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Yellowdog 11-09-2016 08:51 AM

I honestly thought America was above this kind of stupidity. All we can do is hope he doesn't break the world in the next four years, and then try to beat him out with a human being.

19wingz 11-09-2016 08:54 AM

Surreal. I am going to try to be hopeful. I feel defeated. As a male who has been slowly coming out of the past 11 months, receiving the support that I've received from my friends and boyfriend, my heart sank deeper last night. But Trump's victory speech did give me a small glimpse of hope (I can't believe I said this). He did focus more on unity and did not point out groups of people or use the negativism he has this campaign. That doesn't mean much quite yet, but we have to have hope. Right now, moving forward. The only thing that we need is unity.

Sphinx 11-09-2016 10:35 AM

I'm starting a countdown until he uses the first nuclear missile since 1945.

The last time the Republicans controlled the House, Senate, and White House was 1928. Look what happened.

requiem 11-09-2016 11:19 AM

It's going to take more than a speech for me to believe that Trump is looking for Unity.

The sea of anger in Canada is strong.

Zack, I'm with you 100%...|its a countdown to devistating events.

Yellowdog 11-09-2016 12:07 PM

I'm a straight white male who is lucky enough to have money. And even I think it sucks. I can't even imagine how different groups of people feel. One person even told me that I will actually be better off now. How am I better off if whole groups of people are miserable? Why does so many not understand that? It's not just about you.

19wingz 11-09-2016 12:46 PM

Yea, that mindset is annoying me too. Not all white men with (or even without money) are happy with this. It's just as stupid, in my personal opinion, to say that about every white male just as much as other groups of people (women, LGBT, people of color, etc) don't want to be "singled out" either, if you will. It just is overall a very sad situation. The way he won this election is baffling and really gives a lot of food for thought about America and Americans.

I also think we, as a country, need to reassess the Electoral college. This is the 2nd time in my lifetime that the popular vote did not match the Electoral voting. Funny that Trump thought this system was a disgrace in 2012 and that same system got him the highest seat in the Nation.

I do not believe his one speech will make him a great President. He is the President-Elect, regardless, and I have to figure out a way to be OK with that. I refuse to let this bring me down. I am scared. I fear the future. I question what might happen tomorrow, or even in the next hour. I fear for fellow Americans who are "different" than the "ideal," if you will. But no matter what ... he will become the next President of the United States and I have to hold out a flicker of hope that something good will come from this. If his most humble speech to date (which isn't saying much) does it ... then so be it. Maybe I'll end up eating these words in a week. lol

Shiny Beige 11-09-2016 02:48 PM

I've been avoiding this thread because I'm as passionate as TK about Bernie and I do enough political arguing with my ex-husband on facebook. I voted for Bernie because he was a write-in candidate in California (and I noticed that fact wasn't mentioned by media anywhere) and have been avoiding election results until an hour ago when a friend insisted I know.

I did not want a bigot like Trump to win, but even less did I want a money-grubbing, corrupt individual, considered the most hated since Hitler, to become president. I am very worried for our country and our democracy. I am afraid Trump might blow up the planet on a whim or a dare. But I still think he is less dangerous than Hillary. God help us all.

I'm packing for my move to Canada. Somebody is going to get a big surprise!

Sphinx 11-09-2016 05:06 PM

I think the overarching sense of fear is what is making everyone panic currently. Everyone is scared. For their future. For their loved ones. And that's what's motivating all these protests - these marches. These demonstrations. People are afraid. And while I am a gay white man, I will not allow Donald Trump's vision for America override anyone's freedoms - or break up families.

My problem with this election is how damningly similar it is to the 1932 election in the Weimar Republic. The Nazi party was elected to power by the RURAL voters. Everything else you can glisten, because the Republican Party has marched so far to the right...but I digress. I think what makes this even more of a scary moment is this: The last time the Republicans held the White House, the Senate, and the House of Representatives was 1928. The Great Depression began in 1929.

Think about that. And now think about this election.

I am worried for my future, but I will be damned to live in fear. Whatever is coming will come, and I will meet it with the same fortitude and perseverance I have met everything else in my life. If the Republican party tries to take my rights away, they will do so from my cold, dead, hands.

As for the white issue...I really fear that this is becoming an "Us vs. Them" mentality. The divisiveness is so strong right now that I think people won't even hear it. I cannot begin to understand the implications of racial discrimination, but I can listen and that's what I do. I don't know what else to do besides stand up to bigots, which is what I also do. Beyond that, I'm not sure what there is to say.

Yesterday was a very dark day in American history. I hope that it wasn't the day that historians mark as the day the country began to become necrotic.

Mystycl 11-11-2016 04:02 AM


Originally Posted by requiem (Post 532770)
What's the deal with the long waits for voting lines down there? Do they not have very many voting stations?

the 'rural' counties came out in DROVES to show our racists redneck bigoted side....
'the bubba vote' as chuck todd called it...


Mystycl 11-11-2016 04:05 AM

Its not just about Trump.... What scares me is knowing that I live in a country that is ok with racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, and SEXUAL ASSAULT!!!!!!!

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