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Originally Posted by TheKdd View Post
I disagree.

I have been buying American made products more recently and none of them have given any problems or seem shoddy. Yes, they are more money though.

I also disagree that manufacturing jobs are beneath Americans. Cleaning up after people, picking produce, landscaping, etc. yes, then I agree with you. Manufacturing however had a huge employee base in this country before it was moved to be produced more cheaply with cheaper employees.

Unless the people demand products made here, until there is a market for it, we will never be a "producing" country like we should be, and were. We have lost our innovation and production. Our product has become money, and you see how well that went.

In the meantime, we just keep reproducing, adding more and more to the population. They want to outlaw abortion, so we can have more unwanted people here. There are too many of us, and not enough jobs. They want to rid of public education, so we can have more stupid, unwanted people walking around. Without the jobs, the parents can't afford the private education. They want to privatize all health care. That way, we can have more stupid, unwanted, sick people walking around. They want to rid of the EPA. That way, we can have more stupid, unwanted, sick people in their ultra polluting cars, or playing in the oil slicked ocean waves and their children drinking toxic tap water. Alas, as long as the "job creators" are happy, then I guess we should all just STFU and go home like good people to take care of our families to the best of our ability.

So yeah, build that fence on the border... Mexico is going to want it soon before they start seeing an influx of stupid sickly white people trying to steal their jobs.
Manufacturing is beneath Americans today; most Americans feel they should have a job that makes them self-important. They will not take a manufacturing job, especially if they have a college degree, which are more common than the clap in my opinion. Jobs are scarce, yes, but to the everyday American they will not give up their cheap but great luxuries. And manufacturing had a large base back way back in the day. Globalization is not new. This occurred even in the 1800s under the British Empire. The interdependence of countries is the new phenomenon.

America produces the ideas and innovations still. Apple anyone? Microsoft? Most of the world is still run by American ideas/knowledge, it is produced elsewhere because it is cheaper. Welcome to capitalism. This will not change. Why not adapt to the changing situation? People's standard of living is much higher than before. They will not give it up, so the next logical choice is to adapt.

I do not agree with the abortion argument; I agree the rising population is a huge problem (8 billion tomorrow!), but outlawing abortion will do nothing to fix that. If people want an abortion they will find a way to have one regardless of what the law states. Did prohibition stop drinking? But yes, I agree with the rest of what you said. It's rather disgusting.

As for the fence along Mexico...fat chance in hell. With the United States rapidly becoming more and more less powerful in the world arena, it will find a way to make sure it stays the regional power. Brazil is rapidly rising. It will more than likely join with Canada and Mexico in an agreement that works like the EU. NAFTA already exists, which is different than the EU's beginning, but it's a step in that direction. Building a fence simply shows the world that America isn't an immigration country anymore. Lest us not forget our history: we once came from Europe, Asia, or Africa. Even the Native Americans did.

Fortress America should not exist. Protectionist policies will only spike the American income to the ground. Immigration and the flux of culture is what bound this country: now is not the time to cast it aside as well.
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