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George. R.R. Martin is the Author.


Basically there are several 'ruling families', and they are practically royalty. Think of the feudal system, however with some supernatural aspects (although, it's barely in the 1st book). There is one King that rules over all of the families and their lands, and the families are subordinate to him. There's a lot of treachery, betrayal, and deceit in the Kingdom's main capital of King's Landing. Also there is a lot of killing and mysterious murders. Also, in the North, there is a wall that prevents the old creatures from entering the Kingdom and ransacking the entire place. In the background, there is the problem of "Summer" and "Winter". When it is "Summer" there is no problem, however, when "Winter" arrives the kingdom is held hostage to the cold, snow, and ice.

I didn't wanna give anything I hope that's kind of clear.
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