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Default Rock... meet hard place!

I struggle with this information in a couple different ways:

1. Iíve ALWAYS believed that what other people get paid is their business. Period. Until now, when I find out the difference.
2. I was never offered a chance to this position, which I am more qualified for.
3. In the past, if Iím in someoneís office that may have confidential information, I just donít look. I donít want to know more than I am supposed to. That is also why if I see something laying around that at 1st glance could be confidential I make sure I get it to someone who wouldnít be affected by any confidential information. Iíve worked in offices for some time now where I can hear stuff or see stuff that isnít meant for me, and I try not to put myself in a position where I have information I shouldnít so that I have no chance of spilling confidential info accidently.
4. The way I received this information was a HUGE error in our HR dept. and if I say anything, it could affect her job or her credit greatly, and I just donít want to be that person. BUTÖ I could so benefit from this knowledge.
5. I love my job, love the company I work for, enjoy coming to work every dayÖ until now. Itís killing me to know that I work my but off, go above & beyond my ďjob descriptionĒ, and someone comes in and gets compensated substantially more than I do. Especially when I am more qualified! This has happened before so I donít know if itís just me, because Iím fat & unattractive, because I donít advocate for myself, or just so stupid that I canít demand more.

I sit at my desk holding back tears almost all day. Iím not mad at the girl they hired, and I donít think Iím actually mad at my company. Iím just disappointed that they think Iím not worth as much as someone else, and disappointed in myself for not being able to stand up & say something 

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