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Mikey 09-13-2012 08:16 PM

Myst DR


ok, there are two faced people in this house. i want to find out who.
they are nice to my face and run to every hoh and want me up. WTF? i'm not willie...
what did i do? i'm a sweetie pie, gotta love me!!!! damit!!!! LOL
Justin DR


Diary Room #1 Gameplay

Well this week has been crazy. Was nominated for a 2nd week in a row.
Leo tells me in was nothing personal and didnt want me to go home. I am hoping to believe it. I
think he is truthful to what he is saying. . I spoke to Leo in regards to veto and he seemed very
interested in who was voting to keep me vs who wasnt. He put me on blcok vs KC was I thought
I had veto won until she competed. Good for her. She wanted it more. He lent me some info
which in turn made me campaign harder to stay in this house. Jarrod supposedly is the person
looking to go after me. I hopefully can gather enough votes to stay in this house going up
against him.

Diary Room #2 Strategy

Well strategy has been brewing this week. Once myself and KC were nominated for eviction we
didnt talk until after veto. I spoke to KC after veto and we both seemed to be on the same page.
We also found out that Myst was being fed the same information. So myself, Myst, and KC all
got info about "everyone" going after us. We all tried to figure who "everyone" was and what
they were talking about. The 3 of us formed a pact and we have a good deal going with each
other. I feel like the 3 of us can stay in this game a lot longer working together.
Al DR -


What a week! Robbie and I thought we were running the house early in the week until we kinda got info about a crazy alliance involving Jarrod and some other people. We thought we had Jarrod backdoored, but that looks much less likely at this point.

Stay tuned.

Leo 09-13-2012 08:17 PM

OH, I forgot to throw this little tidbit in earlier... I think I mentioned it at the reunion, but I just want to reiterate the fact that I never received a single eviction vote against me! I was up against Alex, and he left 6-0. I went up again, but won the veto. During the duo twist, Myst/Kel were evicted 3-0. I went up after Jarrod's veto, but my veto was bigger so I went right back down. I was nominated 4 times total, won 4 HOH comps, "nominated" 11 people, and won 1 POV when I needed it.

Mikey 09-13-2012 08:18 PM

Jarrod DR


*sits down in the DR chair*

Hey, Mikey. What a week, eh?

After my alliance with Robbie & Paulette got out of our 2-week reign in the YBB House, I knew that things would be up in the air for nominations. I had a side alliance with Kali, Kel, Alex and Leo, so I knew we had the numbers, but if Myst, KC, Al or Justin had won HOH, I wasn’t sure where I would stand.

When Leo won HOH, I breathed a slight sigh of relief, as I knew I could just go to him and suggest a one-week deal. After all, I pointed out that when I was HOH, I kept my word to him and didn’t put him on the nomination block. I was hoping that our alliance and that fact would keep me safe. He assured me that he appreciated the fact he wasn’t nominated and agreed to not nominate me this week.

During this time, Leo was asking who I thought should be nominated. I suggested Justin since he wasn’t adding much to the House or the comps. Plus, if he was to end up with HOH, he was a real wild card in how it’d affect the rest of the House. I also threw out Myst or KC as a possible nomination because people believed that they were working together since they are both mods of the site.

Nominations happened and I wasn’t on the block, as expected. Everything was great. Justin and KC were nominated, and since I hadn’t had any close contact with either player, I wasn’t really worried about who went home. Honestly, I probably would have voted Justin out anyway, just because KC adds more to the game.

When Veto came around and I wasn’t selected to play, I was actually a little relieved, since I wouldn’t have to worry about winning and then having the nominees come to me to save them. Little did I know that relaxation would be short lived…

As soon as KC won the Veto, I started to hear rumblings from the HGs (mostly Robbie) that I would be put up as the replacement nominee. I think Robbie got a text from Alex (whom he talks to outside of the game) who said that I was out making deals with EVERYONE in the House. I thought he was crazy, since my only teams were myself with Robbie & Paulette, and then myself with Kel, Kali, Leo & Alex. I had never approached Justin, Al, Myst or KC for a deal. Alex knew I was in an alliance with him, and Robbie nor Paulette would say I had a deal with them, so where was Alex getting this from?

