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My entire family supports Trump.

We got into a public fight yesterday about gay marriage and this lovely woman in KY. My brother used phrases such as "butt hole hurt (pun intended)" "It will be repealed" just to mention a few notable comments. And my Mother believes Christianity is under persecution but Islam isn't. I just cocked my head real slightly with eyes that read, "Are you joking?"

I'm honestly so over this election cycle already and it hasn't even happened yet. Working 2012 as an actual campaigner, I can't even get involved this go around. It makes me disgusted to hear what people are saying and the discourse that is allowed in American media. It's open bigotry and nobody even bats an eye. Which I don't know if it's more sad that it's open, or that we as a society have devolved to the point of enabling it to be relevant still in political discourse.

I'm also exhausted hearing about "BENGHAZI!!!!!!" and "THE E-MAILS!" And whatever happened during Bill Clinton's presidency.

Is it bad that I don't even know all the Republican candidates? Also, who is this Bernie Sanders guy?
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