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5:44 AM PT 4:24 AM Cody out of DR to KT, time, snack, upstairs to HOH, moves his pictures to couch, listens to music & snacks. 4:31 AM Stars! 4:43 AM Feeds return to Cody getting into HOH bed, reading HOH letter, & listening to music. 4:44 AM All cams on a sleepy HN BR. -Scott3325
4:14 AM PT 3:45 AM NicF & Dani go into Photo BR & climb into beds. Visible HGs in Photo & HN BRs quiet in beds. -Scott3325
1:22 AM PT 12:39am: David doesnít know what OTEV stands for. He finally figures it out: Oh, veto. Finally got it. Tyler: Itís veto backwards. David: I knew it had something to do with veto. -PowerofVito
1:09 AM PT Enzo says Kevin says been on the block 5 times. He does not want to see it 6 times. Cody says that Tyler is not voting out David, Nicole says David is coming for me. I framed him. Enzo says what the F are we doing. Cody says David is going after Memphis -silverspoons
1:07 AM PT Christmas goes out and hugs David and tells him thank you for listening to her vent. Christmas says do not regret decisions. Christmas says she loves why he did it and should talk more about it. -silverspoons
1:05 AM PT Christmas says she respects David for wanting to donate money but she sees the path, the longer you stay in the house the better. She says it is not her journey and she has to respect it. -silverspoons
1:04 AM PT David says I had to take control and win money for my cause. Christmas says great. She is looking at it from a game position. David leaves. Tyler comes in. Christmas says she is pissed. Says we should have kept Nicole A -silverspoons
1:03 AM PT Christmas says you are a crossfitter you do not give up, you fight. David says he has other reasons for being there. Christmas says she love this game and is expressing her frustrations. Christmas says you are part of the crossfit community. -silverspoons
1:01 AM PT Christmas says she is going to be straight up with David. Christmas tells David the story of Frankie playing the comp alone when Caleb would not play. Christmas says no matter where you are,you fight for your life. People will not respect you for giving up. -silverspoons
12:54 AM PT David says he is donating any winnings to black lives matter causes. David says he is donating prizes not his earnings. Christmas says when you are on the block, and you choose a prize over the veto, it is a reason for pause. It is the block aspect. -silverspoons
12:52 AM PT David says he feels like everyone will be in the pool. Dani says it will be like a party. Christmas says Ballsy. David says what? Christmas says you know. David says Ballsy and he panicked. She says Ballsy. David says it helps him achieve personal goals -silverspoons
12:36 AM PT Dani says this week she is going to study. There is nothing else to do. -silverspoons
12:35 AM PT Nicole says I would take the DE HoH. I just need a letter and the power for an hour. Nicole says who would I put up. Dani says Tyler and who? Dani says no Enzo as a pawn. -silverspoons
12:29 AM PT Dani says Enzo is useless with questions. Dani says she thinks Tyler knows everything. Nicole says Day told Kevin the answers. Dani says Great. Dani says she does not know if Christmas knows questions -silverspoons
12:27 AM PT Dani says Enzo can't win jack lately. Dani says she is not good at questions. Dani is worried about the DE. Nicole says she will be good at questions. Nicole says she won 2 question comps in 16 but that is when she was in nursing school -silverspoons
12:24 AM PT Nicole says what is your plan for the night. Dani does not know. Nicole kind of wants to go upstairs. Dani says not till Christmas is gone and Tyler is probably up there. Dani says you or Enzo have to win HoH. or maybe she would feel safe with Memphis. -silverspoons
12:23 AM PT Nicole says she thinks Ian would have had a hard time with Otev. Nicole says usually you do not need the ropes but this time you did. Dani said it looked like Nicole was going to break her neck. -silverspoons
12:20 AM PT Nicole says Christmas should be happy she does not have to fight for her life. Nicole says it is not sensitive to those that have to play 5 times to fight for their lives. -silverspoons
12:20 AM PT Tyler saying they know for a fact (ed: assumption) David went for 10K in HOH too, and now has 15K. Cody/Christmas agree. Christmas says good for him. Cody says he's not getting any more extra and going to sit in the jury house next week. -M3gabyt3
12:18 AM PT Dani says Christmas acts like a kid. Dani says when it was OETV Christmas was upset she was not playing. She wanted a shirt, she was touching all the stuff. feeds cut -silverspoons
12:18 AM PT Dani says that Cody promised her David would go this week if Day went last. Then that thing happened. Nicole says what thing, Dani say that thing, Oh. Now Dani does not know if Cody will honor it. -silverspoons
12:10 AM PT Dani says David did not try to win, Kevin did not come close. Nicole says she will do what Dani wants. Dani says everyone is mad at David. Dani says she has not talked to Cody. Nicole wants to talk to Cody but not when others are there. -silverspoons
12:08 AM PT Dani thought Cody was going to be out first. Nicole says I am so annoyed. Dani says I am speechless, flabbergasted. Nicole said it did not upset me. Dani said really, it is all stars and he did not even try. -silverspoons
12:06 AM PT Dani says she has zero respect for David after tonight. Dani says David did not try. He is a liar. He got 15k in like 5 minutes. Dani wants David gone, she is voting him out. I will make everyone vote him out. -silverspoons
12:05 AM PT Dani tells Nicole not to worry , BB will not show Nicole falling for 10 minutes on the show. They will show 1-2 clips. Nicole hopes they make it funny

DAVID CHOSE 10 GRAND OVER THE VETO while he sits on the block!!!!!!!!!
please god let them vote his ass out!!!!!!

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