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"Hey, everyone, it's time for the Nomination Ceremony!" Leo said, as he stuck his head out the door to summon the Houseguests for the second time this Summer.

"First of all, I want to say congratulations to everyone here for making it to the Final 6! I honestly didn't think I would make it this far, and I am grateful to each and every one of you for making this experience unbelievable! Each of you holds a special place with me, and I hope there are no hard feelings after this ceremony. I had to make a decision, and with so few choices, this has proven to be the hardest decision for me so far in this game. But, as I said before, I will stand by the choice I have made, and hope that those nominated will understand why they are up for eviction. With that said, I will pull the first key."

you are safe!

Thank you Leo!

you are safe!

Thanks Leo!

you are safe!

Thank you very much Leo!

I have nominated you, Paulette, and you, Robbie, for eviction this week. Paulette, the stunt you pulled last week sent shock waves through the house and jeopardized my time in here. Although I forgive you for the move you made, I can't forget that it happened, and I can't justify not putting you on the block this week. I'm sorry. Robbie, before I get to my reasoning I should congratulate you for making it the furthest without being nominated! I think that's an amazing feat! You are on the block for purely strategic reasons, nothing personal, nothing shady. You can't appreciate all that this game has to offer until you've sat in the nominations chair

With that said, this Nomination Ceremony is adjourned.

Who will win the Power of Veto? And will it be used to save one of the nominees from eviction? Find out next time, on Big Brother!
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Gift Number 1: Cody must tweet @EvelDick Jarrod must tweet @DarthRonnieT and Robbie must tweet @KaliaBalia or facebook Kalia Booker

Gift Number 2: Are you willing to post a video/audio clip of yourself singing a Christmas song selected by random draw?

Cody must sing: Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

Jarrod must sing: Wonderful Christmastime by Paul McCartney.

Robbie must sing: The Man With All The Toys by The Beach Boys

Gift Number 3: Your avatars will be posted shortly! The signatures are as follows

Robbie: Come roast your chestnuts on my open fire! – Merry Christmas from the YBB House

Jarrod: Last Christmas, I gave you my heart, but the very next day you gave it away! I’m looking at you Joe Arvin!!!

Cody: Dear Santa, I will leave cookies in exchange for a Mr. Pectacular action figure!

Gift Number 4: I will alert you when your confinement is to begin. You may NOT have any contact with your fellow houseguests and will lose all access the house until the 24 hour period has ended.

Jarrod, Robbie, and Cody will all be confined.

Gift Number 5: Robbie, you will NOT play in the next P.O.V Competition

Gift Number 6: Robbie, you must reenact the famous “Mommy’s little Piggy” scene from the holiday classic “A Christmas Story”.

Gift Number 7: Robbie, You chose to forfeit your spot on the Big Brother Jury and will not vote if you do not make it to the end of the game.

Gift Number 8: Robbie, you will NOT play in the next H.O.H Competition.

Time limits will begin on the avatars and signatures when everyone has changed over to theirs. You must post your videos/audio clips by 4:30 CST tomorrow. By post, I mean upload them and send me the link via PM. You will all be in confinement so you won't be able to post. Paulette, KC, and Leo will have some entertainment while you all are gone
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“Hey yoooouuuuuu guuyyyyssss! It’s time for the veto meeting” Robbie said as he popped out the back door doing in impression from “The Goonies”.

"Good evening house guests! As the winner of the Power Of Veto, I have the power to remove myself or Paulette from these nomination chairs."

"Normally I would give Paulette the chance to sell me a story of why I should save her, but I think it's clear by all of the ridiculous things that I had to do to get this..."

*scowls at Mikey*

"...That I am going to keep this bling for myself and remove myself from the nominations this week. Sorry Leo, you must now nomination another house guest for eviction."

“Replacement Nominee Roulette anyone? No? OK, then let's just cut to the chase.

This is the second time in the game that I'm being forced to nominate three people in one week. This is also only the second time in this game that I've felt safe, and that's only because I can't nominate myself! Because I feel like my life is constantly on the line in this game, I go out there and give 110 % in the competitions. I don't throw veto comps when I'm on the block, and I sure as hell don't offer myself up as the sacrificial lamb when I have the option of guaranteed safety.

