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I guess after all is said and done, Iím rooting for Kyra to win tomorrow.

I could overlook the Pretty Boy thing if they stayed loyal. Something about a small group on day 1 doing the impossible really speaks to me as a fan. But getting rid of Adam by choice kills that legacy, that bond. It was 100% the right move to make, I get it. But that was the brand I bought into. Iím done.

So Kyra. She did win HOH when she really needed it and it set into motion a new set of events that have clearly impacted the end result. She gained the blood veto, however moot. But her greatest strength will be that underdog story. She was set to be evicted from the game in week 2 due to a consistent flow of uncontrollable emotion, the girlís mental health was questionable at best. She has never really been in an alliance, so far that she has literally spent most of her time alone in the house. She has been up for nomination countless times and yet here we are.

Kyra will be in the final 2 and I think her winning is still a long shot. But crazier things have happened on BBC (#GaryGlitter) so who knows!

Final update of the season coming Friday!
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