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Default America's Next Top Model Is...

The first they did was they had their Italian Vogue shoots, the photographer told them the more themselves they were the better it would be, and to just feel natural. Both Chelsey and Ann were so excited, they were on their own but both pleased the photographer. The photographer, Vincent Peters, thought Ann was more like a fashion model than a studio girl, may or may not be high fashion. He thought Chelsey was working hard, very confident, looked great, and she was practically having an affair with the camera she worked so well.

Tyra mail: real high fashion models know how to commercialize their careers…which could only mean they had the CoverGirl commercial and print ad which took place in a small, lakeside town setting. Chelsey and Ann did their commercial as best friends, having a nice day together. Then as one girl did her photo-shoot, the other did a voice over for the commercial, where they read into a microphone and their voices were placed over their best friends adventure. Their commercial was for lash blast fusion mascara, Ann was nervous while Chelsey was confident. Jay was wowed, said they seemed like natural actresses; he saw that Ann found a way to vibe off Chelsey and that Chelsey found a way to work with Ann. Then he surprised them with their parents, their families came to claim their front row seats at the fashion show that will decide the winner. They also were present to watch the girls photo-shoot for their print ad. Fredrico de Angeles was their photographer and he thought Chelsey was so easy to work with and very commercial while Ann was more difficult to work with but could be an incredible editorial model.

Tyra mail: its time for one more important stop on your race to the top. The girls met with Ivan Bart, the head of IMG models who would be working with the winner. He wanted to talk to each of the girls separately. He asked each of them a question or two, looked at their portfolios and then spoke to the camera later about his impressions. He asked Chelsey why she wanted to work in the model business and she told him that this was her dream ever since she was three, she tried to make it in New York and now she was hoping to make it here. He thought Chelsey was very comfortable talking to him, and that she had great pictures while he thought Ann made the clothes look good but he would want to work with her personality some more.

Final item on the to-do list was the fashion show, the runway show of Roberto Cavalli’s new line Just Cavalli. They met Jay in the heart of Milan where the show is taking place and he surprised them with their fellow models in the show: Kayla, Jane, Liz, Chris, as well as cycle fourteen’s winner Krista. Tyra met both finalists families before the show started, then they were off. Chelsey’s eyes were on the prize the entire time, all she thought about was winning the competition. Ann was worried about doing well in the fashion show, she thought her second time around was better than her first. Both pairs of parents were so proud. Then came everyone’s more racked up, emotional time-panel.

At panel Jay Manual and Roberto Cavalli joined the judges – Tyra Banks, Nigel Barker, and Andre Leon Talley. Roberto thought Chelsey was old-fashioned, Andre loved her legs, and Jay was not seeing the same strength he has seem before. Tyra noticed that when she turned around to walk back down the runway she acted as if the cameras were gone and that she shouldn’t give the haters an excuse to hate. Nigel thought she was a tad fast with her walk, but she was beautiful and had a natural flow. Roberto thought this was hard for Ann and that she seemed scared, Andre said he would give her a B- but she managed well, and Jay told her she needs to own her walk and believe. Nigel thought she really improved but that she would benefit from relaxing her eyes because they looked like they were bulging. The girls were sent out and deliberation began.

In deliberation they talked about the CoverGirl print ad, and made a couple comments about the commercial. For Chelsey’s print ad Tyra thought she had an actress’s face while still being a model, and she liked the danger. Nigel thought she had a strong focused picture. Jay made a note of pointing out that the photographer thought she was a joy, while Andre didn’t know what the product was looking at the picture; and Roberto thought she was beautiful from top to bottom. For Ann’s print ad Roberto liked her eyes, Jay pointed out that it was difficult to get to this good picture moment, and Tyra could see that she clenched up and got nervous. Andre thought he could see a story of a caged bird and the fear and the pain, but Nigel wasn’t impressed. Jay said he was impressed with their commercial but they were suppose to be model actresses and not actresses.

Ann won.

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I just want to thank the author for all the fantastic updates throughout this season and I look forward to more on ANY show they watch!
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