I mentioned last week that this game changes daily. One day you're on the verge of being sent home, and the next you're on top of the world. The last time I had to name a replacement nominee, I did it for the wrong reason. Not this time.

With that said, and for purely strategic reasons that I've hinted to in this speech, I choose to nominate you...
with that said, this veto meeting is adjourned.

Who will be evicted from the Big Brother House? Find out LIVE Thursday at 7/6 CST on Big Brother!

Houseguests, please submit your GBM's for the houseguests facing eviction this week as well as your DR's.

Also, please be sure to complete all punishments! Cody, has received an extension on his singing punishment because he does not have his web cam. He is figuring out how to post using either his phone or another device.
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Mikey Chen: All summer long, they’ve avoided the block but tonight either Jarrod or Paulette will walk out the front door. Tonight, we’ll meet the final five and things couldn’t be any more unpredictable. Welcome to Big Brother!7:26 PM

Mikey Chen: PM

Mikey Chen: Watch the above7:27 PM

Mikey Chen: Good evening, I’m Mikey Chen! It’s day 46 inside the Big Brother house and it’s been yet another unpredictable week in the game.7:27 PM

Mikey Chen: After Leo won his second H.O.H of the season he targeted Robbie and Paulette. Things got wild in late night veto completion that saw Robbie put it all on the line to save himself from the block.7:28 PM

Mikey Chen: To no surprise, he used the veto and Leo nominated fan favorite Jarrod in his place. Let’s check in with the houseguests!7:28 PM

Mikey Chen: Hello Houseguests!7:28 PM

Paulette: G'evening Mikey!!7:28 PM

Jarrod waves at Mikey7:28 PM

Leo: Hi Mikey!7:28 PM

Kc: Hi Mikey!7:28 PM

Jarrod: Hi, Mikey!7:28 PM

Cody: hey Mikey!7:28 PM

Mikey Chen: Leo, let me start with you…second H.O.H of the summer, and you opened Pandora’s Box. What can you tell us about your week? Or, what are you willing to tell us about your week I should say?7:29 PM

Robbie: HOLLA MIKEY!7:29 PM

Leo: I hated having to nominate 3 people again this week, but it's the nature of the game.7:30 PM

Mikey Chen: Completely understandable!7:30 PM

Mikey Chen: Cody, what was it like taking on the veto punishments this week?7:31 PM

Cody: Well it was harder for me because I didn't realize until after the fact that I didn't have a webcam to record them. But they weren't too bad. I mean, who doesn't love Christmas?!7:31 PM

Mikey Chen: Well, you made the holiday very festive for us all! Haha.7:32 PM

Mikey Chen: Alright Houseguests, thank you and I’ll be back a little later!7:32 PM

Mikey Chen: Up next, it’s the LIVE vote and eviction. Stay with us!7:32 PM

Mikey Chen: COMMERCIAL 2:307:32 PM

Robbie: Dread!7:33 PM


Leo: Sorry guys, I was eating. I completely blew that question!7:33 PM

Jarrod: Live vote. That's what we're here for, right?7:33 PM

Kc: Why does this make me so nervous every week?7:33 PM

Robbie: But I love you Taylor!7:33 PM

Jarrod: Wow...Thanks for the downer, Yak.7:33 PM

Paulette: Uhhhggggg...7:33 PM

Kc: What does that mean Yak?7:33 PM

Jarrod: "You" are so wise.7:33 PM

Yak N.: You didn't listen to my music, KC, I see. I am making note of this.7:33 PM

Robbie: Its a Taylor Swift song 7:33 PM

Paulette: You'll always have me Yak!! ♥❤♥7:34 PM

Jarrod: Yikes.7:34 PM

Kc: LOL7:34 PM

Kc: BUSY7:34 PM

Leo: I feel a twist coming.7:34 PM

Jarrod: So, about that vote.... ;-)7:34 PM

Kc: sorry, I won't let it happen again7:34 PM

Yak N.: Mikey, please note that "you" have a PM from "me," but it does not require immediate attention.7:35 PM

Cody: I feel like we're being mindfucked7:35 PM

Robbie: It had been about four days since we have had a twist so I wouldn't be shocked. Lol7:35 PM

