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I wasn't sure Heidi's golden buzzer tonight was worth much. I think it was way too over produced.

Love Samuel J Comroe. He's hilarious. Loved that last joke with the being in a black party and having tourette's and blink twice if he's in danger. LMAO.

Duo Transcend is great.

Front Pictures just didn't do it for me. Their stuff is amazing, but the story was boring. It was beautiful but I couldn't go to a show of that.

Shin is a killer magician.

IDK if I get the hype of the hell dancers as everyone else. I mean they're great. I just don't know if they're as amazing as I'm meant to believe.

Us the Duo is great. It's too bad their song tonight wasn't that good. I agree with the judges. Their sound is unique but the song wasn't my fave.
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