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Just now seeing this news and I'm so sorry Grandma. Warm thoughts and prayers for comfort and healing are headed you way.

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Was thinking of you today Grand. I hope that the celebration of your son's life brought you some comfort during a difficult time.
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grandmamichelf (10-31-2013)

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I know I saw it on FB but just saw this thread tonight. Again so sorry for your loss but I was able to watch the video and it was not only great but I know provided so much insight into the person he was. It just seemed like his personality lit up which I know you stated was the way he always was to you.

Really glad that so many people are showing up or helping with the trying times and am sure you are celebrating his life.

BTW, who was the black guy on the videos? Was he able to attend because he has an infectious spirit as well and you could see why they were friends.

Last thought, your support from the workplace was so awesome and so rare that it made me glad to bring that demeanor to my employees the best I can.
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grandmamichelf (10-31-2013)
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YA'LL ARE THE ABSOLUTE BEST PEOPLE I KNOW! I could feel the love and prayers throughout the service.

And let me just say that I was stunned by the amount of people that showed up. Friends, my coworkers, our oldest son's coworkers (I swear they shut down that office because Armando also worked there a long time ago). I thought there would only be a few people (which would have been fine), but my goodness.....

Armando's ex-boyfriend, Alex, flew in from New York as did Melvin and another Alex (who spent the night before with us and was a huge help in setting up the memorial board.)

The service was such a celebration. My boss...I have no words for that man at all. He did what I asked of him and he did it wonderfully. He is the last boss I will ever work for and I know I asked a lot of him to do this, but I am his favorite (LOL), and he did it. I have no words to express to him how deeply that touched me. I found out that he went to my friend that works in the building with him and had her read over my letter to Armando and they tweaked it together because he wanted to make sure he did it justice.

The music was eclectic. First Imagine, an instrumental that was done and recorded by my husband for my sister 3 years ago. That one had everyone tearing up and crying because his guitar sounds like it's crying. Then Calling All Angels from the movie Pay It Forward because I needed the angels to see me through this one. The last song...of course, Oh Happy Day. We showed the video of him which was the first one on this thread. It was the one that ended with him like a shadow blowing a kiss. It was like he blew a kiss to everyone to say goodbye.

We didn't have a reception. We came home, just the family and the three from New York. We laughed. We cried. We celebrated. Those three gave us so much more insight to the type of person he was and always will be in our hearts. Lord, I miss this boy. But his urn is here with us until we decide what to do.

Terp, the dude in the film is PJ one of Armando's longtime friends. He couldn't make. Neither could his two friends that got to visit him in Chicago or the one in Virginia. Wes, in Virginia, was sent an audio file as the service went on so he was happy to have been able to be there in spirit.

I swear those three guys from NY are hilarious. And the affection and love they have for Armando is infectious. It's like he lit up their lives with his huge smile and his warm heart. I am very happy with how it turned out.

His older brother got up to say a few words. He lightened the mood with his talking about En Vogue and that became a running theme that Armando loved EnVogue. One woman got up (she sang karoake with him) and in inpromptu fashion sang a verse of an En Vogue song that she sang with him. It's with beautiful.

The most endearing and beautiful moment was Lexi. She decided she wanted to say something. Went up and could only say two sentences but they were so beautiful..."I love you, Armando. Why did this have to happen?" She lost it, I lost it, her father had to help her down. You could hear the whole chapel sniffling and crying with her. It was heartwrenching and beautiful.

I love ya'll for seeing me through this difficult time from start to finish.
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Just watched his videos and he was a handsome young man. He had a beautiful, infectious smile.
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