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Originally Posted by terpkings View Post
Was it about something she was doing on the computer?

I could see the Dad just getting angrier as it went on. That is one reason why you don't use a belt.

Sadly, he just lost control and she planned to catch this on tape so she knew it was coming.

Uggggghhhhh, they are all to blame here but the parents moreso because they should know better than to repeatedly cause harm to someone.
It happened in 2004 when she was 16. She held onto the video until now because she was afraid what would happen if she had released it while still at home. She was in trouble for downloading music (illegally) and this was her "punishment". Oh and she has cerebral palsy.

Her dad is a family court judge and should be the last person to hit their child let alone "beat them into submission".

If we saw a man beating a dog like that we'd say jail him.
If we saw a man beating his wife like that we'd say jail him.
I don't understand why some people think it's ok to beat a child like this and call it "discipline"
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