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See ya later Zeke!! I started out a huge fan of his and I highly respect his game play. But the cocky attitude and personal attacks last week had me rooting against him...I have no doubt in my mind that he will play survivor again.

I feel bad for Will!! He made a big move to build his resume and it becomes a complete non-point thanks to Adam playing his idol. Poor kid! Lol

Another idol used for someone else and another wasted idol. That said, Adam did really well on this episode on all counts. His use of the advantage was smart, the building of his loyalty with the idol was smart and his emotion at the loved ones visit was beautiful. His story towards the finals continues.

Ken, Ken, hypocrite. Ken would be easy to beat in the finals, I imagine other castaways are agreeing.

I had a feeling that next week someone will break up the Adam, Hanna and David alliance. The alliance is too obvious and strong.

Who would have thought Jay would still be here and still have an idol!?!
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