Mikey Chen: Thanks Yak!7:35 PM

Yak N.: Yes, KC. Please do not. Thank you for your cooperation.7:35 PM

Jarrod: "I" think you're both crazy.7:35 PM

Mikey Chen: 5 SEC TO AIR7:35 PM

Mikey Chen: Welcome back, it’s time for the LIVE vote and eviction. Let’s check in with the Houseguests!7:35 PM

Kc: Well there is always that pandora thing out there!7:35 PM

Robbie: Penis!7:35 PM

Mikey Chen: Welcome back, it’s time for the LIVE vote and eviction. Let’s check in with the Houseguests!7:35 PM

Mikey Chen7:35 PM

Mikey Chen: Houseguests, in just a few moments you will enter the diary room and cast your votes to evict live. Paulette and Jarrod, it’s time for you to address your fellow houseguests. Paulette, you’re up first.7:36 PM

Paulette: Oh boy... I didn't even prepare anything?? I've enjoyed my time here guys & don't want to go. But always, always.... do what's in your best interest! It's a game, and I'll leave with my head held high knowing I've made some good friends regardless! Much love to all ♥7:37 PM

Mikey Chen: Thank you Paulette! Jarrod7:38 PM

Jarrod: First off, I've had a blast this summer! I know that most of your minds are already made up, and I heard quite a few stories about each of you over the past few days. If you'd like to keep me around, I'll be glad to share them with you. Otherwise, they're going to the Jury House with me. If you vote to keep me, I'd greatly appreciate it, but regardless, thanks for the great times, and I hope we all remains friends outside the walls of this YBB House! Love you guys!!! ❤7:38 PM

Requiem joined the chat7:39 PM

Mikey Chen: Thank you both! Houseguests, it’s now time to vote. KC, please enter the Diary Room Now.7:39 PM

Mikey Chen7:39 PM


Mikey Chen: Robbie, you're up next!7:39 PM

Mikey Chen joined the chat7:41 PM

Mikey Chen: Cody, you're up next!7:41 PM

Mikey Chen: The votes are in! Who will be evicted? We'll find out next!7:42 PM

Mikey Chen: COMMERCIAL 2:307:42 PM

Kc: OMG I hate this7:42 PM

Paulette: I'm seriously about to be sick!7:42 PM

Cody: Ahhhh7:42 PM

Kc: I could NEVER do the real life version of this EVER7:42 PM

Jarrod: Whew...votes are in. Now I can tell you all what I REALLY think of you!!!7:43 PM

Jarrod: LOL7:43 PM

Yak N.: WOWZA.7:43 PM

Kc: Seriously... I could pass out right now7:43 PM

Kc: LOLOL7:43 PM

Yak N.: Quick. Someone get Wingz. We need a doctor.7:43 PM

Paulette: I have so much more respect for the real HG's of BB... this is only an online game!! I can't imagine how it is for them!7:43 PM

Kc: I know!!7:43 PM

Requiem: Lol7:43 PM

Jarrod: Seriously!7:43 PM

Kc: I mean my heart is pounding LOL7:43 PM

Leo: Jarrod and Paulette, no matter who leaves, the house will be losing an amazing person tonight.7:43 PM

Jarrod: I'm so glad I got to play the game with all of you this summer!7:44 PM

Kc: I agree!!7:44 PM

Jarrod: Thanks, Leo!7:44 PM

Paulette: Regardless of where this goes... I love you guys... *tears*7:44 PM

Kc: 7:44 PM

Jarrod smacks Paulette7:44 PM

Jarrod: NO TEARS!7:44 PM

Yak N.7:44 PM

Kc: We have all become family7:44 PM

Kc: and we have to boot one of our own.7:44 PM

Kc: I don't like it7:44 PM

Jarrod: I know. It's sad.7:44 PM

Leo: Did Robbie leave?7:44 PM

Paulette: My hubby is do home in like 5 minutes... he's gonna have a shock seeing his wife in tears over a damn game!7:45 PM

