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Survivor Survivor David vs. Goliath!

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I was watching with you KD!! Just wasn't able to log in and let you know. I'll try to remember to do that next week.

I don't understand why they are keeping Abi -- eesh -- I don't like her at all.
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this season has had an interesting start. Both episodes totally had me yelling at the screen.

Terry wanting to team up with Abi is very odd to me. I wonder if he had watched her season? Terry is in for a hard blow when he finally gets the wrath of Abi...and it will come.

Abi is a wild cat...It's entertaining right now, but I said that about her the first time around. Although she says she wants to change and be a different person, it's clear that she doesn't. She is just a mean person...but it's fun at the moment.

I'm glad Shrin went over Spencer, but man did I hate Soencers little speech at the end. So tacky.

Holy fuck who saw Jeff Varner coming?! He has been GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm excited for the tribe swap coming up.

I'm still rooting for PG. I wish she had the numbers, but I'm going to have faith. Lol.

Ummmmm...well I guess that's it for he moment. I would do this with you ladies weekly, but I don't get the eastern times. :-/
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