't want to hurt her bf & now all his loved ones will see it. She says she's doing it on national TV to him. She also says that her bf has s*** on her like naked pictures & videos & he's spiteful and she kissed a pizza boy.

Tue 3:41 AM BBT Gina is crying the whole time she's talking to Jer. She's upset over her clothes/make up being gone. Jer says that she is a fantastic person & none of that stuff makes her who she is.

Tue 3:40 AM BBT In the HOH, Amanda is crying & talking to McCrae. Apparently McCrae discussed Amanda/McCrae in the DR. She's upset bc they had agreed not to talk about it. Amanda thinks she's f***** w/ her boyfriend now.

Tue 3:40 AM BBT Gina says she has a happy life & she isn't happy here. Jer says he has a stress free life too but BB sees who can crack

Tue 3:38 AM BBT Jer thinks that God put Jer/Gina in the house together to be each other's rock in the BB house.

Tue 3:38 AM BBT Gina says that Jer reminds her of her brother. Jer says she's become his sister. Gina says it hurts bc Jer reminds her of her brother & 2 of her brothers aren't talking. Jer says he hasn't spoken to his father in 10 yrs & he's been thinking of reaching out to him after being in this house bc it teaches you what's important.

Tue 3:36 AM BBT Gina says she can't take it anymore but she doesn't want to quit & have her family think she's a scrub.

Tue 3:35 AM BBT Jer says that her happiness is important but she needs to try longer & see if things change & God works in mysterious ways.

Tue 3:34 AM BBT Jer says tells Gina that she may be kicking herself if she goes & a lot of good things could come from it.

Tue 3:34 AM BBT Jer assures Gina that Elissa will be gone Wednesday. Gina says she isn't used to the crazy s*** being around her.

Tue 3:33 AM BBT Jer is telling Gina that the bad makes them appreciate the good & not to worry about the clothes thing bc she looks beautiful

Tue 3:32 AM BBT Jer is telling Gina to calm down & if anyone deserves to be here, it's her. Gina says that Jer reminds her of her brother

Tue 3:31 AM BBT Jer/Gina go in the lounge to talk. Gina tells Jer that he needs to give her some encouragement bc she needs to go home.

Tue 3:30 AM BBT GinaMarie can't sleep. She heads outside to the BY & points to Jeremy to come inside.

Tue 3:28 AM BBT Spence/Judd/Andy joking w/ Candice that if she's on the block w/ someone that if she uses the POV on them, she gets a 2 week pass

Tue 3:25 AM BBT BY crew are talking about drugs. Howard/Candice/Judd are pretty quiet. Kait says that shrooms are probably the best type of drug to do bc it's just putting food poisoning in your body. McCrae says that's not true & one of his biggest pet peeves is people spreading misinformation about drugs. Spencer hates when movies portray pot smokers worse than heavy drinkers.

Tue 3:21 AM BBT BY crew talking about the synthetic drugs. Jer says his friend was addicted to it & got re******. Spence says he doesn't f*** w/ bath salts. McCrae says he did before. No one else has. McCrae says it was almost like cocaine but a little different.

Tue 3:19 AM BBT Spence/Kait/Jer are discussing all different types of marijuana. Spence thinks he's smoked the most out of anyone in the USA

Tue 3:18 AM BBT Howard used bandaids & wrote LOL with a mad face on his water bottle so no one would drink out if it. He wanted to confuse people

Tue 3:17 AM BBT Everyone in the BY are joking about Howard getting grumpy one morning & saying no one can put a finger on his drink.

Tue 3:11 AM BBT Nick/Andy/Judd/ Kait/Jer all go back outside. Amanda is in the bathroom putting on makeup.

Tue 3:10 AM BBT Nick/Andy/Jer/Judd in the KT talking about finals. They're discussing who they remember.

Tue 3:09 AM BBT Amanda is called in the DR. The BY crew is talking about the DR calling girls in w/o makeup. McCrae joins to smoke a cigarette.

Tue 3:07 AM BBT Howard mentions that the hot tub looks like catfish water. Judd/Spencer laugh. Spence mocks the way Candice asked about catfish water. Howard says she can be annoying but the massage was amazing. Spence agrees. Spence says that Candice keeps saying she used to be a cheerleader so they must have loosened up the restrictions. Candice comes out & breaks up the conversation.

