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With less than 24 hours until the finale, tonight’s episode was jam packed.

We start off with episode with Adam and Kyra having just been nominated. Adam wants to make sure they are solid because he feels nervous. Kyra wants to make sure the plan is still to get out Adam.

But, it’s final 4. It all comes down to Veto. AND WHAT A VETO!!!! 100% my favourite challenge of the season and beyond. It was a “video game” that was basically a 5 level rectangle separated into rooms. Each room had a question about past houseguests and the HG face cards were scattered around the game rooms. You could get through some doors, but you couldn’t get back through. It looked super fun and super hard!

Anthony didn’t complete the puzzle in time and truth be told, he didn’t try. He has been very honest about not learning his days. Kyra was 3rd. A room within a room tricked her right off the start with no chance to recover. The poor dear had a total meltdown while playing.

It came down to Dane and Adam. 4 minutes apart. DANE WINS POV! (Adam totally would have won it had he not over-extended his capacity in that challenge. It was a big mistake and totally his own doing.)

Just before we get to the POV ceremony, Dane and Anthony come clean about what’s going to happen. It turns into a very emotional moment and I felt to bad for Adam. You could see him getting his dream crushed clearly across his face. Heartbreaking to watch even if you’re not a fan.

Adam does indeed get evicted. He went out so much more calm and collected than I would have imagined and he will totally be on an all star season if BBC does such a thing.

The look on Kyra’s face when Adam was officially evicted was also a highlight. COMPLETE SHOCK AND AWE. Hahaha. Even if she doesn’t win the final HOH, Kyra is in the final 2. 100%.
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