I went straight to Leo to find out if this was true, and like any coward HOH, he refused to give me a straight answer. Just that if I “was nominated as a replacement, then I’m too well liked in the House to get evicted.” Which pretty much told me that I would indeed be going up.

At that point, I quickly sprang into action to get votes from not only my alliance members (Robbie, Paulette, Kali & Kel), but I also approached Myst and KC. I knew that Al and Alex were lost causes, since Alex started this whole thing, and Al had been PMing Robbie to tell him that I needed to leave the game. I knew that sticking with just the 4 alliance members wasn’t going to be enough, as there could be a tie this week and Leo would follow Alex’s lead and vote me out.

After a LOT of back and forth with Myst, KC and my alliances, I think I was finally able to convince them to keep me. I made a close friendship with KC, and Myst accidentally sent me back my own PM to her when she was really trying to send it to KC to see where they stood together. Myst realized her mistake and apologized. When she knew that she was caught, she offered me her vote and I accepted.

With KC, I suggested to my alliance of Kel and Kali that we bring her in, since we were then down 2 HGs (Alex and Leo), and KC told me she didn’t have anyone. I didn’t push the connection with Myst, as both of them told me they weren’t working together, when obviously they are. I’ll save that for another time.

So, if the vote goes the way everyone told me they would vote, it should end up 6-2 to evict Justin, like this:

EVICT JARROD: Al, Alex, Leo (if tied)
EVICT JUSTIN: Myst, KC, Kel, Kali, Robbie, Paulette

Of course, this IS Big Brother, so anyone of those 6 votes for me could be lying to get themselves farther in the game. If the truth were told, they’d be smart to get me out now, while they have the chance, but I’m just too damn charismatic to evict yet. I worked my social charm and believe I have a great chance of avoiding the eviction this week.

I just hope that the YBB Gods are merciful, and I get to win HOH next week. Alex and Leo are my targets, with Al as a replacement nominee if Veto is used. Alex is the biggest threat, as I’ve heard HE’S the one who’s made deals with everyone, so he was cleaver in thinking he’d get the target off himself by focusing on someone else. Unfortunately for both himself and Leo (who I believe are dating IRL), they picked the wrong HG to focus on.

OK, now that I’ve written a nearly 1,000-word DR session, I think it’s time to wrap it up. I’m not going anywhere this week, plus Alex and Leo have made a very powerful enemy without realizing it. I only wish I could see their faces when I don’t get evicted tomorrow. I fully expect them to come crawling back to me with stories of, “Sorry to nominate you, but I had to pick someone I knew wouldn’t go home against Justin. You understand, right?”

I’ll keep you updated! Hope to speak with you again at the next DR session, and not sitting on your couch during my Exit Interview!

19wingz 09-13-2012 08:19 PM

Hmmm, favorite moment? Honestly, I have to say the live shows were AWESOME. I so wanted to participate in each one. I think Myst's exit was priceless. Jarrod's impression of Myst's exit was fun, too. I also loved Zingy, for personal reasons ;)

Favorite comp? Hmm, that's tougher because I didn't play most of them. I know there was confusion with the Christmas one but that was cool. The endurance comp, honestly sounded lame at first, but turned out to be awesome - minus the fact that I sat there for 2 hours and they had already known it was being thrown. LMAO

OH and the videos. The videos ROCKED.

Mikey 09-13-2012 08:21 PM



What a whirl wind of a week! I was nominated which sucked but won the veto which was GREAT then won the coup which is AMAZING! I know I am safe next week and made the jury!

]That's not all though! Once I won the veto, I guess the game for me REALLY began! I found out so much info from so many different people! I knew Leo was going to put up my alliance member Myst, so I had to do something about it! What did I do? I got Alex and Leo paranoid about Jarrod! Haha! No one, so far, is the wiser! They all think Alex was the instigator... I think Jarrod even may call him out in the house!!

