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Remember when I joked about the idea of a one photo main challenge? Hahaha. What a silly thought.....

....Cut to this week where they had a ONE SHOT video shoot that couldn't decide if it was for dance or fashion. It was all very strange and didn't create for a great end product.

Marisa getting snappy with the supermodel was pretty choice though. You can really tell she is too young in moments like that. Paige and the girl who won the challenge def stood out. I was actually shocked that Bita was so terrible. I would have put her in the bottom over Marissa, but I think the judges were trying to make a point.

Kyle went home which is deserved and sad. I really liked her coming into the season but she just wasn't at the same level and is lucky she lasted as long as she did. I think the producers kept her around for the showmance aspect of her journey.

Courtney really does complain a lot! I love her but Jesus!!! The fake out allergic reaction to the make up and the can't dip it low crap?! Come on have been called out almost every week....SUCK IT UP!

And a shout out to Director X who I love and was likely embarrassed for that video shoot he was given. That was rough X....sorry bout it. Lol.
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