Jarrod: He couldn't take it!7:45 PM

Requiem: I'm here 7:45 PM

Paulette: He just doesn't understand BB at all... lmfao...7:45 PM

Kc: OMG... I am soooo glad my husband isn't home!7:45 PM

Leo: Oh, hey!7:45 PM

Jarrod: I'm glad mine isn't home either.7:45 PM

Jarrod: Oops....I mean....7:45 PM

Kc: LOLOL7:45 PM

Jarrod: ;-)7:45 PM

Paulette: Haha....7:45 PM

Leo: haha7:45 PM

Kc: Let ne also say sorry for sending someone to the sharks tonight!7:46 PM

Mikey Chen: Welcome back! Houseguests, just a reminder when I reveal the evicted houseguest, they will have just a few moments to say their good byes, gather their belongings and walk out the front door7:46 PM

Jarrod: Yeah, you jerks!7:46 PM

Kc: It can't be nice and cuddly in the jury!7:46 PM

Paulette: Hold my hand Jarrod!! This is it~7:46 PM

Mikey Chen7:46 PM


Mikey Chen: Welcome back! Houseguests, just a reminder when I reveal the evicted houseguest, they will have just a few moments to say their good byes, gather their belongings and walk out the front doo7:46 PM

Jarrod grabs Paulette's hand7:46 PM

Mikey Chen7:46 PM


Mikey Chen: By a vote7:46 PM

Mikey Chen: of 2 to 17:46 PM

Mikey Chen: Paulette, you have been evicted from the Big Brother House!7:47 PM

Jarrod: What?!?7:47 PM

Mikey Chen7:47 PM

<a href="​f=1hp02f" target="_blank">​<img src="" border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic">​</a>​

Leo: Congrats, Jarrod! Bye, Paulette 7:47 PM

Jarrod: Holy crap!7:47 PM

Cody: Bye Paulette! :/7:47 PM

Requiem: Congrats Jarrod!7:47 PM

Jarrod: Bye, Paulette.7:47 PM

Requiem: Much love Paulette!7:48 PM

Mikey Chen: PM

Cody: Congrats Jarrod. Final 5!7:48 PM

Jarrod: Thanks everyone.7:48 PM

Kc: Bye Paulette 7:48 PM

Jarrod: Well, except for the one vote. :-)7:48 PM

Mikey Chen: Paulette, please join me outside!7:48 PM

Mikey Chen: Welcome Paulette! Nice to meet you...what is going through your mind right now?7:48 PM

Paulette: It is what it is...7:49 PM

Mikey Chen joined the chat7:50 PM

Mikey Chen: Is there anything you wish you would have done differently?7:51 PM

Paulette: Not kissed Leo's ass like a bitch this week!7:51 PM

Mikey Chen: I see. Well Paulette, you're off to the jury house! Where you will meet Al, Myst, and Kel. We will see you back here on finale night when you help crown the winner of Big Brother! I'll have more with Paulette tomorrow on The Yak. Up next, it's the Head of Household Competition. Stay with us!7:52 PM

Mikey Chen: Paulette, please exit the chat and stand by for a PM on YY7:52 PM

Mikey Chen: COMMERCIAL 1:30 this time7:53 PM

Cody: This never gets less stressful.7:53 PM

Jarrod: Thanks, everyone!7:53 PM

Jarrod: That was crazy.7:53 PM

Leo: Love the shoutout. Thanks, Paulette!7:53 PM

Kc: Wow7:53 PM

Requiem: It really doesn't. Hard game.7:53 PM

Jarrod: I was expecting to walk out the door tonight. Thanks for keeping me around.7:53 PM

Yak N.: We have this and a double eviction on BB tonight? My head hurts.7:53 PM

Jarrod: Tell me about it, Yak!7:53 PM

Requiem: Always drama!7:54 PM

Jarrod: I wasn't going to leave with any drama....7:54 PM

Cody: At least when Booger leaves tonight it'll be more joyful for everyone. lol7:54 PM

Jarrod: Now I feel like I would have let you down if I didn't. :-P7:54 PM

Mikey Chen: END BREAK - HOH Stand by7:54 PM

Requiem: Hahaha. Silly Boogie!7:54 PM

Mikey Chen: It’s time for the Head of Household competition. Free from the threat of eviction, the H.O.H holds the most powerful position in the house.7:55 PM

