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TheKdd 01-18-2017 05:03 PM

Stranded with a Million Dollars
Alright so whether you love it or not, I need EVERYONE to either watch or record this show if you can... let's just say we need a season two here. (My husband worked on this.) Personally I think it looks more interesting than Survivor anyway (who actually was filming at the same time an island over lol.) I can tell you some crazy things do go down in this.


requiem 01-18-2017 08:39 PM

I will watch this for sure KC! Looks fun.

19wingz 01-19-2017 09:16 AM

This looks interesting!! Did he have fun doing it??

Also - I was gonna say this is totally up Robbie's alley!!

requiem 01-19-2017 01:35 PM

Yeah, this is totally up my alley!!!! I would be shocked if I don't enjoy the hell out of it. Lol

19wingz 02-21-2017 02:01 PM


requiem 02-21-2017 02:09 PM

I would be so pissed if I were playing for a million dollars and my group voted to get pizza. It would be that kind of moment where I'd be trying to get people to quit. Haha.

TheKdd 02-21-2017 06:48 PM

Omg you will LOVE this... it gets more and more dramatic as you go... there are people that will REALLY piss you off eventually lolol

Mystycl 02-23-2017 04:58 AM

damit, missed it.... when does it come on again?

requiem 02-23-2017 09:11 AM

Grrrrrr! I don't have MTV, iTunes doesn't seem to be selling it and I can't even find a stream on my Andriod box.

Not finding it makes me want to watch it even more!!!

I think it comes on Monday nights Myst.

requiem 02-26-2017 10:46 AM

Oh my god! This was so shockingly good!!!!!!!!

- I can't believe they didn't buy the machete!!!!!! It's $10,000 you are going to be very thankful you have spent.

- I love that they have to move camps every four days. I originally thought it would be stupid to buy tents at a high cost of $30,000 but knowing they have to move often, I would spend the cash over building a new camp every few days. You just aren't going to have the energy for that.

- The two alpha dudes are going to be annoying and good for drama. I hope they eventually fall hard! Lol.

- I love that it doesn't feel like there are 40 people walking around with cameras. It feels a lot more isolating than survivor, which I think adds a lot in the long run. My only complaint on this is the excessive shots of the drones. We get it, please stop showing us. Lol.

- The temptation part of the show was REALLY REALLY GREAT!!!!! I will look forward to these each episode for sure.

- The cast seems fun. Not very diverse, but they seem perfectly casted to set the tone for this show now and going forward.

- I hate the music through out the episode. It completely took me out of the element each and every time it started.


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