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08-03-2013, 07:08 PM
Well, this is interesting. Something I found on Twitter from a BB blogger. Obviously I can't corroborate this story, but if they are claiming reliable sources, this may explain the long drought of feeds on Thursday.

While watching the “live” broadcast of Big Brother that aired this past Thursday night, viewers were completely unaware that the “live show” they were watching had actually been pre-taped earlier in the day (technically the first 45 minutes were pre-taped, while the last 15 minutes were filmed live). An inside source contacted myself and @MissCleo_BB15, as well as a few disappointed ticket holders who had been turned away on Thursday evening “due to the studio being filled over capacity”, or so they were told.Here’s the full story so you can all understand what really went down with the “live” show and who the audience really was.

On arrival at the CBS lot, CBS employees advised all ticket holders that the studio was over capacity for the show, and they were told that they could not enter, turning away the ticket holders at the parking garage. One source, who had tickets and had been to numerous live shows in the past, knew that there was a restroom adjacent to the Audience Holding Area. Our source asked to use the restroom and was allowed to proceed, so they entered the lot and once there continued towards the holding area.

For those who’ve never attended a Big Brother taping, here’s how it works: at ~4 pm, the audience gathers and waits in the Holding Area while their tickets are processed, they go through security, sign non-disclosure agreements, have their photo taken, etc. It’s a process that takes time. The taping starts at 6 pm, and not until 5:15 pm do they start escorting the audience into the studio. Until then, they wait in the holding area. However, this area was completely empty, and with a show about to go live, this area should have been filled with audience members. It wasn’t, and it didn’t make sense.

Our source proceeded further onto the lot, stopping outside a production office located across from the Big Brother studio, where they ran into a member of staff from another production company. They asked what time Big Brother was taping that night, and were told that the show had already been taped at 12 noon that day. The employee also advised our source that CBS had gone around the lot looking for “studio audience members”. Once they assembled enough staffers, they started taping the first part of the “live” show, which was Howard’s eviction.

Howard was evicted at approximately 12.30pm PST, however his eviction didn’t air until around 6:30pm PST. The production member told our source that he was one of the staffers in the audience at 12 noon, that they were given instructions to shout “We love you Howard” when Howard came through the door, and when Julie announced the double eviction for next week, they were to “gasp”.

So why would CBS go to such great lengths to pre-record this portion of the show? Our source speculates it’s because production was worried about how a real audience would react to Howard being evicted by Aaryn, who is at the center of the media firestorm over her racist remarks this season.

From approximately 12.30-6:30 pm PST, the houseguests were inside the house waiting for the endurance competition to start. During this time, the live feeds were shut off. At approximately 6.45pm PST, the show was then broadcast in real time, with Julie discussing the HOH competition and the houseguests actually competing for the HOH live as we watched. At approximately 6:50pm PST, one of our sources still on the lot could hear the HOH competition going on.

Many people complained about the feeds being cut for extended periods later that night, especially during a lot of heated fights. It’s very likely that production blocked much of this as a precaution to prevent any mention of something that occurred during the six hour period between the eviction and the HOH comp from leaking on the feeds. This is purely speculative but makes the most sense as to why so much content was blocked for seemingly no apparent reason.

This is not the first time Big Brother has pre-recorded a “live” show; when Jeff used the Coup d’État in season 11, production was worried about Chima’s possible outburst. Members of that studio audience were instructed by email to arrive at 11am instead of the usual 4pm, however when the studio audience arrived at CBS they were directed to a stairwell, held there, and then escorted off the lot. It would not surprise us at all if more shows this season are pre- or partially taped for GinaMarie, Aaryn, Spencer or Candice’s evictions, so if you hold tickets to a future taping, keep this in mind.

Today one source who was turned away on Thursday received an email advising them to pick another show date (their choices were August 15, 22, 29, or September 5 or 15). The August 15 show is now already fully booked. Time will tell if they do actually make it into the studio to watch the evictions.

@MissCleo_BB15 and I will keep you updated with any new information from our sources. Be sure to follow us on twitter so you don’t miss anything!


08-03-2013, 08:49 PM
If they think there's going to be a problem when/if Candice is evicted this Thursday, then they need to step in and direct the houseguests like they have before.