Tue 3:05 AM BBT Judd: "We have to grin & bear it then plot their demise." Spence: "That's how we deal w/ things around here. Not who talks the most s*** or who is the biggest a**hole."

Tue 3:03 AM BBT Judd is kind of disappointed in Gina bc she was so cool. He thinks she may be homesick. Spence says he's happy to fix that for Gina next week & send her home. Howard agrees. Judd mentions that the girls are mad at Elissa for not crying. Spence says in his opinion, they need to get David out & then Aaryn out bc she'll be after everyone who took out her little "boytoy". FISH.

Tue 3:01 AM BBT Judd/Howard/Spence agreeing that bc they're older, they don't need the drama. Judd says all the s*** talking has gotten so bad

Tue 3:01 AM BBT KT crew talking about being put on the spot & asked forcefully about their strategies for the game but w/ the MVP it makes sense

Tue 3:00 AM BBT KT crew talking about being excited for Wednesday & talking to Julie. Andy saying that Elissa leaving won't be emotional

Tue 2:58 AM BBT Andy/Kait/Nick talking in the KT about how Dan/Will threw HOHs & won.

Tue 2:54 AM BBT Jer to Judd: "You may find that shirt missing in the morning." Judd: "It may not fit you." Jer: "I like my shirts like I like my p****y, nice & tight."

Tue 2:53 AM BBT Judd/Howard/ Spence/Jeremy are talking at the BY couches. They're laughing over Jess/Candice's impressions during charades

Tue 2:53 AM BBT Kaitlin jokingly says Nick doesn't like vaginas. Nick laughs. Kaitlin says she's gonna stay inside with Nick and Andy. Nick groans: "OK".

Tue 2:52 AM BBT Kaitlin comes into the kitchen from outside and pours herself some coffee. They start discussing tuna. Kaitlin opens up a can of tuna for herself. Tuna discussion continues.

Tue 2:52 AM BBT Jer to Judd: "Can you go over there & lose that door?" Judd: "You can do it just as good as I can." Jer: "I asked you because you were closer to it. Want to rock, paper, scissors it?"

Tue 2:49 AM BBT Jer: "After this week, do you think the next thing is going to be a quiz thing?" Spence: "Something like a quickie." Jer: "Oh I'm good at quickies. You want to see? (to Kait)" Kait tells him that sometimes he doesn't do things to turn her on.

Tue 2:49 AM BBT Nick & Andy are still alone in the kitchen talking. No game talk

Tue 2:48 AM BBT Jer: "Tell me this, I'm going to vote for him (David) regardless but.." Kait comes over & asks what they're whispering about.

Tue 2:47 AM BBT Spence is asking Jer about hooking up w/ Kait. Jer: "I'd totally do it here w/ her if she'd let me." Spence: "Nothing like TV boning." Jer: "Nothing like it. I've tried it but she won't let me."

Tue 2:46 AM BBT Jer comes outside & the talk ends. Jer asks Kait where she went after her DR. She says the HOH.

Tue 2:44 AM BBT Kait/Howard/Spence agreeing that past bad relationships have taught them so much & made them more prepared for the one.

Tue 2:44 AM BBT Spence: "I BS w/ you, Kait but I think you seem like a very mature woman." Kait thanks him & says guys she dates don't seem to treat her well. Spence says she seems like she could be clingy. Howard asks if she gets bored easily. Kait says she doesn't but she has high expectations of people. Spence says that's not good, all you should ask for is that someone treats her w/ respect. Kait discusses her ex making her cry every night. Howard asks if she likes edgy guys. Kait says she doesn't but she does end up dating a**holes it seems.

Tue 2:40 AM BBT Nick and Andy are on a date.. it seems like.

Tue 2:39 AM BBT Spencer jokingly thanks Kait for being respectful after he turned her down early on.

Tue 2:39 AM BBT Spence: "Judd, you've been dressing like a stud around here." Kait: "Your style impresses me, Judd." Judd compliments Kait back. Spencer tells Kait that he has back up w/ the other guys & Kait could wear a burlap sack and look great. She thanks them. Judd says Kait is definitely the nicest girl in the house. Kait says she's tired of the catty girls. Spencer says that's the game.

Tue 2:38 AM BBT Nick is talking Andy's ear off about coffee.

Tue 2:36 AM BBT Andy starts asking Nick about coffee and Nick takes the subject and runs with it.

