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Originally Posted by CappieSux View Post
I hate the fourth book....Soooo many bad PoVs.

But the other three books are genius. I'm rereading Sword of Storms right now. Dreading certain parts, haha. It's so good and the characters are sooo real and vivid(except in four, where the characters are one dimensional or just down right grating)

The show was amazing. Beyond amazing. OMG amazing. Everything was...WOW...The casting, the setting, the writing, EVERYTHING.

Already pre-ordered A Dance With Dragons on my kindle. Can't wait.

Here is hoping the next book doesn't take 5 years..
Agreed about the 4th book. I was ready to kill at some points, because I was so bored. I was craving more about the Stark children, but they were like non-existent or even Sam. The 5th book is supposed to be about the other characters that were neglected in the 4th. The end of the 4th book was good, at the least.

Here's to hoping...
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