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SassyGal 03-06-2013 06:07 PM

BBCA Show thread posts
I moved the show posts here except for the first 2 shows since they were done thru chatting!!

Aneal DR that his crying was acting trying to get as many sympathy votes as possible
Emmett DR says he told people not to tell Aneal anything!! Says he was crying & he just felt like laughing!! says Aneal not cut out for the game

Tom says he enjoys Liza easiest to talk to..but true allegience to Emmett..

Peter has a moose head talking to him tells him he has a secret mission and his card of quotes are in the DR must keeep secret or will be punished has 1 hour to getr the 3 quotes given into conversation to win a reward for himself & house!!
1st I am developing a rash in an awkward spot---tells Talla
2nd a woman knows the face of love the way a sailor know the sea--tells Liza
3rd the fool douth think he is wise but the wiseman knows he is a fool--tries with AJ but forgets the quote moos tells him he has to pass it off as his own---an argument is going on about poker so he said it to Andrew
Peter wins the house a reward...Moose jitting on Peter & told to keep Marcia the Moose a secret like it never happened!!

POV players
Jillian picks PeterAneal Pick AJ
Gary piks Dani out
Host to be Liza

comp Oh Snow you didn't
must make a snowball jump on the plateform & knockdown the snowman had to do 6

Gary wins POV he was in the lead the entire time but was down to his last snowball!!

Peter & Alec have had a secret alliance since day 1 they call themselves The Shield Alec told Hgs it was his birthday but it was a lie they plan to pull 1 prank each week on the other Hgs

Liza & Jillian know guys are in an alliance so they are having their own back-up plan

Peter tells the HG he was assigned a task to complete & the entire house even have nots gets a "Ski party" near HT that was voted on by the fans

Gary took the vodka for him & Dani & Talla
Talla brought the bottle back out & Tom jumped all over her for them being selfish


POV ceremony
Gary lets Aneal tell why should use it on him
Aneal raps an answers
Gary saves self
Jillian has to name a replacement --names Danielle says becuse you are the person I got to know least & are a strong competiter

DR-Dani we arranged this before
Liza says I told her it was 100% sure if she leaves I won't know how I will be able to look her in the eye

Eviction show tomorrow night

SassyGal 03-07-2013 07:01 PM

Eviction Show

review of alliances done Dani thinking she has votes to stay trusting she is just a pawn
Quatro thinking they are in charge--The Shield (Peter/Alec say usiing there Quatro to rule the house)

DR gary- Liza is a snake & she is working for Tom
tells that he is doing fashion show

Gary was the best looking woman in the fashion!!
Speeches made for last chance

Alec votes Dani
Tom- Dani
Topaz- Dani
Gary- Aneal
AJ- Dani
Liza- Dani
Talla- Aneal
Emmett- Dani
Andrew- Dani
Peter- Dani

Dani 8 votes Aneal 3 Dani is the second evicted
Dani blows past the others onlu hugs Gary talla & Suzette

on good-b7y message Peter tells her she is the first offical victim of Quatro

HoH comp Popular Vote---how you think majority of house will vote ( I wasn't fast enough to get the questions 2 finger typer!)
1- out Topez & Liza
2 out Talla Suzette & Gary
4- Alec out
6- none
tie break question How many liters of batter were used in the Batter Up challenge? Correct answer 3690
Emmett 990
Peter 1500
Aneal 333
AJ 140
Tom 1700

Tom wins HOH

SassyGal 03-10-2013 06:22 PM

Nom Show

Alec saying that Tom ios the shakey one in the Quarto alliance
Topaz in DR try to stick up for Gary...