So after the veto ceremony, it starts out that Jarrod is going to be evicted. I was working pretty hard on getting Justin to stay and joining up with Leo. Come to find out though that what I thought was another alliance member, Alex, has been not only conspiring with many others, but is more than likely partly responsible for Leo putting me up to begin with! Looks like Alex and Leo may have a past relationship before entering the house! What a game player that Alex is. Alex tells me it was Jarrod who wanted me up. Jarrod tells me it is Alex that wanted me up. They both say because they believe me to be in an alliance with Myst. So what do I do? Innocently tell Alex and Leo separately about Jarrod being against them. Hee hee. Not only that, but I get others to say it to them too! They got so paranoid they put Jarrod on the block! AND... I made them all believe that Myst and I don't talk! Quell that rumor! Then, I never heard from Alex or Leo again after the veto ceremony. Wouldn't you think they would talk to me to try and shore up my vote to evict Jarrod? Guess they don't want that bad enough?

Then, I get into a new alliance with Robbie who I LOVE LOVE LOVE and all is well with the world, for the moment! Hopefully no one will ever find out about the Danielle/Jason 2.0 alliance!

Myst and I? Still TOTALLY aligned. My co-conspirator... AWESOME. She and I pulled off an AMAZING week!

I also get "aligned" with Jarrod. That alliance though... not so much. I know he is with Kel with a side of Kali, so I don't expect that to last long. However, because of that, my plans had to change to evict Justin... why? Because if Jarrod, Kel or Kali win HOH next week, their target is Alex and Leo. If Alex wins HOH next week, target is Jarrod. This may last a couple of weeks... who knows. I do feel bad for Justin though... I know he really wanted to stay, and I was on board until I realized what would be better for me in the game at this time.

I didn't know I could be so diabolical! I hope everyone still likes me at the end of this game! But... since my ego is running a little high (for now, until it's shoved right back down which I have no doubt it will be).. let's look at a rundown of my accomplishments this week:

1. Veto
2. Coup
3. Getting Jarrod Nominated
4. Turning Alex and Leo against Jarrod and Co.
5. Turning Jarrod and Co. against Alex and Leo
6. Saving my alliance member from the block
7. Guaranteeing safety for me and my alliance next week.
8. Making the jury.
9. Made a new genuine alliance
10. Made a new not so genuine alliance.
11. Quelled the KC/Myst Alliance

Now if the votes come down how I think they will, Alex and Leo will know some of us lied to them about how they were voting. My alliance and I? Deny deny deny. We are hoping Al and maybe Pink voted to evict Jarrod... that way, we can take credit and say they must be lying to you hee hee. If they don't come down that way and there is only 1 vote to evict Jarrod, well, we may be in a little bit of trouble.

DRAMA! This is SO MUCH FUN. KC is feeling pretty good about right now!

Mikey 09-13-2012 08:22 PM

Wingz, I agree with you...I wasn't sure if the endurance would be fun at all. I just really wanted that element in the game. Which it sounds like it worked!

Sheldon 09-13-2012 08:23 PM


Originally Posted by Mikey (Post 407965)
I want to know from each of you the following: (Wingz, and viewers included)

Favorite Moment and Favorite Competition of the season!

My favorite moment was the first YBB House Party on Day 3. All 13 of us were still in the game and that first House Party was a great chance to get to know each other better. That's when I started to learn who to direct myself toward and away from. Of course, most of that changed over the course of the season and some people I never realized to watch out for (ROBBIE!), but that first House Party was a great way to kick off the season! Did our "dare or DARE" game start that House Party or did we begin that in Week 2? I can't remember...

My favorite competition was the Christmas in August Veto. The crazy punishments were a little harsh (Lose your Jury Vote?!?), but even though I didn't want to win the Veto, I wanted to participate in the comp because some of the "gifts" were fun! I had a blast tweeting to Ronnie (who then Retweeted and Favorited my tweet) and recording my Christmas song. Seeing Robbie's "A Christmas Story" re-enactment was great, which was perfect for someone who'd never even seen the movie (you Canadians are so deprived!). Overall, a very entertaining comp and one I would have loved to see more people participate in (only 3 of the 6 of us actually took any gifts).

