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Default Big Brother Canada 7

3 episodes in and it looks BERY promising. Generally, I love the entire cast. A mix of pretty and normal although age wise, the usual problems....That said, itís remarkable that the entire house is populated with superfans living for the moment. There is only 1 houseguest who hasnít watched the show and he was nominated for that exact reason, which I loved.

Itís always a little frustrating when the pretty people dominate and go after the average joes. The members of ďthe pretty boy allianceĒ (seriously barf) are in control for the second eviction in a row so obviously the short and quirky non-binary is in trouble. *eye roll*

The have not room is a miss. They can sleep in there with only a minor discomfort.

First week favourites :

- Mark : Heís the eye candy, heís got a few great alliances and he seems cocky but likeable.

- The gay Asian fellow : I didnít see a good houseguest in him at first but I think he might go far. I see him holding his cards tight and building the foundation of an amazing social game.

I also loved the hockey player with the teeth after he shared the story of his father committing suicide last May. It was an emotion few moments and I think this guy is gonna be a gem.

Anyone else watching?
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