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Default ANTM Recap, Episode 7: Girls are Concerned for One Another? Seriously?

Welcome to my recap of episode 7! As I did not produce a recap last week and I know I let down my MILLIONS (like 3) fans this week I will do a quick-cap of last week:

Leila had been eliminated, girls realize the game is really underway. Laura wins challenge.*Photo shoot*was*steam-punk*(epicness). Laura rocked it, Yvonne was a bitch to Bryanboy. Brittany confronted BryanBoy because she thinks the world revolves around her. Laura got the first triple 10 of the season. Victoria was in the bottom 2, Yvonne was eliminated.

This episode however, was a LOT better (apart from the predictability of it). To start the show we get, for what seems like the hundredth time, Laura’s*spiel*about her getting out of her Dads shadow, she also keeps the Tyra suite to herself, because “this is a game”. We then jump to Victoria, and apparently during her stint in the bottom 2 she had some sort of panic attack thing, she is starting to get a bit too crazy, even for Tyra’s standard in this episode.

We then get the first of many Allyssa moments from this episode, she is annoyed cause she has never won best photo, or something like that. And she is representing the*Brazilian*and curvy girls! We are then shown that the girls are getting concerned for Victoria and the fact she isn’t eating much, which she blames on being because she is away from her mum!


Road Trip!!!! I have to admit, I really liked this challenge. The girls were sent on a road trip to palm springs, and on the way they had to take some “random acts of modelling” photos, which is basically taking modelly photos of doing something ordinary. They are split into 2 teams: Team number 1, Brittany, Kristin, Allyssa and Laura. Team number 2, Nastasia, Kiara and Victoria.

Along the way, there was some tension on team 2. At first Kiara is very concerned and talks about how she likes Victoria, however, along the way they disagree about multiple things, and it climaxes when Victoria doesn’t record one of Kiara’s videos! Unfortunately, there was no fighting just lots of evil glares.

By the end of it, team number 1 wins, and Laura is the individual winner.

Back at home, Victoria talks about her mum some more, and we are getting a lot of focus on Allyssa and Victoria this episode… hint hint.


They get the shoot going straight after the challenge, and it’s a shoot where the girls have just finished a night out in an awkward and grodgy situation… Ooo.

There isn’t really any drama during the shoot, but Laura doesn’t really perform that well, and we get a couple more of the girls weighing in on the ‘Victoria’s health’ situation.

Before we get to the judging, back at the house there is a segment on Victoria again, she is having another crying fit on the phone to her mum, and her mum actually says “Why don’t you just leave?”. Which sucks of her! The girls are in the crossover of bitching about and being concerned for her, and it ends in Kristin just shouting “bye” at Victoria to get her off the phone… I am probably in the minority but I LOVE Kristin!

Nastasia, Allyssa and Brittany then talk to Victoria about her eating issue, which she just denies and blames on homesickness!

Ok, lets get on with my little game, SHARE, TWEET OR DELETE. Recap for any new readers Share is a photo which I think is just obviously amazing, and everyone should like it. Tweet is a photo I think is amazing, however it probably has some haters*as well. And delete, well you can gather the idea.

SHARE -*Brittany, this photo is awesome! The only possible thing I can see which is bad is her left arm, but to be honest, I am willing to let that go, her face and the rest of her body are absolutely amazing!

TWEET -*I pick Kristin for this picture, I think everything about this photo is fierce. All the clothes look amazing, and I know you cant see her face, but i LOVE the angle!

DELETE - Once again, Darian gets this coveted position! I can truly she why she was eliminated. She just looks annoyed that someone is taking a picture. I don’t see model at all!


Most of the girls do really well this episode, only Allyssa and Laura*receiving*less than 20 points from the judges. Nastasia gets 29 points, which I completely disagree with, the photo was*definitely*not the best in my opinion. However, with her massive lead Nastasia got best photo, and with 4 points less than Laura before social media scores, Allyssa was the one to go.

However, during the judging, the girls call out Victoria, and even though she tries to defend herself, Tyra tells her that she is keeping an eye on her because the fact all the girls are in agreement with there position on Victoria’s health.

The Call-outs were as followed:

Nastasia – 42.2

Brittany – 39.2

Kristin – 38.1

Victoria – 36.7

Kiara – 35.9

Laura – 32.9

Allyssa – 29.0

With this week, I have made a big change to my*leader-board* As this is a TV show about improvement (considering most of these girls are only just starting out), I have decided that week by week I will multiply the scores by a higher number (1.1, 1.2, 1.3…). This is just to let for the fact that the judges are bound to be harsher with there scores at a later date. In the*leader-board* Laura still holds the number 1 spot, but has lost a lot of ground! Kiara is trailing behind, but everyone still has a good shot at this.

Thanks for reading, make sure to keep up with all the girls in the comeback series on and all feedback on my recaps would be GREATLY appreciated!

Much Love


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