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Default knee issues

Here's an issue I've just started having with my left knee (and left knee only). For the past few days, I've gotten sudden severe pain in my left knee after running. I don't have any pain at all while running, so it's hard to predict when/if it's going to hit after running. Basically what happens is when I'm done running, I get back in my car to go to work or home. About 20-30 feet after getting out of my car (being off my feet for 15-20 minutes) and walking, it feels like somebody is stabbing my knee with an ice pick or other sharp object. The pain is sudden and severe and about takes me off my feet. It mainly feels like it starts along the outside of my knee joint and the pain works its way into the joint. It stays that way most of the day, but by late afternoon, the pain is more of a dull pain and almost gone by evening. Any ideas???
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