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Default Is this really safe??

Okay, I'm a big MMA fan, and I'm always watching videos/shows on their preparations for a fight. One thing that's always perplexed me is their period of "weight cut". It seems like they hardly eat at all and bring themselves to a point of dehydration so bad that they can barely sweat, no matter the effort. One instance I remember specifically is when a fighter got a call to fill in for a fight at 185 pounds, and his "walk around weight" was at 217. The problem was that he only had 10 days to drop 32 pounds. I listened to his interview afterwards (he actually won the fight), and he said that he pretty much subsisted off a big tablespoon of peanut butter a day while burning over 10,000 calories. This went on for 10 days.

My question is: Is this really safe/healthy?? Are they causing harm to their bodies for a bit of temporary glory??
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