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Yellowdog 02-10-2016 09:16 PM

One day after I said Rubio will end up the nominee, he imploded. I have no clue with the GOP. It's a shit show.

TheKdd 02-11-2016 03:59 AM


Originally Posted by TheArtistFrmlyKnownAs (Post 527659)
What makes you pro death penalty? I am torn on it myself. I would say that if there is a video of said person committing the crime then yes maybe (but then that depends on the circumstances) But I think if one innocent person convicted is put to death then it isn't worth it. My Mom was a conservative republican and she was against the death penalty. I think it was because she knew John Lotter's (Boy's Don't Cry) mother and knew what she and he went through due to his father. As for Sanders I dont believe for one minute we will get free college and I think that is one reason so many young people are voting for him. I also dont like the fact he switched to democrat for the election. I get why he did it but I want a candidate to stand by their convictions 100% Same reason I did not vote for Obama Not that I trust Hillary either. In the end I might not vote for president

He ran as a Democrat for two reasons. 1. he asked his supporters if he should run as a Democrat or Independent, everyone said Democrat so he wouldn't split the vote if he doesn't win. He didn't want to take that chance and have a Republican win. Basically, he was looking out for the Democrats by making that choice. 2. He has caucused with the Democrats forever and in reality is more of a Democrat than most Democrats based on voting record.

Free college is only one of many issues, and I don't believe that's the biggest reason young people are voting for him. From what I have seen, the biggest reason is the massive corruption in politics, the money changing hands to politicians and the favors being doled out that don't benefit the people. Personally of all candidates I have ever seen, he is the one candidate that has stood behind his convictions for the whole time he has been in office, whether you 100% agree with them or not. I don't agree with everything, but he's the closest to everything I do agree with if that makes sense. Clinton has changed her stance on so many things who the hell knows what she stands for. It changes every day depending on who she's talking to. She has no convictions as far as I've seen.

Do I think he can get all he wants accomplished? No of course not. But I would rather someone who sticks with his beliefs rather than someone who can be railroaded to compromise on our values. Plus let me just say... If he were to figure out how to get free college, I wouldn't call it "free." Our taxes have been paying for crap that doesn't benefit us for so long that it's time we get something out if it. It's not free if we are essentially paying for it.

Yellowdog 02-11-2016 08:57 AM

I love Bernie as a person, but he has no chance of winning once people realize most of what he wants to do will never materialize. But I'm hoping that his candidacy at least shows future candidates what rational people want. It may take decades to get it, but maybe Bernie can start the country going that way.

TheKdd 02-12-2016 02:42 AM

I'm voting for him in hopes that he can win, and with the hopes that other politicians begin to see that the people want them to get shit done for them. Our government is stuck and stale. I don't expect he can get everything done, but it's a start. We need to start somewhere, otherwise it just tells them what they are doing is fine. Things definitely need to shift and our politicians need to feel the pressure.

Yellowdog 02-12-2016 08:49 AM

Politicians don't give a damn about the country. They want their party to win. Bill Clinton and Obama were just left of center while in office, and the Republicans clogged everything up so that nothing can get down. With Bernie their heads will explode. The government will shut down. The whole thing is tragic. If Republicans weren't so batshit crazy we could move humanity upwards.

TheKdd 02-12-2016 03:02 PM

I'm totally ok with making their heads explode, mainly because nothing can get done anyway, what would be the difference. At the very least we could see a few decent executive orders.

In the meantime, the DNC just today lifted the ban on lobbyist donations that Obama put in place so Clinton can raise more money (from those she says she will fight.) Gimme a break. Really not a great idea for her campaign since this is the very reason so many are voting against her.

Yellowdog 02-12-2016 03:13 PM

People will forget enough to vote her in. That's always how it works. That's why politicians keep acting like assholes. Enough people will give them a pass.

Mystycl 02-13-2016 07:25 AM

im not voting for president.

it does not matter who the president is. it matters who congress is.
as we have seen with president obama, you cant do shit if you dont have congress in your pocket!!!!

if people want to change things, it starts at home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yellowdog 02-13-2016 03:43 PM

Not to sound ghoulish but I'm glad Scalia died. He was awful. Eight more years of a Democrat will mean 24 of 32 years with a Democrat, and before those years are up, the Supreme Court will be loaded with liberals.

TheKdd 02-14-2016 04:03 AM

I say to his family, sorry for your loss. I hope he gets treated better wherever he goes than he treated others.

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