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America's Next Top Model ANTM Discussion!

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tvyak America's Next Top Model: This isn't America's Next Top Best Friend Part 2!

Now we get back to some true top model this episode. Amazing pictures, fights, and multiple b*tch sessions! Hell yeah.

We get quickly into the episode with Kiara talking about how Victoria really needed to go last week, and then she goes on to say she would kill someone to win this *competition.. O.o. I’m going to back away now.

We get the first of many hilarious Kristin moments this episode. I just love how non-chalant she is about her bitchiness. I know she is really mean, but I just love the way she is, and too be honest she made SOME good points this episode. Firstly she is basically just saying how everyone is super annoying this episode. Then Laura and her talk about how much Leila doesn’t deserve to be her. Just jealous I think.

Swimwear Challenge

The girls pose with dolphins from two different places, shallow and deep. In the deep end they ride on the dolphins noses. Pretty epic! During the challenge, Leila gets hit by the dolphins tail, and then talks about how Kristin*doesn’t*deserve to be here. I do think in a normal season, Kristin would have been eliminated quite early on for just being a pretty face, but this season does seem a bit more realistic because a pretty face gets you a long way in the modelling industry.

Also, Laura has a flashing problem which she copes with very well…could have been very awkward if it was someone else.

In the end, Leila won the challenge, getting a 9. Nastasia an 8, Kiara a 7, Laura a 6 and Kristin a 5, which she is not happy about! She then proceeds to call everyone super fake because they all suck up to one another when they win challenges, which, let’s face it, I can’t deny.


The girls are posing underneath a waterfall, and Tyra is the photographer! So you know it is going to be in black and white! The girls each get an element or thing they are working with which adds to the shoot. The scenario looks really dangerous and throughout the competition Laura gets petrified. Kristin thinks Kiara is stupid, and Leila thinks Kristin is a psycho.


(Pointís are Kelly Cutrone, Tyra Banks, Rob Evans in order.)

Nastasia – Amazing! Eyes, however could be a bit more powerful*(8, 9, 9)

Laura – Rob likes it, Kelly thinks that it is not nice! Tyra questions the angles Laura can pull*(7,8,9)

Leila -Everyone loves it! She rocked this photo-shoot from every angle.*(10,10,10)

Kristin – Face is nice, but it is not a model shot. However, Tyra thinks she is a great sport.*(7,9,8)

Kiara – Best shot of Kiara to date. Rob got a bit flustered with the booty tooch.*(9,10,10)

For me, this shoot really was the shoot this season needed. I think the previous shoots have kind of sucked! No photos that I really liked at all. So I was super happy when I saw photo’s that I adored this week. Now for the SHARE, TWEET OR DELETE of this episode. For new readers. Share is a photo which is undoubtedly awesome. Tweet is a photo which I love, but could be questionable. And delete, well that is self-explanatory.

SHARE – Leila. This shot is truly amazing, Every single angle rocks it. My favorite shot of this whole season!

TWEET – Nastasia. Now, I think this photo deserved better than 3rd call. I think there is true beauty in this shot, and I loved the shape she made with her body.

DELETE -*Kristin. As much as I love her on this show, her shot just wasn’t up to standard this week. Don’t think this shot works at all.

Call-out order!

Before the callout we get some backstage action where Kristin is getting annoyed because of how excited Leila and Kiara are. I do think she has a point, they could hold there excitement until the girl who is going to be eliminated is eliminated. It’s quite inconsiderate. However, onto the call-out:

Leila – 46.4

Kiara – 42.2 (Tyra is putting her photo in her house!)

Nastasia – 40.3

Laura – 35.9

Kristin – 34.0

To be honest, the right girl was eliminated. She probably shouldn’t have got this far. That Johnny guy hated her too… like I care about his opinion (bring back Mr Jay)

Now, in my table things have changed a bit. Because of Leila’s return I have decided to rank the girls on an average to make it a bit more fair. So in my table Laura is just holding her lead. She is waning in the scores, so I don’t see her holding the lead for long.

Thank you everyone for reading! Who do you think is going to to make it to the final 3? Personally I see Laura or Kiara getting eliminated next week, but who knows!

Much Love


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