Tue 2:36 AM BBT Kait says that for the first time in her life, she's okay being alone & maybe she shouldn't be talking bc she is cuddling someone every night but there's no emotional attachment.

Tue 2:35 AM BBT Nick is all alone right now sipping coffee in the kitchen. Andy comes in from outside and Nick asks him to keep him company then says or they could go in the HT. Andy asks Nick about drinking coffee at night . Nick explains that he is a coffee nut; he starts talking about all the different coffees and means of making coffee he likes. Nick “I love grinding it, I love drinking it....”

Tue 2:35 AM BBT Kait/Spence pretend to hump. Spence tells Howard he could probably get w/ Jessie. Kait says Jess would get w/ anyone

Tue 2:34 AM BBT Kait is playing pool w/ Howard/Judd. She says she thinks she's underestimated in this house. Howard says he thinks she overthinks things. Kait says that's called having a vagina.

Tue 2:33 AM BBT Jeremy/Nick are talking in the BR. Spence: "What are you buttf***ers doing?" Jer: "Buttf***ing."

Tue 2:33 AM BBT Nick to Andy in the kitchen: "Why don't you sit here and keep me company? Unless you wanna go in the hot tub..."

Tue 2:31 AM BBT Jeremy is in the shower. Spencer is in the WC.

Tue 2:31 AM BBT Kait: "Can you treat Jer to be wise like any of you?" Howard: "I live vicariously through him." Spence: "He's my hero."

Tue 2:31 AM BBT Howard asks Kait to come outside. He tells her to just come to him & ask him things when she has concerns bc he's grown

Tue 2:31 AM BBT Nick & Andy are in the kitchen. Nick is explaining to Andy how you get good abs. He then invites Andy to join him in his workout routine. Andy is down to start tomorrow.

07-02-2013, 06:30 AM
I just cannot wait until they vote out David, honestly. Jeremy needs to be brought down several levels.

Did I read that Aaryn broke up with David?

07-02-2013, 06:53 AM
Amanda has me all confused too. Apparently she DOES have a bf back home? And she was concerned that someone would tell him and he'd look it up online. But now she's still kissing McCrae?

And GinaMarie is obsessed with Nick.

This is just the weirdest season.

07-02-2013, 07:40 AM
I can't figure out Nick but boy, he looks great without his shirt on!

I can't hardly stand any of these people anymore.

07-02-2013, 08:13 AM
What? The hot chick is making out with the pizza guy?

07-02-2013, 09:54 AM
Two of my favorite house guests are doing laps in the backyard. Go Helen and Howard!

07-02-2013, 09:55 AM
What? The hot chick is making out with the pizza guy?

Doin a little more than making out, is the general belief! I've heard Amanda said she was going to say she had a boyfriend outside the house, I don't know if she actually does.

07-02-2013, 09:55 AM
All the lights are on in the house so I assume they've done the official wake up but not many are moving about.

07-02-2013, 09:56 AM
LOL Helen is a good motivator for Howard who is getting tired and wants to stop! Helen, I'm going to take a drink break on lap 30 we're on 28 now, let's go Howard!

07-02-2013, 10:02 AM

07-02-2013, 11:14 AM
I am just seriously ready to get this show on the road. Kick some of these people already. I will prolly give it more of a chance when the herd is thinned a bit. As of now there are too many people and the annoying ones seem to be so damn loud I can't find out if the ones I think I may like are annoying too LOL

07-02-2013, 11:23 AM
Still just Howard/Helen for our entertainment. They've showered since working out and are now in the kitchen. Howard is making eggs. Helen talking about how her hubby took a job where he was gone for 10 months - he encouraged her to do this since he'd been away he'd support that for her. Awwww.

07-02-2013, 11:32 AM
So far, I'm not liking many of the houseguests. Helen and Howard are the only ones I find tolerable so far. Hopefully some of the others will settle down a little.

07-02-2013, 11:55 AM
Howard is washing the dishes now. Can I swoon? He's respectful, involved with children, smart, works out, cooks, cleans and is built like that?

07-02-2013, 11:57 AM
So far, I'm not liking many of the houseguests. Helen and Howard are the only ones I find tolerable so far. Hopefully some of the others will settle down a little.

Every year, at the beginning, I have to remind myself it takes about 3 weeks for me to form real opinions about the HGs. I always seems to hate the majority at the beginning.

