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Mama was evicted, but went out with a BANG!

To poorly recap a few of the most important moments...

Mama pulls nearly everyone into a bedroom while Adam, Sam, Chelsea and They are having a smoke. She starts off by revealing her real age and the the fact that she is a mother of 4. She hid this information because the track record for older people isn’t good and wanted to be more relateable. It was very sad really and glad she got to talk about her kids, that would be so hard to hide. But then she started dropping bombs, revealing the Adam/Sam final 2 and really did a great job of putting the target on Adam, Sam and Chelsea.

At this point, the smokers come back in and realize that everyone is gone and they all start to panic. Sam goes upstairs and opens the door, missing tooth guy sees her and the group conversation ends. ADAM HAS A TOTAL PANIC ATTACK and tooth guy follows him outside. They are both members of the pretty boys, so tooth guy sort of lies and sort of tells the truth to smooth things over. Adam calms down, BUT...

Sam was comin to check on Adam but over hears them as she gets close to the door and the timing is terrible. She finds out about the pretty boys and hears tooth man saying her and Chelsea’s name more than a few times. She leaves and finds Chelsea along with They and suddenly there is a huge fracture in the major alliance. IT WAS FUN!

Mama is evicted unanimously but gives an EPIC final speech where she calls out Adam and Chelsea publicly and again, IT WAS FUN! I know Canada will eventually do an All Star season and I can’t think of a more worthy canadadate than this woman.

HOH was a cliffhanger and honestly, the challenge looks lazy as fuck. They stand there and wait for a buzzer to ring. Last one to push their button is out until 1 remains. BORING.
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