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Sphinx 06-04-2013 02:23 PM

Stage IV Lymphoma
Well, as I said in a different thread...my cousin was diagnosed with b-cell lymphoma...

There's been both good news and - obviously - from the title of this thread very bad news. She was diagnosed today with Stage IV Lymphoma. I know stage IV is the last stage, but I absolutely know nothing else about what this means? I can say that the cancer originated in her ribs and the next lesion was in her arm.

I'm very hesitant to google it, because I know what will pop up. And I am not discussing death. So, someone please enlighten me as to what this diagnosis means? Her bone marrow was clean. She starts chemotherapy Monday.

Cathy 06-04-2013 03:35 PM

Awe Zach I am so sorry to hear about your cousin. This sounds like a question for Dr Joe, and I had a friend who had stage 4 breast cancer so maybe there is hope!!!

19wingz 06-04-2013 04:45 PM

Well, I don't know if this can be sugarcoated. Basically, Stage IV means that the cancer is no longer in the lymph nodes but has left the lymph nodes and travelled. They are probably in an organ somewhere or just outside of the lymph nodes, if you will. Her marrow is clean (great!) but it could be the cancer was found in the lung, liver or spinal fluid. Did they tell her what led them to make this diagnosis?

Sphinx 06-04-2013 05:03 PM

It was found on a lesion on her arm, so it wasn't simply on her ribs alone anymore.

19wingz 06-04-2013 05:08 PM

Oh. Maybe I should have read your post closely. My bad. So ya - you see, it has spread to the skin.

Sphinx 06-04-2013 05:09 PM

I did some trolling, because I just check in on to make sure she's doing okay when we talk. I'm sure she's exhausted of talking medicine. They apparently found more lesions on her arms, in the bone, and we're making sure they weren't cancerous. It turned out that they were cancerous and thus changed it from Stage 2 lymphoma to Stage 4 - that's what I'm assuming occurred.

And no easy way to sugar coat it? I take it this situation is a nasty one...

19wingz 06-04-2013 05:16 PM

Yes, that's what changed the diagnosis - where the cancer is. And when I say that, I just mean that it is unfortunately spreading. That doesn't mean the worst, but they will have to go more aggressive on the treatment, then.

Sphinx 06-04-2013 06:04 PM

Yes, I assumed that it had then spread. What does Stage IV directly entail though? She had an MRI done, but I suppose that was simply for the bone marrow?

19wingz 06-04-2013 06:06 PM

MRI was probably to look at the bones/tissues, too. The staging is moreso based on location for lymphoma.

Sphinx 06-04-2013 06:30 PM

I know originally she was going to have the rib, and possibly another removed, due to the cancer. As well as chemotherapy. What would a more aggressive approach be now - extensive chemo?

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