Mikey Chen: Houseguests, it’s time to go back to High School! All week long, YakMerica has been voting and making their voice heard. What have they been voting you ask? Well, let’s find out!7:55 PM

Mikey Chen: In this competition, you will each answer with the name of one of two houseguests. You are answering based on YakMerica’s opinion.7:55 PM

Mikey Chen: Is everyone clear?7:55 PM

Cody: Yes7:56 PM

Kc: Yes7:56 PM

Jarrod: Yes7:56 PM

Requiem: Yes7:56 PM

Leo: Good luck!7:56 PM

Mikey Chen: Let's get started!7:56 PM

Mikey Chen: Leo, as outgoing HOH you are NOT eligible to compete7:57 PM

Mikey Chen: Which Houseguest, is most likely to end up in prison? Cody or KC7:57 PM

Cody: Cody7:57 PM

Jarrod: Cody7:57 PM

Requiem: Kc7:57 PM

Kc: Cody7:57 PM

Mikey Chen: The correct answer was Cody. I'm sorry Rob, you have been eliminated7:57 PM

Mikey Chen: Moving on...7:58 PM

Mikey Chen: Which Houseguest, is most likely to run for political office and lose? KC or Leo7:58 PM

Cody: Leo7:58 PM

Jarrod: Leo7:58 PM

Kc: Leo7:58 PM

Mikey Chen: Correct you all move on7:58 PM

Mikey Chen: Which Houseguest, is most likely to end up in the press for running a drug ring with their earnings from the show? Cody or Jarrod7:58 PM

Jarrod: Cody7:59 PM

Cody: Jarrod7:59 PM

Kc: Jarrod7:59 PM

Mikey Chen: The correct answer was Jarrod! I'm sorry Jarrod, you have been eliminated, please step down7:59 PM

Mikey Chen: KC and Cody, one of you is about to become the next HOH7:59 PM

Mikey Chen: Which Houseguest, is the most popular? Leo or Al8:00 PM

Cody: Al8:00 PM

Kc: Al8:00 PM

Mikey Chen: Correct! We will now advance to a tie breaker question8:00 PM

Mikey Chen: If you add them all together, what is the combined age of all the houseguests?8:01 PM

Cody: 1548:02 PM

Kc: 2408:02 PM

Mikey Chen: the correct answer is 3578:03 PM

Mikey Chen: congratulations KC!8:03 PM

Mikey Chen: You are the new HOH!8:03 PM

Requiem: Whoop!8:03 PM

Jarrod: Congrats, KCQ8:03 PM

Kc: WOW way off but YAY!8:03 PM

Jarrod: KC!8:03 PM

Requiem: Congrats KC!8:03 PM

Leo: Congrats!8:03 PM

Kc: 8:03 PM

Cody: congrats!8:03 PM

Mikey Chen: KC, how does it feel to be H.O.H for a second time?8:04 PM

Jarrod hugs KC8:04 PM

Mikey Chen: and gurantee yourself a spot in the final 4?8:04 PM

Kc: OMG8:04 PM

Kc: It feels GREAT! But I do have one tiny question!8:04 PM

Mikey Chen: Yes?8:04 PM

Kc: Why did Robbie scream penis on the live show? LOLOL Otherwise Yay me!8:04 PM

Jarrod: LMAO!8:05 PM

Requiem: Hahaha! Because no one else did!8:05 PM

Mikey Chen: Well, the verdict is out on that one! But we did receive a hefty fine from the FCC8:05 PM

Kc: Holla!8:05 PM

Requiem: HOLLA!8:05 PM

Mikey Chen: Well Houseguests, thank you very much! I'll see you next week!8:05 PM

Mikey Chen: What's in store for the house now that KC's in charge? Find out next time, on BIG BROTHER!
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Okay, we will skip the live challenge this week. Instead, I have chosen to use next weeks veto in it's place.

"It's time for the Power of Veto competition" KC said as she stepped out of the DR dressed like the mayor of Candyland.

"In this competition, we will compete in the Yak Arcades "Candyfaces" game. You may only compete one time, and the person with the highest score will win the Power of Veto! In the event of a tie, the person with the fastest time will win!"

Candyfaces - Page 3 - Puzzle/Strategy
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