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Yeah, they come back into the house after summer to find warmth where they hide all winter until spring, then they come out in force again. But you still see them all year, just less in winter. They were first discovered in 1998 in eastern PA, but now they are a menace, killing a lot of fruit throughout the country. Some people have to kill THOUSANDS of them in their house. Luckily I've only had no more than a few at a time though I know there are many thousands hiding in the house in winter. Everybody has that and there's no getting away from it. The little bastards came from Japan and now it's reaching major infestation stage because the little bastards won't die and because they aren't from here the other insects and birds don't know that they can eat them. The only thing that kills them off are a little Asian wasp, smaller than a gnat, that lays their eggs inside the eggs of the stink bug eggs, but they are afraid to unleash them here because they don't know what the little wasps will do when they get here.
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