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Okay...the last live feed update of the season as they have officially shut them down for the remainder.

Dane won his 4th HOH of the season and since nominations donít matter...Kyra and Adam were nominated. Adam really didnít want to go up since Anthony hasnít been up at all, but here we are.

Itís been a good week for Dane, he also won POV giving him his 6th overall challenge win this season.

Itís rumoured that he doesnít use the veto. If so, props to Anthony on his social game this year.

Itís also rumoured that someone has been evicted and a lot of talk about Dane and Anthony turning on Adam. Iím sure a lot of viewers will be thrilled by that but I think itís a bad move and something that could work to Kyraís advantage in a F2 situation. If Kyra doesnít leave this week, her chances of winning skyrocket IMO.
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