07-02-2013, 12:20 PM
Oh Boomhauer is awake I hear him mumbling....

07-02-2013, 03:31 PM
I am just seriously ready to get this show on the road. Kick some of these people already. I will prolly give it more of a chance when the herd is thinned a bit. As of now there are too many people and the annoying ones seem to be so damn loud I can't find out if the ones I think I may like are annoying too LOL

Every year, at the beginning, I have to remind myself it takes about 3 weeks for me to form real opinions about the HGs. I always seems to hate the majority at the beginning.
i agree with you both, so so so so much. i am sooooo trying to get into it, but they suck so so bad LOL

Oh Boomhauer is awake I hear him mumbling....

LMAO which one is that? heard you say it several times :)
the only thing i can watch them on is BBAD and its edited, so i refuse!!! they REALLY messed up taking it off showtime!!

07-02-2013, 04:45 PM
I am just seriously ready to get this show on the road. Kick some of these people already. I will prolly give it more of a chance when the herd is thinned a bit. As of now there are too many people and the annoying ones seem to be so damn loud I can't find out if the ones I think I may like are annoying too LOL

I think that's my problem too... Too many people, and I don't remember so many alliances so early to keep up with? The multiple showmances & catty girls is hard to stomach also :/

07-02-2013, 05:27 PM
The fact that most of the cast is around my age is very hard for me to stomach. I look at them and go "what in the world is wrong with my generation!"

They are a very pathetic bunch of people.

07-02-2013, 07:09 PM
Jeremy rubbed his bare ass on Elissa's hat...She can get sick from that.

Oh and Aaryn, "Don't disrespect my hat" didn't do anything about it..

They are both so rancid.

07-02-2013, 07:09 PM
From reading around the interwebs, it appears the Aaryn 'broke up' with David today. He's just not exciting enough for her. Sounds like she prefers Jeremy, who Kaitlin is apparently tired of as well. Maybe she won't be so upset when he leaves.

Apparently they're cracking on Elissa pretty hard today, Jeremy called her a skank in the run-thru and even said good thing it wasn't on the live feeds. Wow, what a gem among men he truly is.

GinaMarie may melt down again soon, she said she cannot wait until Elissa is gone tomorrow. Oh and apparently GinaMarie feels Candice's voice is fake as it's too 'white'!

07-02-2013, 07:12 PM
Jeremy rubbed his bare ass on Elissa's hat...She can get sick from that.

Oh and Aaryn, "Don't disrespect my hat" didn't do anything about it..

They are both so rancid.

Wow, that's along the lines of scrubbing the toilet with someone's toothbrush. Perhaps BB should make him confess, apologize and clean it with his own tongue!

07-02-2013, 07:12 PM
BB seems to love Jeremy so I doubt it.

07-02-2013, 07:14 PM
They appear to love the showmance crew and I cannot for the life of me figure out why! I guess pretty is as pretty does and they're trying to catch a Jeff & Jordan again.

07-02-2013, 07:15 PM
Except Aaryn's all over the internet as being a racist and Jeremy is all over the internet as being a sexist. Who are they trying to fool exactly?

07-02-2013, 07:17 PM
Except Aaryn's all over the internet as being a racist and Jeremy is all over the internet as being a sexist. Who are they trying to fool exactly?

LOL the best laid plans, I figure they 'may' show a little tomorrow of the imperfections, obviously not as much as they should, but I'm praying they bust their chops a little.

07-02-2013, 07:22 PM
I want to like Spencer, but he's just a little to raw for me at times. Sometimes he can be nice, carry on a decent conversation, but then pops out some beyond disgusting comment, at least to me and I think I have a pretty high threshold for raunchy.

07-02-2013, 07:28 PM
LOL they actually just mentioned sabotaging food, etc and if BB would give a penalty nomination and mentioned the toothbrush/toilet incident, everyone was grossed out and Elissa said that could make someone sick. Wonder if they'll do anything about her hat?

07-02-2013, 08:30 PM
I despise these blasted juveniles! I'd like to bitch slap several of them and then nut kick the others. Jeremy, in the HOH, on the show tonight telling Elissa not to cry and then not to get her panties in a wad? Dude, say that to me. One time. You'll be talking with your penis in your throat, you asshat! He is fucking sickening.