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“Be better people”

That’s the take away from this week’s episode and this year’s season.

2 players were removed from the game this week. 2. In one week. Big Brother played the coward and did not show us what happened and barely took note to say what happened verbally. Here is what I’ve found out.

Jamar was the first houseguest removed from the game. It apparently started during the house meeting called by his showmance Min, after both found out that key players in their games were playing them. From what I can find online, it seems like an argument broke out between Jamar and Kyle that escalated quickly. At one point Jamar held up his fingers to resemble a gun and pointed it at Kyle, along with numerous threatening comments. Jamar is said to have apologized, but Kyle and his girl Vanessa spoke to producers about feeling uncomfortable resulting in Jamar’s elimination.

Shortly after this, we were informed that Kyle had been removed from the game, stating that his behaviour on and off the feeds was the reasoning. It sounds as if this may be a little shady on the producers behalf although not totally incorrect. Kyle was just as heated during that argument with Jamar, also threatening him multiple times. It is believed that Kyle’s removal was in response to the online fans who quickly questioned why Jamar only received punishment and were accused for racism. Kyle has shown some questionable behaviour for sure on the show. Highly aggressive mixed with a bully mentality, From what I’ve read online, he has been very racist on the feeds.

So that is what’s going on in BB Canada. 4 people are out of the game with only 1 of them actually being evicted. Producers have called for a game reset, have told the houseguests to be better people and we move on from here.

I have hope with Kyle being gone that the reset can actually happen. With that level of aggression gone, I hope players forge new paths and we have a game based on the game and not whatever the fuck this has been.
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