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Leo 09-13-2012 05:11 PM

Oh, I also want to point out that, before Alex was evicted, I started talking to him about the alliance of Jarrod, Kel, and Kali. They all seemed to be on the boards at the same time, and I had a gut feeling that they were working together. I told him that the next time I won HOH, that I wasn't going to put up Jarrod. I already aimed at him and missed, and I didn't think I'd have the votes. But I would put up Kel and Kali together to force Jarrod to choose. Kali went missing around this time, so that strategy never came into play.

Mystycl 09-13-2012 05:14 PM


Originally Posted by TheKdd (Post 407482)
Hey! I think. LOL Not so sure how to take that LOLOL

compliment!!!!! trust me! :love:

Originally Posted by TheKdd (Post 407488)
Like I said, I think Leo got a bad rap. He was pretty up front with those who he was loyal to (like me) and seriously was the come back kid, or at least that's the way I saw it. Before I was fully with him, I helped to set up this ongoing battle between him and Jarrod's alliance... And now looking at that, Jarrod's alliance was MASSIVE. Plus, he had to deal with the Alex thing too... He was pretty alone until we got together.

Yes, his social game was a little lacking... but the thing is with me, I didn't see the social aspect as a game. I was just having fun like I always do, and I liked everyone, so it wasn't really a game... But it helped.

My game, in summary, was basically to align myself with only a few people and stab anyone I thought that may have been with them to make sure they were with me and me only. Anyone I didn't align with must be with someone else, so they were expendable as well. The only person that I was not really after (and wasn't aligned with me) was Kel because, well, she was too sweet to do anything to LOL

well, he got mad at me when i told him i would keep alex, but didnt. that was the last time i remember talking to him...

sorry leo, i dont dislike you at all!!!! i really think youre cool :wink: wish i had gotten to know you.... but we can start now cant we?

Leo 09-13-2012 05:21 PM

Kel won the next HOH. I was NOT HAPPY! I tried to PM her to keep myself safe, but it was one of those "too little too late" scenarios. I even told her that putting me on the block would prove to the rest of the house that her and Jarrod were working together. I basically wanted to know why she wanted to do his dirty work for him. I said some things in the thread this week about Kel not playing the game for herself, but playing it for Jarrod instead. That was kind of a low blow and I feel bad about that one.

I go on the block against Al, someone I had never talked to much in the game. I knew I was the target, even though Kel told me I wasn't. I was able to pull out a veto win, which was incredible for me!

It was my understanding that Kel was going to put up Cody as the replacement. I had been talking to Cody since he came back into the game. I PMed him immediately to let him know that I wasn't one of the votes to send him out and that I campaigned like hell to keep him here. That was all it took to secure his loyalty and I ran with it. This was the week I needed it the most.

All of the behind-the-scenes stuff with KC was happening, which I knew nothing about until later (KC told me the story in a PM) I never even knew she asked to go on the block. When she did go up, I honestly thought someone had told Kel that she and I were working together. So, I went to work to save her. I knew I had Cody's vote. I PMed Kel and Jarrod and offered them a Final 4 deal with me and KC. I told them that the entire house has been setting up me and Jarrod to go after one another, so why should we give them what they want? We should just team up and take them all out. I, of course, had no idea about the already-formed alliance between KC, Kel, and Jarrod. But, I got a PM from Jarrod saying they were in and that we would all go to Final 4 together. When the vote came back 3-3, and Kel evicted Al, I was extremely proud of myself.

Leo 09-13-2012 05:22 PM


Originally Posted by Mystycl (Post 407558)
well, he got mad at me when i told him i would keep alex, but didnt. that was the last time i talked to him...

sorry leo, i dont dislike you at all!!!! i really think youre cool :wink: wish i had gotten to know you.... but we can start now cant we?

Well, I was on the block against Alex, so I doubt I got mad that you didn't keep him :)

Mystycl 09-13-2012 05:26 PM


Originally Posted by Leo (Post 407545)
I applied for this game, not thinking I had a chance in hell at being chosen. So, right from the bat, I was just shocked and excited to be here. Alex and I had no idea that we were both playing. Of course, on Day 1 we figured it out, and it was inevitable that we were going to work together. My initial strategy was to play the role of the really fun, outgoing house guest who didn't have to win a lot of competitions to stay in the game. For the first week or so, I really made an effort to make small talk with everyone and to post in the house thread as much as possible. I even tried to participate in a couple of the truth or dare games, but no one ever asked me "truth or dare" so I felt a little out of place. I was quickly learning that Jarrod and Robbie were both vying for the title of LOUDEST HOUSE GUEST. I can cut up and shoot the shit with the best of them, but I knew they had both already staked their claim in the popularity department. So, I decided to be a background player, not making any unnecessary waves, and only win competitions after I made the jury.