Speaking of which, KC - You mentioned that you took gifts in that Veto, but then claimed that you didn't get any credit for it because you overlooked the rule stating that you would be out with the first gift you don't take. When you didn't take Gift #1, that automatically kicked you out without taking any punishments. Knowing what I know now, you didn't make any moves without there being a plan, so did you REALLY skip over that rule or did you make that up so you didn't have to risk taking any gifts for a Veto you didn't want/need to win anyway?

19wingz 09-13-2012 08:25 PM

OMG TK's DR is AWESOME-sauce. Such an egotistical beyotch!! And I love her for it.

Mikey 09-13-2012 08:27 PM

Alex DR


Early in the game, I formed an alliance with Jarrod, Kali and Kel. I found this to be in my best interest at the time because Jarrod was easily the most popular houseguest in the game. I knew, however, that my alliance with Jarrod would have to be short-lived. Between how well liked he is, and with how "I'm in control of this alliance" he acted, I knew he had. to. go.

Meanwhile, I started a second alliance that consists of me, Leo, Robbie, and Paulette. Where my first alliance was founded upon convenience, this one is built upon actual trust and genuine friendship. (Or, at least, I think it is!) I have every real intent of trying to take us all to the final four. What no one else knows is that Leo and I are friends in real life (and former roommates!), so my loyalty and trust is devoted to him more than anyone else.

As luck would have it, Leo won Head of Household. After he originally nominated KC (with whom I have a decent in-game relationship) and Justin (to whom I've never even really spoken), I immediately put my master plan to get rid of Jarrod into action:

I told Leo that we need to convince whoever won POV to use it. Luckily, KC won it, so it was a no-brainer that she would remove herself from the chopping block. Then, Leo would need to make Jarrod the replacement nominee. After some pressure, I finally convinced him that it was the smartest move for him, for me, and for our alliance. "Leo, if ANYONE gets to the final two with Jarrod, they have NO CHANCE of winning!" He agreed as long as we had the votes to send Jarrod home.

The next step was to convince everyone that Jarrod needed to go. In this week of the game, we need FOUR votes to evict (and it will go into a tie, in which Leo would have to break it). To ensure that my alliance would want to get rid of Jarrod, I formed a lie. I convinced Robbie and Paulette (and also told it to Leo, although he knew this was just one big scheme I was creating) that Jarrod and I were once somewhat-alligned, and that he told me that Robbie and Leo were threats and had to go sooner than later. The lie worked. My alliance got on board, but that was only three votes. We needed at least one more...

Robbie took on Al. I took on KC. Luckily, part of my lie that I told Robbie and Paulette was that Jarrod mentioned a few names (Robbie's, Leo's, and KC's). After KC told me that she heard Jarrod had mentioned sending me home at one point, it was the perfect time to let her know that Jarrod had said the same about her! (Which he didn't, of course.) After some conversation, we came to the conclusion that "we just HAD to convince Leo to make Jarrod the replacement nominee!"

KC contacted Leo, and "they decided" it was the smartest decision to make. Robbie contacted Al, and he was on board.

So the vote is approaching, and it SHOULD be AT LEAST five votes to evict Jarrod. (Those votes would be me, Paulette, Robbie, KC and Al.) If it's any less, I'm going to be worried.

Up until this point, my plan has worked perfectly. But things can change drastically any moment in Big Brother, so I wouldn't be completely surprised if I'm the only vote evicting Jarrod. My fingers are definitely crossed that my #1 threat in the game gets booted!

It's obvious there's another twist coming. I can only pray it's nothing that will ruin the game I've been trying to build!

Mystycl 09-13-2012 08:34 PM

no way in hell can i read all that and the rest of the site... its my bed time.. i'll try and read it in the morning...... its all moot anyway right? ;)

nite all


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