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Originally Posted by 19wingz View Post
What else do you think about the others Neato? And Anna?

To be honest, I think Daniel should be eliminated next. I think he is cute and has a good voice but he's not material to win this. We already lost Sarina Joi.
You mean Adanna? I like her.
Blake is probably my top fav next to Jax.
Daniel needs to go.
I like Nick.
Sarina was one of my favs from week one, but something happened. She lost something. Out of tune since. Sad.
I like something about Tyanna. But there's something missing. Stage presence. I'm not sure. But I like her.
Maddie is forgettable.
Rayvon is forgettable.
Qassim can't sing, but damn, he's entertaining
Quentin is cool.
Joey is growing on me like the hair on her pits.
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