Have not comp
3 teams pick color from bag no switching
Red Talla Peter Liza & Suzette
Green- Alec Topaz Jillian & Aneal
Blue- Gary Andrew AJ & Emmett

Blue first to catch 10 apples
Red secong
Green team are the have nots

Alec DR thinks no one will want to be his team anymore

Tom telling Emmett an over the top story from what he talked to Topaz about Suzette...tells him he will also put up gary but tell him if he wins POV will take him down & put AJ up

BB calls them to living room says that someone messed with one of the cameras & are in for one hell of a night
alarm goes off & they were given a task
1-human pyramid
2-all had to get in showers with it running for 5 minutes
3-had to brush the others teeth
4-hsd to do 15 jumping jacks then jump in pool & go under water
5- dance party with all limbs moving
6- had to make a froad from kitchen to stairs using only kitchen stuff all but 1 person had to be on knees stuff had to go from smallest to biggest----Gary slept in the hall

Gary & Topaz have named there secret alliance The Secret Wedding
they talk about G going to talk to Tom saying he will help Tom by doing his dirty work

Tom tells him he is going up but wants Suzette out needs him to win POV
G makes the dirty work speech
Tom tells him to get close to Topaz & Liza

Tom this game has gotten very personal & I want Suzette out of this house
Suzette-he is not going to break me
Gary- going on the block sucks
Time for NOm Ceremomy
E safe Liza, Aneal A, Talla, Topaz. Alec. Andrew, Jillian, Peter, AJ

Tom- I have nomimated you Gary & you Suzette
tells Gary good luck in veto
tells Suzette she smirked that she is a liar
DR Suzy- you big move to try & get a plus size girl that is 30-40 pounds overweight

Wed POV------------announcer says there will be a twist where Canada gets the Power of Veto

SassyGal 03-13-2013 06:09 PM

POV Show
POV Show

Tom pissed that Suzette disrespected him by snickering during nom ceremony.

Suzette DR not going to make it easy on them
Gary DR can't beat them have to join them this week for his game...says right now that Tom king of castle but the king has to go

Petr Topez Emmett Alec all in there DRs say Tom is out of control letting power go to head

Peter in DR he likes her a lot says Liza only other that understand game as well as he does

Peter Dr says Tom needs to go hopes that he can convince Liza very soon

Alec DR mocking AJs workout routine
Peter mocks too

Andrew in storeroom answers the phone BB task must be secret or serious consequences choose any reason cook worst meal ever but your housemates must compliment you on it the reward will be pizza & beer.....he tells them it would have been dads 70th birthday....makes carbonara

Jillian DR not sure Andrew knows what doing cooking

Served meal people eat then drink a lot after a bite all DRs say how gross but Tom tells him he is getting seconds meal super amazing
Phone rings they said it was for Andrew told task completed & pizza in storeroom...they enjoyed beer & pizza
Tallahassee drunk does lap dance for Aneal
Guys wondering why she picked a gay guy

Picking veto players

Tom DR with players that were picked have to do it on my own
Gary DR puts on guy persona to get ready for comp

Hockey rink in BY
BB Puck-Off pics of the players in goal must eliminate everyone else must answer questions to get a to take a shot last one standing wins POV
How many minutes handcuffed to partner? 465
Aneal gets a shot & takes out Gary he was aiming for Suzette
How many aples wer shot? 61
How any wights
Suzette-aims for Tom but eliminates herself---- says Tom you get your wish you fucking redneck
Talla I am now the coach Keep it civil

How many where put into house
Tom takes out Topaz
How many balloons in the balloon popper challenger
Tom takes out Aneal & wins the POV

Gary Dr have no choice but to trust Tom
Suzette made an inappropriate comment to Tom not happy with myself have to put big girl pants on and apologize to Tom

Tom says not welcome in room she was on way up ask others if she can talk to him alone
Suzette said she wishes she had come to him directly first and is sorry
Tom I forgive her for the comment but I still want her out

Gary has never done laundry
Tom trying to show him how to do it

HOH AJ up Tom says asking a favor by going up in Gary's place says he is a nice kid but terrible game player

AJ DR very confident will be a 10-0 vote. Thinks he is the safest pawn in BB history

Tom DR says he will owe AJ for stepping up to help physical players

Peter Alec chatting about getting rid of Tom next week
Peter DR say he need to go for game & so he can get more Liza time

Jillian went to Tom to try to leave Gary on the block---says it is in best interest for Gary to go home Tom tells her concerns valid but Gary will be up & out next week

POV Ceremony
Suzette I would like opportunity to stay in house I would like to be here a couple weeks longer
Gary I would like to be here if you use POV on me I would be indebted to you
Tom I have deceived to use power on Gary...my replacement nominee is AJ

Suzette DR AJ is up I am going to do whatever to try & stay

Gary DR even if he is a pawn pawns do go home

Arias comes on Canada you have the chance to make a Power Shift who will you save tomorrow night AJ or Suzette? May go to BBCA website to vote!

