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SassyGal 04-24-2015 04:31 PM

4/24/15 TAR Episode
Howdy... so far the giude says I will see TAR but today is Battle of Flowers and San Antonio has a few parades that go on so I am not sure if it will switch to one of those without warning!!

SassyGal 04-24-2015 05:07 PM

heading off to Amsterdam

SassyGal 04-24-2015 05:12 PM

roadblock.......is in costume!
they have to find the matching clog & can't take notes of any kind

SassyGal 04-24-2015 05:13 PM

J gets it
they now have to ride bikes to next part

SassyGal 04-24-2015 05:14 PM

the ride is showing us a great view!

SassyGal 04-24-2015 05:24 PM

dtour\soak or shuffle

soak--hot tub boat
----solve puzzle
shuffle--Dutch old time version of shuffle beaod

SassyGal 04-24-2015 05:28 PM

after 43 attempts matt the ass gets the correct clog

SassyGal 04-24-2015 05:31 PM

Blair & Haily lost and shocker she is bitching

haven't seen J & J in a while

SassyGal 04-24-2015 05:37 PM

truck stop doing the shuffle one and Rochelle is doing pretty good she got 34 of the needed point

SassyGal 04-24-2015 05:40 PM

J & Jat soak

Mat/ Ash riding to next clue what will they pick

Blair/haily with her still blah blah blah

other 2 out of soak guess Ice skating rink & get the glue......

have to fing that ice rink for pitstop

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