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Originally Posted by PinkFreak View Post
1) How did the announcement of the first week twist change your first week strategy?

wow, this week has been unbelievably crazy. the twist really affected my game because at first yakmerica could send him one person and then i find out that the first vote will be like a survivor eviction.. ugh!

2) If there were an HOH challenge this week, who would you have nominated and why?

if i was to win hoh , i wouldn't know who to nominate. i have soo many targets on my back i feel like .

3) Who is under estimated? Why?
Hmm.. i feel like doc.. the only person who is the oldest get estimated.

4) If you got to chose who left the game 1st, instead of YakMerica, who would you have evicted? Why?

I would most likely be going for D'Andre. He's a great competitor.

5) From 1 to 100, what percent chance do you think you have of being voted out this week and why?

Honestly 95%. I havent been active like i wanted so i think people have already made there mind to get rid of me..

6) Rank your HG's on who you like/trust the most, to who you don't like/trust the least.
1- Heba
2- Mike
3- D'Andre
4- Jackson
5- Erik
6- Doc
7- Luke
8- Austin
9- Brandon

Me great competitor I won those comps like nothing haha <3
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