When we voted for HOH, I voted for Pink. This was the first day and I already didn't want Jarrod to hold any sort of power. I felt like every thing he was doing, such as making the banner and the avatars, was part of his game play, and I felt like everyone was falling for it. I, personally, wanted to barf. He was named HOH and nominated Myst and Josh. I never spoke to Josh once, but I did have a couple of PM conversations with Myst in which I tried to comfort her. This was the time when she was upset because of her schedule and blah,blah,blah. I genuinely felt bad for her, so I was rooting for her to win. And she did. YAY!

you did!!!! and i have saved those pms too!!! :D

TheKdd 09-13-2012 05:31 PM

Leo, I just want to say... It was awesome being teamed up with you :) I really had a great time.

Leo 09-13-2012 05:32 PM

Next was the duos twist. This was my least favorite week in the house. KC won HOH, so that was great, but the she was paired with Jarrod, so he was safe. That was the worst case scenario for me. Sure, we had just made a Final 4 deal, but I at least wanted the option. I was actually really happy to be paired with Pink. I didn't want her to leave the game, and I knew I should be safe. The plan was to backdoor Robbie/Cody. I didn't want to Cody to leave, but I didn't mind if Robbie did. I was one of the last ones to play for veto. When I saw that Pink was at the top, I decided to relax a little, not try so hard. She won it. I never even thought to PM her to make sure she would use it. I remember her PMing me a couple of times prior to this about how she was soooo alone in the game and that she didn't think she was cut out for all of the lying and backstabbing. Give me a break. Or at least that's how I felt when she didn't use the veto. She had just cried to me about the negative aspect of this game and then she pulled one of the most selfish moves in the history of BB. This was my opinion from the outside of what really happened. I actually think it was kind of bad ass now that I know all the details. It worked because I campaigned my ass off to stay. I even tried to get Mikey to convince Pink to hit the red button :) He digressed. Again, I knew I had Cody's vote, and I never once campaigned to Jarrod because I thought it was a lock for him to vote for Kel to stay. So, I worked Robbie. I promised him everything under the sun. I told him that sending home Myst/Kel would be breaking up 2 alliances... KC/Myst and Jarrod/Kel.

I would also like to point out a conversation that KC and I had toward the end of this week. She asked me if I thought Pink did this on purpose because she knew she was staying. That's when it started to click for us that Robbie and Pink might have something going on. It was all speculation at this point.

When the vote came back 3-0 and Jarrod evicted Kel, I was stunned. I told KC that there was no way we could trust him from this point forward. He had to go. If he would turn on who we thought was his main alliance member just like that, then he would do the same thing to us.

Mikey 09-13-2012 05:32 PM

I know SEVERAL of you will be making All-Stars! Like at least 12 of you...I'll let you figure who might not make the cut! MWAHAHA.

Leo 09-13-2012 05:33 PM


Originally Posted by TheKdd (Post 407566)
Leo, I just want to say... It was awesome being teamed up with you :) I really had a great time.

Well, sure... it worked out really well for one of us... ahem...

Mystycl 09-13-2012 05:34 PM


Originally Posted by Leo (Post 407552)
Majority Rules was the next HOH. I didn't think I would win. No way. When the results were revealed, I think I peed on myself a little bit. I didn't want this HOH AT ALL! It was too early for me to win anything or to get blood on my hands. This was the time when "Power Player" Justin came to me and informed me that KC and Myst could read PMs. Instead of spreading the rumor, I DRed to Mikey about it. He said no. Case closed for me. I knew that I wasn't going to put up Myst. I felt bad for the way things went down the first week for her. She wasn't going up as a nominee or replacement nominee. I had already voted to evict Justin, so putting him up was easy. Then, I chose KC as the other nominee because she was actually the person in the game who I had talked to the least. I never heard from her (or tried to talk to her) until I became HOH. I didn't name either of them as my target, I just wanted one of them out.

KC wins veto. I'm pissed. I did not want to have to make nominations at all and now I have make a third?! Bull shit! That's when it happened...

Alex approached me with a Facebook conversation he had with Robbie about Jarrod being a dangerous player, and wanting to come after me. I believed it because in Week 1 when Jarrod asked me if I voted for him to be HOH, I gave him one of my very cool non-answers. He knew I didn't, so of course he probably wanted me out. Then, Alex told me that he fabricated a story and told Robbie that Jarrod told him that he wanted Robbie out. Alex thought he was racking up the votes to send Jarrod out, but I still wasn't sure. It made me so nervous, and I really did think Jarrod deserved to make the jury. All of the hard work that made me barf in Week 1 actually earned a spot in my cold BB heart at this point. I didn't want Jarrod to go. If Alex wanted him out so bad, then he should have won HOH and pulled the trigger. Instead, I'm going to be the one to take the fall for it. So, I confided in my fellow alliance-mate Pink. We had a very sincere conversation about what I should do because I was truly torn. I told her I wanted to make a move that would benefit out alliance. The sweet, kind lady that she was, she told me to do what was best for my game and to not listen to what everyone else wanted. She told me that, in the end, you'll have to answer for yourself and no one else. I slept on that piece of advice that night. But I thought if I didn't put up Jarrod, then I would disappoint Alex. And he already promised me that he had the votes to get him out. Turns out he didn't. I made a lot of enemies, and I lost 2 alliance members, Robbie and Pink, which it turns out I never had in the first place.

dude! :bawl:

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