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I thought the prime-time coverage was going to suck when I kept hearing announcers talk over the Opening Ceremony performances. I don't need Matt Lauer and Meredith Viera (sp?) telling me that guys dressed as Sgt. Pepper's Band are examples of British culture. and I can I can recognize a Mary Poppins army when I see it, n need for commentary, thanks.

I knew it was going to suck when I saw Seacrest introduce a Phelps puff piece.
No, not that kind of puffing.

Kudos to all of you that enjoy the men's swimming events and the paegantr that's been drummed up by the media about it, but me, I couldn't enjoy Phelps vs. Lochte even if was done Thunderdome style.

As for live coverage. Only event I wanted to watch today as it aired live was, as some of you would guess, U.S. versus. North Korea - Women's Soccer.
Did that air on NBC or MSNBC? Nope, the latter showed France vs. Colombia, I think, and the matchup I wanted was only shown on "premium channels".

So yeah, not a big fan of the coverage. But if Tom Jones recovers from bronchitis and performing at the Closing Ceremonies, all is forgiven.
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