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Nooooooooooo!!! Not Michael!!! I was so rooting for him but his selfless move to give up him shoe laces in episode one turned out to be his downfall. That walk was treacherous, a lot more than I was expecting.

I started this episode hating Cody. He is such a douche bag and he seems kind of proud of it. But a funny thing happened half way through the episode and by the end, I moved right on over to rooting for him and his peeps.

the four person alliance changed everything for me and I gotta say, I'm shocked at how ugly they got so quickly. Not allowing 3 people access to a tent you bought for $35,000 of everyone's money? Not giving everyone a slice of that ridiculous pizza you paid for? GO FUCK YOURSELVES! Not only did you guys spend an obscene chunk of cash, but you came across as major assholes doing it.

I was THRILLED that Cody and his buddy got the temptation and decided to use it. It meant that ANOTHER $15,000 was lost, but it was a middle finger to the alliance and I'm so down for that.

I hope the girl who was so emotional about everything sticks around. I loved her conviction and her braveness on this episode. I don't know if she has the mental ability to stick this out, but her heart makes her vital to the show.

The drones were cut out for the most part, as was the music....It's safe to say I am in complete love with this show. I was yelling at the tv and getting mad at certain things which I haven't done in a while on a tv program. Haha.

7 people left. $65,000 up for grabs (out of a possible $200,000)

Ps.....HOW THE HELL IS GINA STILL DOING SO WELL?!?! Lol. I was so sure she was going to be the first one out, but now she's all bitchy and not giving a fuck with her douche alliance. lol
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