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Default YakCalls: Big Brother Canada Recap

Feburary 27 started off a Big Brother first by welcoming Big Brother Canada to Endemolís worldwide hit franchise. BBCA is mixing up the styles of the USA and UK versions. Big Brother will reward good behavior and punish the bad, perhaps this will mean no singing or talking about either production or diary room sessions.

The first twist was RING RING, yes a phone that the first houseguest to answer will be given a mission or task to accomplish for rewards! The first person to answer the call was Suzette and big brother informed her she was the first Head of Household but to not tell anyone and report to the diary room. Suzette was able to sneak into the DR where she was given 1 hour to to choose 2 for nomination based on first impressions. Big Brother announced to the houseguests how Suzette was chosen and she then named Tom and Emmett as the first nominations for eviction. The first Power of Veto was held in the house and Tom won. Tom used the power to save himself and Suzette named Kat as the replacement nominee. Thursday night, Kat was the first evicted houseguest by a vote of 11-1 with Liza the lone vote to keep her. The HOH competition had the group as Tree Huggers which host Arisa Cox said was very Canadian!

The Sunday show shared the results of the HOH competition with Jillian being the victor. Tradition continues for BB, with Jillian promising Talla she would be safe if she drops and gives her the win. Nominations were not set in stone, with a last minute switch up from Jillian, naming Gary and Aneal up for eviction. Have nots were determined and the losers were Tom, Alec, Peter and Talla. The room is a styled in late 70s motel hell, complete with a TV that has only snow for viewing 24/7!

The feeds gave us the chance to see that alliances were already formed and named, such as The Quatro, which includes Tom, Emmett, Alec and Peter. The boys were also picking up a second in the female form….sounds like the US version of The Brigade! Tom has Liza, Emmett has Jillian, Alec has cuddle buddy Topaz and Peter, well, he is leaving it open for now. The feeds also showed us that another call came in on the phone and a player was given the opportunity to complete a missions and earn a reward.

Have you been watching Canada’s Big Brother? We have all the details on how to watch and where, as well as discussion, live feed updates and spoilers in the forum! Join us HERE!
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