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Default Week 1 DR Questions

1) How did the announcement of the first week twist change your first week strategy?
A: Not really at all.. well that's only considering i never really had a strategy! I feel like its best coming into a season with no strategy for the simple reason that i don't know what the twists are so why come in with something that will be changed anyways?

2) If there were an HOH challenge this week, who would you have nominated and why?
A: Probably Dee and Serena because they haven't talked to me much and i find it best to use that as an excuse for the first week and go off of that from there. But of course i will take in whatever my fellow housemates say as to who i would put up since i don't want a huge target on my back week one.

3) Who is under estimated? Why?
A: Serena because no one is even thinking of her as a gameplayer because she doesn't talk to anyone. A lot of people just shove her off as week, but who knows what she would plan if she would win HOH which can be very dangerous. Based on that fact i feel she is/could be really underestimated.

4) If you got to chose who left the game 1st, instead of YakMerica, who would you have evicted? Why?
A: First off, I trust YakMerica to make the right choice (no buttkissing intended ) but in all honesty, again, because I don't know where her head is at and a lot of people want her gone for that reason, I would probably evict Serena. (But then again this is what this week is for, for us to chose) Should be interesting!

5) From 1 to 100, what percent chance do you think you have of being voted out this week and why?
A: 10 mainly because if anyone would have told certain people that they were coming after me, they would have ran back to me.. that hasn't happened so it seems to me that I am not the target this week. However you always have those people that want to make big moves way to fast so it's still a possibility.

6) Rank your HG's on who you like/trust the most, to who you don't like/trust the least.
A: 1- Most trusted/liked HG- Heba
2- Dandre
3- Luke
4- Mike
5- Erik
6- Jackson
7- Brandon
8- Dee
9- Least trusted/liked HG- Serena

7) Is there anything else you'd like to tell us? Feel free to tell us anything else that's on your mind if you want to, but this question is not required.
A: There is one big alliance, in which I'm included in. It consists of Dandre, Heba, Luke, Mike, and Mr. Old Man of the group lol. We also had brandon but i'm not completely sure what happened with him, I guess he told us to vote him out. So luckily for Serena I don't think she will be the one leaving this week.
P.S. Thank you YakMerica for keeping me safe this week (Once again No buttkissing Intended )

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