SassyGal 03-14-2013 06:57 PM

Not sure if I will find a stream the one was I using has been shut down

found this one...fingers crossed


SassyGal 03-14-2013 07:12 PM

Eviction Show #3
Eviction Show

Recap of past week

DRs about AJ being confident in being a pawn sure it will be 10-0 vote

Liza DR strategy to be close with all the boys individually
Tom saw her in hammock but he thinks it is Andrew...he tell E that Andrew is talking F-2 with Liza
Emmett Dr says Liza a snake but Tom can't see it so she is dangerous to them all
Peter Dr says has a very secret alliance
The other 3 of Quatro chatting about how Liza is making decisions thru Tom

Arias says will find out which Canada voted to save & which will go home

Showing that Suzette needs to campaign at Gary's encouragement......she is talking to others but they all want to know what she is offering....

Tom & AJ a says pawn of pawns T says seat warmer

Arias talks to hgs Tom doesn't think power went to his head
Arias speaking in 3rd person asks why he talks in 3rd person....he says people like it
Arias tells them about to drop a major twist...tells that thousands & thousands of Canadians voted to save either AJ or Suzette
Arias announces that Canada safes Suzaette
Tom looks pissed!!!!
Arias tells him he has to choose a replacement & because used POV on Gary he can't be nominated!!!

Tom & Emmett chat I storeroom about who to put up

Tom puts Aneal up for eviction

Given last chance to plead case
AJ wants them to know he has grown to love each of them...lots of laugh at his expense hopes it continues
Aneal not sure what to say vote with your heart thank you bb Canada for this opportunity

Andrew votes Aneal
Topaz- Aneal
Emmett- Aneal
Talla- Aneal
Gary- Aneal

Jillian- AJ
Alec- Aneal
Liza- AJ
Peter- Aneal
Suzette- Aneal
Votes 8-2 Aneal is evicted

Tom kissed Suzette

Aneal gets a standing ovation
Arias did you see that coming?
Aneal No----I got double back doomed you could say!
Arias says his thesis is going to be on his BB experience

HOH comp next

HOH comp--- hgs dressed like bees----- The Bees Knees fill you hive first with the pollen balls on the flowers must also have besides yellow 3 each of blue & red can' use hands to transport
They are stuffing them under the costume i
If you transport with hands get disqualified
Gary in the lead with Alec behind him

Emmet comes from nowhere & wins HOH

Arias asks Suzette how feeling about twist
Suzette says I am in shock thank you Canada
AJ says a little upset that Canada doesn't like me as much Suzette

Tom telling how bad he feels about doing that to Aneal
Suzette smirking while Tom talking!

Emmett say wi. For his family & friends

Next Thursday first Double Eviction of the season

aztekpm 03-15-2013 01:38 PM

Hmmm, hadn't heard anything, so went to the website and they've posted on twitter the following:

Big Brother Canada After Dark will not air tonight but will return March 17th at 2 AM ET / 11 PM PT

We are addressing last night’s HOH competition. Tune in Sunday night at 9 PM ET/PT to find out what went down. #BBCAN

It’s a busy day in the #BBCAN house so live feeds will be down for the day

I didn't see it personally nor on the video, the pic is available on the web, so not sure when he had it in his hand. *Will see if I can find anything else.

Edited to Add:
Okay, I just viewed the show and he had turned and was running back to put his balls in his container, with one in hand, so, yes, he did cheat @ 38:41 min of the live show video. Took my own cap:


SassyGal 03-15-2013 10:48 PM

Per Artist watching feeds tonight Emmett dethroned as HOH comp redone Gary won!!!!!

ABondgirl00 03-17-2013 05:55 AM

I hope Gary targets Liza and sends her out the door.

SassyGal 03-17-2013 06:03 PM

I am still looking for a stream fingers crossed because tonight should be a good show

got one

http://www.justin.tv/bbcaviewer#/w/5140114768 for tonights show

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